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In the east of India lightning killed 32 people, including the victims have children

October 7, 2013. The powerful storm hit the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. Lightning killed 32 people, including nine children. The last time such a storm passed to the east of India last summer, killing 27 people.

In the state of Bihar from lightning strikes killed 24 people, including seven children. Told this to the Minister for Emergency Situations of the State of Renu Kumari Kushvaha.

In the neighboring state of Jharkhand lightning killed eight people, including two children, writes The Daily Mail.

"Lightning strike into people is not uncommon in the monsoon season, but so many people die

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Tornadoes killed 28 people in the U.S.

A series of tornadoes in the eastern U.S., killing at least 28 people.

The greatest damage from the disaster occurred in Indiana. It killed 15 people, almost destroyed the city of Marysville. In Kentucky storm victims were 12 people, also suffered from it residents of Ohio, Tennessee and Alabama. Thousands of homes were left without electricity

As a result of landslide in Guatemala, killing 13 people

MEXICO CITY, Sept. 23. As a result of the vanishing mudslides in Guatemala killed 13 people, more than a dozen injured.

According to ITAR-TASS referring to the local authorities, the element has caused significant damage to communications and housing.

The most severe effects caused mudflow, which on Tuesday "cover" Manantial small village in the north-western department Ueuetenango. There as a result of the disaster killed 11 people, three missing.

Recall, September 21, as a result struck a rural house in the north of Guatemala landslide killed 15 people. The incident occurred at night, when the villagers were

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The disaster in China, this is not about the last sixty years. The flood killed 95 people + photographic

In China, as a result of severe flooding of Beijing has killed 37 people. The capital has suffered more than others — in flooded streets, paralyzed traffic. The international airport canceled hundreds of flights. Evacuated more than 14,000 people.

Flooded streets, paralyze traffic and dozens of victims. Beijing to hit showers, who called the strongest in the last 60 years. Most of the victims drowned. Several people were deadly electric shock. Among them was a policeman who helped residents evacuate.

"He has to take people from noon till night. Waters were to the

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Natural disasters in northern Vietnam have killed 17 people

Floods, hurricanes, and lightning strikes have killed 17 people in northern Vietnam, said on Monday the Associated Press referring to the country's authorities.

Lightning strikes killed 12 people, the rest were killed by falling trees, collapsed homes due to flooding in the six northern provinces.

Six people are reported missing, another 64 were injured.

Element 2.6 destroyed thousands of homes were flooded about 23 thousand hectares of rice crops.

According to the agency, annual floods and storms in Vietnam become a cause of death of hundreds of

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The floods in China killed 54 people

In China, floods killed 54 people. It is reported, "Xinhua". June 8, reported 52 dead. Two more bodies were found on Thursday, June 9, in the province of Jiangxi. Victims — an elderly couple, their house was washed water flow. In Guizhou province killed 21 people, 32 people are missing, were evacuated 100,000 people. In Beijing, two people were killed by lightning. Total flood caused by heavy rains have been affected 12 provinces in central and southern parts of the country. In May, China suffered from the strong drought in half a century.Source:

The floods and landslides in Colombia killed 49 people

The floods and landslides in Colombia, caused by heavy rains killed 49 people. Reported by the Colombian Department of Disaster Prevention.

As the "Vesti", mostly due to heavy rains caused by the climatic phenomenon of "La Niña", suffered capital of Bogota. "La Niña" is an abnormal lowering of the temperature of water in the eastern Pacific Ocean. The city, located at the foot of the Andes landslides have destroyed hundreds of homes. Low-lying areas flooded roads, disrupted road links.

Last Wednesday, killing 17 people: landslide covered a passenger bus, a car swept from the scene for almost a kilometer.

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The PRC went landslides

The disaster killed 50 people, more than 40 are still missing.

Livni, lasting for weeks, caused serious damage to the eleven provinces and regions of China. Rains caused landslides that have killed 50 people and 42 were missing.

Chinese authorities had already been evacuated from dangerous areas more than 440 thousand people in order to prevent further casualties.

The greatest damage was inflicted Sichuan province, where 37 people listed as missing, and Guangdong. The disaster in more or less affected millions of people, according to RIA Novosti.


Landslide in Colombia killed 14 people


November 6, 2011. As of Sunday the number of victims of landslide in Colombia has risen to 14 people, 13 people were injured, according

According to a representative of the Red Cross Cesar Urueny, about 60 people were missing. He said that this number may not be accurate, but it is large enough.

The representative said that the disaster has meant that under tons of earth and mud were at least 14 houses in the city of Manizales. Its population is about 350,000 people.

Recall, after

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Flooding in Niger killed 52 people

Unprecedented over the past eighty years, the flooding in Niger killed 52 people and destroyed many buildings, authorities said today African country.

In the capital, Niamey affected all areas without exception. Head of Rescue and Fire Department Niger Mahamane Lamine Moussa said that one day 119 millimeters of rain fell, and the water level in the rivers rose to a record in 1929.

Four hundred thousand people in the capital were moved to temporary shelters, organized in schools and mosques. In the northern province of Agadez was flooded 81 d, and 45,000 people were left homeless. In the

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