In Germany, the fire killed two thousand animals


1.02.12.V a fire at a pig farm in southern Germany 2.3 thousand animals were killed, according to Agence France-Presseso reference to police Aalen (Aalen). A fire at a farm in Vesthauzen-Lippahe (Westhausen-Lippach) began in the evening on January 31.

Most pigs on the farm were killed either in the fire or suffocated by carbon monoxide. Still about 500 animals had to score. None of the farm workers is not hurt.

On fire reported a group of young people who were close to the farm, said in an interview Schwaebische Post police spokesman Bernhard Cohn (Bernhard Kohn). To quench the

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Lightning killed a teenager in the Krasnoyarsk Territory


15-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk region died from a lightning strike Photo:

4.08.11.V city Zheleznogorsk on Wednesday killed a teenager in which during a thunderstorm was struck by lightning.

On the day of the 15-year-old Eugene Moiseenko and his three friends were walking in the area of urban lakes. Suddenly it started to rain and thunder, and the guys decided to hide under a big tree. For evil, it is the tree struck by lightning.

As a result, Jack died on the spot, his comrades received minor injuries and after the examination, the doctor went home.

As informs

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In July, China’s lightning killed 60 people


Beijing, July 31 / Xinhua / — According to information from the Department of Disaster Management Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, July 1, in most parts of China due to hail, gales, storms and other disasters are injured and killed, as well as damage to property . According to statistics from the Chinese Commission to reduce losses from disasters, to 15:00 on July 31 in 27 provinces / autonomous regions and municipalities, /, 179 cities / regions, autonomous districts, aimag /, 680 counties / cities, districts, khoshun / parts Xinjiang Production units PLA compounds in the disaster area

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Analysis of articles about the exercises Kavkaz 2012 of Proceedings

Yesterday the internet started another lively discussion of the article "News", which refers to the failed results of the exercise "Kavkaz-2012" by 19th sep mot bde. Members shouted: "After this article is a feeling that a collapse in the army, instead of improving," forgetting that the fence can be written one, but there's actually wood. Today I spent on figuring out what was true in "Izvestia" and that fairy-tales. As you remember, I was twice in the 19 th Brigade, I have friends there, and in this recording will be comments of one of the officers of the brigade

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In Nepal, landslides killed 11 people



NEW DELHI, July 21. / ITAR-TASS /. In Nepal, landslides caused by prolonged downpours have killed 10 local residents and Dutch tourists.

This was reported today by representatives of the National Disaster Center in Nepal.

According to authorities, landslides blocked several sections of highways, disrupted communication lines. Dutch tourist was killed in one of the northern kingdom. Rescuers recovered from the rubble of his friend, who is now in hospital.

The rainy season in Nepal lasts from July to September, often heavy rainfall caused landslides and flooding.


When the landslide in Malaysia one dead


KUALA LUMPUR, August 8. In the east Malaysian landslide. As a result, one person was killed and two injured, and a few — were lost vesti.Kak said "Xinhua" Landslide occurred in the state of Pahang on Sunday evening.

Earlier, the "Rosbalt", in May landslide hit the building of an orphanage for young east Malaysia. Then, as a result of the accident also killed six people.

The tragedy occurred in the federal state of Selangor. During the gathering mud flow in the shelter there were 30 children. The bodies were found six members of the fire service and the local

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In Khakassia in the village pond fish killed


11.11.11.V pond near the village district Dehanovka Beisk host reservoir discovered rybopriemnike dead fish.

As the correspondent of news agency "Khakassia-Inform" in the commission of Emergency and Fire Safety Beisk area to determine the cause of death in the field today left several specialists: veterinarian inspector and a member of CSF epidemiology center.

Experts sent water samples at two institutions: Khakass veterinary laboratory and environmental laboratory — the center of the laboratory analysis and technical measurements on the Yenisei district.

The owner of Lake believes that someone has poisoned fish specifically, but check out this version will be available

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Tropical storm in the Philippines. Video


27.07.11.V by tropical storm Huanin 125,000 families are forced to move to evacuation centers. 20 people were killed. Whole day raging floods and landslides in Filippin.Vlasti decided to relocate people to safe evacuation centers.

— Already 645 000 137 Filipinos taken to special camps, while Huanin continues to destroy the country! — Said Benito Ramos, an expert on reducing the impact of natural disasters. July 27 the brunt of tropical storms occurred in the province Huanin Albay.Desyatki people were missing, 20 were killed.

Services continue to rescue and search for the missing in the Philippines.

Video from the site:

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Italy — the flooding in Genoa. Video


11.05.11. Heavy rains in Genoa led to flooding of several areas of Italy. 6 people were killed, and their number may increase. Among the victims is deti.V water flows Gators.

Authorities called the situation "very serious." The government encourages residents to be as careful. All advised not to leave their homes and move to the upper floors zdaniy.Polzovatsya vehicles prohibited.

Last week, the government announced a state of emergency in Liguria and Toskane.Ranee these areas hit heavy downpour, which killed ten people.

Source: Channel PIC, altrestorieVI

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Heavy rains in Algeria led to the deaths of ten people


MOSCOW, October 3 — RIA Novosti. Floods caused by heavy rains in Algeria have killed at least ten people, the fate of two people — women and children — is not known, said on Monday night by the Associated Press referring to the members of the Civil Defence.

According to them, eight out of ten deaths occurred in El Bayadh 700 kilometers south-west of the capital, Algiers. Two more were killed in the small towns to the north of El Bajada.

Rainwater flows also led to flooding and destruction of hundreds of homes, the agency said.

Source: RIA Novosti

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