An explosion at a mine in China


At the time of the explosion in the mine were 11 miners. Photo: (c) Associated Press

15.08.11.V gas explosion at a coal mine in China has killed more than 10 people, the Associated Press reports citing local press.

According to local media reports, the incident occurred in Guizhou province in the southwest of the country last night. At the time of the explosion in the mine were 11 miners. One worker survived, but he suffered serious burns. Other details of the accident are still unknown. Is under investigation.

Recall that in July in a mine in eastern China

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Rainfall in Central America, 74 people died

October 17, 2011. In Central America, torrential rain, which did not stop for the sixth day, led to flooding and landslides. Disaster victims were 74. Central American authorities announced the beginning of the evacuation, as forecast rainfall in the near future will not stop, according

According to the authorities Salvador, 24 people were killed in landslides gathering at their home. President Guatemala declared a state of emergency regime after by heavy rains killed 23 people. Authorities Honduras have evacuated about 1,000 people from flooded areas.


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Day in History Weather

Events of world weather, earth science and space news on this day throughout history: October 16 — two hundred and eighty-ninth day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. 1816 — U.S.: A long drought ended in northern New England, came rain that put out the fires that occur in a very dry September.

1954 — Canada: Hurricane Hazel brought to Canada vetrama strong and very heavy rain. Toronto recorded wind gusts up to 110 miles / hr and 8.43 inches of rain. 80 people have died in Canada.

1987 -IRELAND/UK: Parts of the UK and Ireland experienced

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Strong wind and hail in Queensland (Australia)

AUSTRALIA — South-east Queensland for the second day covered by heavy rain, and after yesterday's storms killed a driver seeking shelter. Deadly rain and hail that hit the Southeast on Thursday, leaving thousands of homes without power and hundreds of homes and businesses severely damaged. 42-year-old man was killed by a tree that fell on his car. One woman was killed when a car crashed into two other cars, which had stopped due to heavy rain. Source:

Herd of horses in a fire burned in the U.S.


22.01.12. 22 horses worth ten thousand dollars each were killed in a fire in the U.S. state of New Jersey.

The fire started in a barn on a farm in Lafayette early Saturday morning, the animals were locked inside the shed and could not get out.

— I'm just numb, I can not even cry. What happened is terrible. The building was not insured, and now I'm probably selling all of the property — said Betty Hahn.

— Barn was already engulfed in flames when emergency services arrived, the fire was quickly extinguished, but all the horses inside were

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The plane crashed in Ukraine


5.09.11.V Teplice area between the villages of Sasha and Kostyukovka Vinnitsa region on Saturday dropped AN-2, caught in the tops of the trees, the pilot was killed.

This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Vinnitsa region. According to him, on Saturday, in the morning the plane had been working in the fields of one of the Vinnytsia farms.

After refueling, taking off, it was about 12 hours, the plane caught chassis for top of the tree, rolled over and hit the ground. After that, the plane exploded and started a fire which

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Seven people were killed in an avalanche in southern Serbia

Seven people died in avalanches in a town in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo, reports on Sunday television MSNBC.

The incident occurred on Saturday in a major Goransky Restelitsa village, in the mountains south of the city of Shar Planina Prizren. An avalanche has covered 15 houses. Police initially reported the death of three people, but by Sunday morning the bodies of four more victims of the disaster.

"There's seven people were killed and three others are still missing," — said the Kosovo police officer Baki Kelani.

As previously reported RIA Novosti, as of Sunday the number of victims

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Seven people were killed in a landslide in the Philippines


JAKARTA, March 17 — RIA Novosti, Mikhail Tsyganov. Seven people were killed early Thursday morning in a landslide on the Philippine island of Leyte, according to the news website of GMA News.

"Seven of the dead were members of one family, whose house was buried by a landslide," — said the mayor of Tacloban Alfred Romualdez (Alfred Romualdez).

According to him, there in Leyte in recent weeks rainy weather led to the cancellation of many flights to Tacloban and departures from it, and two more landslides. Fortunately, in the last two cases, there were no casualties, but more than

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Tourists are asked not to go to a revived volcano

The island of Krakatoa, located between Java and Sumatra in the coming days may become popular with tourists. Anak Krakatau volcano, ("Child of Krakatau,"), which is the main attraction of the island, woke up and instead of the standard 200 shocks per day subject to a 7000. Indonesian authorities in connection with the request of foreign tourists to avoid visiting the volcano, and those who ventured to this, it is recommended to keep two-kilometer distance.

Scientists who have recorded tremors, fear intense eruptions releasing into the ocean rocks from day to day. According Giede Suantika, specialist Indonesian volcano

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In Canada, when an avalanche killed two people


17.01.11.Dva people were killed on Sunday when an avalanche coming down in the Canadian fleet, "Peter Lougheed" in the north-western part of the province of Alberta. In the area of the tragedy was transferred by helicopter rescue team, who with the help of specially trained dogs were able to find victims under a thick layer of snow. According to the Canadian "Information Center avalanche" with headquarters in the town of Revelstoke (British Columbia), descended on the park, "Peter Lougheed" avalanche belongs to the third category.

Due to the threat of avalanches for a few hours was blocked traffic on

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