Loss of livestock in the Irkutsk region


20.10.11.Vse began after seasonal vaccination. In the village livestock vaccination set against anthrax and emkara. Suddenly, the owners of private farmsteads notice a decline in the status of their animals.

The first cow died on October 14. The infection began to spread quickly. All affected 19 goals, seven of them — were killed. Cheremhovsky Veterinary Laboratory tests taken. In no case of anthrax was not confirmed. Guilt was blackleg pathogen or, more simply, emkara. A contagious disease, in which the cattle are killed within one to two days. For the person is safe. They were infected cows that as

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Lightning killed 84 sheep in Tuva


Kizil, July 26. / ITAR-TASS /. Ball lightning killed in Tuva to shepherd parked 84 sheep. Details of emergency Sunday became known today after the report of a special commission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic, to travel to the scene today to determine the damage.

It all happened during a severe thunderstorm in the Tes-Khem district. Ball lightning is formed directly over novietnes family Sayyna Sandykmaa, Shepherd AgroFarm "Choduraa." It is not known what would happen next if it were not for the cattle, who ran away from the tent to shelter from the rain under

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In Sudan, the house collapsed due to rains


3.08.11.Krysha buildings collapsed, unable to withstand long showers. At least 20 people were killed and 30 injured.

The tragedy occurred in the proud El Genin, West Darfur.Po According to local media, the collapse occurred in the building, which contained the Sudanese military.

The collapse occurred because of prolonged heavy rains that hit the region in recent nedelyu.Po least 20 people were killed and over 30 injured varying severity.

Marina Hudak

Source: Life News Online

Three people were killed in landslides in the province. Jiangxi


10.06.11.Tri man / two women, one boy / killed in a landslide caused by heavy rains in the district Syushuy in northern Jiangxi Province / East China /. Which began in the early morning today in the county Syushuy rainfall led to the landslide. As a result, there was some flooding in mountain areas, townships and villages. In many places there landslides, which killed three people.

According to preliminary calculations, a total of 280 thousand residents, more than 100 thousand mu / 1 hectare = 15 mu / farmland affected by the disaster, urgently evacuated 27 thousand people.


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Floods and landslides in Haiti, killing 11 people. Video


HAVANA, June 7. / ITAR-TASS /. As a result of landslides and floods in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince, killing 11 people. This was reported today by local authorities. Heavy rainfall turned the streets of the capital in the river, car traffic is stopped on the main highways.

Photo http://www.vesti.kz

Haitian President Michel Martelly appealed to the nation to remain calm and avoid panic. "I am with you, and only together we can overcome all the difficulties," — he said. Martelli ordered ministers to immediately organize the reconstruction of the devastated areas.

Authorities fear that the hurricane season, which

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25 people were killed in a landslide in the Philippines


01.05.12. Mudflow descended on the town in the south of the country on Thursday night, January 5. More than 100 people are still under the rubble.

The landslide came down in the region of Mindanao in the southern Philippines in the early morning of Thursday, January 5. Under heavy debris flow was buried Pantukan town, which is mostly inhabited by workers at mine sites and their families.

At the scene, directed all the operational services of the district. About 120 soldiers arrived to find survivors and victims.

At the moment, one of the 25 people killed, 100 trapped under

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In the Omsk region of the fire killed the animals on the farm


16.11.11.V Sherbakulskom area suffered a major fire, which killed almost all livestock and poultry. The cause of the tragedy was a violation of the rules of operation of electrical appliances.

Tonight, at 00.49 local time, in the village of Borisov Sherbakulskogo Omsk region on fire one of the town houses on Meadow Street. As a result of PE masters monastery suffered major damage.

At the time of arrival of fire occurred flaming barn, also observed the threat of fire to go semi-detached house. The fire had damaged and demolished outbuildings on the area 108 square meters. m

In addition,

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In eastern Georgia hail destroyed vineyards and crops


24.06.2011, Tbilisi 11:27:55 In 11 villages Lagodekhi district in eastern Georgia (Kakheti region) hail that fell in the night of 24 June 2011., Destroying vineyards and crops. According to the head of the district administration, Dmitry Loladze the morning special commission began counting the damage element. After you know the exact amount, the local authorities will decide what form the government will help farmers.

D.Loladze also reported that hail damaged power lines, and now electricity to the area is not served. According to preliminary data, the power supply will be restored by the end of the day.

Recall difficult

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In the South Urals lightning killed a shepherd, horses, dogs and cows


6.06.11.Vchera evening Kartli region of Chelyabinsk region lightning struck a herd of cows, which the shepherds were driven across the field between the villages and Ann's Krasny Yar.

The charge was of such force that killed the shepherd and his horse, a dog and three cows. "All this happened in front of the second shepherd. He immediately went to his horse to the nearest settlement, to report the incident to the police. Medical care is no longer needed his partner, he was killed instantly. I work in Kartal 8 years, and in my memory is the first state

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In the eastern U.S. hit a new powerful tornado

Eastern United States, do not leave the tornado. Powerful tornado once again test the strength of Kentucky.

Wind tore roofs off houses, cars take to the air, breaking perennial trees. The hurricane severely damaged power lines. No light left 12,000 homes. In some areas of broken telephone.

In Illinois, for disaster killed 60-year-old woman. Trailer in which she lived, caught a tornado. Several tornadoes swept as Alabama, Georgia, Indiana and Missouri. Since the beginning of the year due to tornadoes in the United States has killed 55 people. / / ICTV

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