14 people were killed by a tornado raging in Indonesia. Video


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Jakarta, Jan. 29 / Xinhua / — 14 people were killed and 60 — were injured in the revelry tornado that hit Indonesia.

The representative of the National Agency for Disaster Management Indonesia Sutopo Purva Nugroho said on Sunday that in the last four days at the mercy of the elements were 35 districts and cities on the islands of Java and Bali.Po him, because of the disaster were damaged in 2364 doma.V This time the tornado was caused by tropical cyclone Iggy, which is raging in the Indian Ocean.

Source: Russian.News.Cn ,

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In the Donetsk region in an abandoned mine gas killed people


1.11.11.V Donetsk region from gas poisoning in the mine killed 2 people. The press-service of Ministry of Emergency Situations.

In 22 hours. 25 min. October 31 in the village of Stozhkovo Miner's in the trunk area of the former mine "Stozhovskaya-2" (does not work with 2008), on the horizon 15 m, with poisoning firedamp killed 2 workers LLC "Buran LTD", which since 2011 has been conducting reconstruction work.

In 23 hours. the bodies were brought to the surface.

Into the death of the law enforcement agencies are checking.

Recall, as we wrote, "KID", October 6, in a field near

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In Tuva crashed AN-2 aircraft


22.08.11.V Todzha district of Tuva, An-2 plane made a hard landing: 3 people injured, one was killed. Seven of those on board the ship disaster could get in touch with rescuers. They reported that one passenger was killed, three requiring medical care.

An-2 was damaged during landing on the river Sorug. On board were seven people, one of whom died. Three passengers were seriously injured, the rest escaped with bruises and contusions.

— Now, the rescuers flew from Krasnoyarsk. Preliminary location aircraft 120 km from Kyzyl — told in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Tuva.


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Philippines evacuated 100,000 people from typhoon


26.09.11.V capital Manila and surrounding provinces are closed all schools, halted air and rail links. It is expected that a strong typhoon "Nesat" will reach the eastern part of the island of Luzon in the morning of Tuesday.

About 34 domestic flights were canceled and hundreds of passengers left stranded at airports. Wind gust speed in range of the typhoon is 120 kilometers per hour.

It is predicted that the typhoon will continue to gain strength and can reach level 4 on a five-point Saffir-Simpson scale.

Recall that in August this year, Pacific supertyphoon Nanmadol killed 35 Filipinos, and

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In Volyn train killed 20 cows


* 9/23/11. * September 22 passenger train № 83 the message "Odessa-Kovel" got killed 20 cows in the Volyn region.

This was announced by the representative of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Lviv railway Michael Miller. According to him, the accident took place on a stage, "lieth — Holoby" when distilled shepherds herd over the railroad tracks.

The engineer said ahead of cows and applied emergency braking. However, to avoid the collision failed, 20 cows were killed by being hit by a train them.

Train stop because of the incident was 40

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The collapse of the mine in Colombia


The collapse of the mine in Colombia has killed seven people, AFP photo

14.09.11.Sem people were killed in the collapse Wednesday at the gold mine in western Colombia, hospitalized two wounded, reported Colombian radio Caracol.

Mine is located in the jungle near the small town of Altrato in Chocó department.

"Under the rubble were nine miners, two of whom managed to escape with the help of rescuers on the surface. Found the bodies of five women and two men, "- said in a radio local officials Erniliya Palacios Cruz (Cruz Ernilia Palacios).

Causes of

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Fishing vessels annually kill up to 320,000 birds


MOSCOW, September 27 — RIA Novosti. Up to 320 000 different sea birds around the world each year are victims of fishing craft, and because of this, some species are threatened with extinction, according to British newspaper The Guardian referring to the report of the World Conference on Marine Biodiversity.

"The estimated number of dying birds is from 160 to 320 thousand. Some species and populations of albatrosses and petrels in danger of extinction due to the numerous fishing fleets do not take simple measures to prevent bycatch of birds gear "- said in the conference, which runs from

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The tragedy at Tula: lightning killed a woman


The tragedy at Tula: lightning killed a woman Photo: http://www.almetevsk24.ru

11.07.11.Proshedshaya Friday remembered the people of Central Russia, including the Tula region unrestrained revelry natural disaster.

On this tragic day, along with torrential rains and thunderstorms hit the ground stages of lightning. Unfortunately, there were no casualties.

The first victim of the weather in the capital was 28-year-old visitor from Moldova. Lightning struck in his district Novospassky bridge near Paveletsky station. Apparently, the young man was born in the "shirt" — he escaped with severe burns, but survived. But the loving couple from St. Petersburg catastrophe, leaves

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Thunderstorms near Chelyabinsk fearsome. Video


20.07.11.V Chelyabinsk region from lightning strikes killed four people, including a 10-year-old boy (he was swimming in the lake when bumped severe thunderstorm).

Saved a woman and her daughter, they with severe burns in hospital. Local authorities have promised financial compensation to the families of the victims, but experts remind: during a storm, any tower, pole, high tree can become life-threatening.

Summer-powerful storm caught the company holiday at the lake. It remained lying towels, a pack of cigarettes. Two men, two women and a 13-year-old girl rushed home. Apparently tried to catch the car. Lightning struck the people, when

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Georgia because of aftershocks collapsed mine


TBILISI, January 6 — News-Georgia, Natalia Smolnikova. As a result of the collapse of the reservoir at the mine in Tkibuli January 6 injured two miners, told the "News-Georgia" the president of the union workers of metallurgical, mining and chemical industries Tamaz Dolaberidze.

According Dolaberidze caused the collapse of the preliminary data, were small tremors.

"At the moment we identify the causes of the collapse. One miner is already at home, and the state of the second — the stable, "- said the head of the union.

Tkibuli in 2011 killed five miners and five miners were injured. The

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