Violence against the demonstration of Buddhist monks in Burma

Now the largest town in Burma Yangon police and troops fired into the air with tear gas, beating people with batons.The current clashes with police occurred after, military junta forbade demonstrations and imposed a curfew in Yangon. But the people took to the streets again.Government acknowledged that killed a monk. Other reports have killed more than 5 people. 10s people were injured.Arrested about 200 demonstrators, about half of them — Buddhist monks.Witnesses report that security forces beat people with truncheons and arrested dozens of them. Reported the wounded and dead, but clear information yet.But witnesses also report that thousands of

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LOSS U.S. troops in Afghanistan are growing steadily

As of August 21, 2012 the number of deaths of American soldiers in Afghanistan have gained, little self, 1968 people, reports agency Associated Press, based on their calculations. South American troops entered Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom («Enduring Freedom»).   According to the Pentagon, in this country as a result of enemy action in 1638 the U.S. military have died. Outside Afghanistan died very little, 116 U.S. military personnel involved in the operation, 12 of them died as a result of militancy. The Ministry of Defence also calculated the three dead American civilian officials.  

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In Kaliningrad pilots died from Belarus

As reported by the media is now Kaliningrad, in their kitchen was incorporated gas burner, and the house was suffocating smell sour. Specialists have found that death occurred as a result of suffocation about two hours before departure of pilots in their next flight.Vladimir Strezh came from Bobruisk, and Nicholas eyelid — from Minsk. After an internship in the United States have both been invited to fly on "Boeing" in Kaliningrad.Nicholas was the only offspring of parents. In Minsk, he also left a five-month daughter and wife. Vladimir did not manage to become a dad. Shortly before the crash his

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Not flown to Minsk

Canadian aircraft production "CRJ-100" on the rise suddenly lost his balance and wing hooking the concrete began to tumble. As a result, the board broke into two parts and ignited. More 2-10’s passengers, including pilots, airport services were retained. Several people were hospitalized with burns. This is the first case of an accident with a passenger plane in history-independent Belarus. Disasters transport vessels Belarusian airlines with human victims happened more than once.Seven people

As told Armenian Embassy in Minsk, with reference to national aviation authorities, as a result of the crash, owned by the company "Belavia" seven people

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Christmas 2012: In New York, one of the most popular gifts for children 6-12 years old was an armored backpack for $ 300

We continue to monitor the Twitter-tape RussianBrooklyn. We publish reports for the last 4 weeks.

12/12/12, at 12 o'clock in the morning on 12th Street opposite the school singing (between 35 and 36 Ave, Queens) were killed 3 people. This is not a joke.

At Kennedy Airport arrested 22-year-old girl, which were found in the luggage of 8 boxes of chocolate "Toblerone" stuffed with cocaine (3.3 kg).

New York police arrested 40 girls 13-24 years, members of the org. criminal group "Bad Barbie". Drugs, murder, robbery. 10 girls from the gang "Bad Barbie" (Bronx) are wanted, five of them had

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Their customs-32


In Switzerland in 2013, will begin collecting signatures for a referendum that will decide the fate of the refugees will collect all three gettolagerya no right to leave them in order to protect residents and visitors alike.

German undertaker-masochist lost the court sadist, which elicited his PIN-code from the card. After hearing the prosecution men and women an excuse to have declared that she acted within her profession, the court held that to establish for certain what was happening at the time of their meeting is not possible, because both the plaintiff and the defendant was under the influence

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Their customs-30 (September 17 — October 13)

Latvian memorial "Defenders Bauski against the second Soviet occupation" — a monument commemorates the Nazi policemen.

September 17. Belgian city of Antwerp police arrested 230 members of unauthorized protests Islamic radicals. It is reported that the protesters chanted: "Wrong Dog" and "Let us rise together."

September 17. NATO responded to the killing of four soldiers ISAF, causing air strike on the eastern Afghan province of Laghman. As a result of the raid killed nine women who were collecting firewood in the spurs of the mountains, and nuts.

September 17. In Latvia, a memorial to "Defenders of the Soviet

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Their customs-31 (October 13 — November 13)

The American shot a girl in a costume for Halloween. The girl was dressed in a black suit and a witch's hat with white tassels. At dusk, a man took her for stalking a skunk seized a pump-action shotgun and took a shot. The girl was shot in the shoulder.

At least three people were killed in a shooting in the U.S. city of Brookfield, Wisconsin. Shoot was 45-year-old husband of one of the employees of the spa "Azan", where the incident occurred.

At least one person was killed when an unknown offender opened fire in the chapel of

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Libya is getting used to life in a democracy

Just over a year ago, started a revolution in Libya, which has become the main event of the year 2011. The revolution has moved into a qualitatively new phase, followed by foreign intervention, after it was reported that at the hands of government troops killed "more than a thousand people." These figures are largely determined the adoption of the infamous UN Security Council resolutions, the implementation of which has led to the situation in Libya, which you can watch right now.

Human rights organizations, presidents and heads of foreign and defense ministers unanimously approved — a sense of justice

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Their customs-21. (June 30 — July 7)

July 1. In a nightclub French man opened fire with a machine gun by visitors for being an hour earlier institution guards threw him into the street. Two were killed and five wounded.

July 2. British county of Bedfordshire, the plane crashed at an air show. The pilot was killed.

July 2. During exercises in the Mediterranean Sea, in the course of simulating combat fighter crashed Rafle — the pride of the French defense industry. This is not the first crash of a fighter. So in 2010 in Afghanistan Rafle crashed during a combat mission in 2009 broke two

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