At least 15 people were killed in Pakistan, a dust storm

A powerful dust storm that struck several areas of western Pakistan, have killed at least 15 people, five of them — the children, according to Pakistani TV channels on Wednesday, citing police sources.

Wind gusts up to 90 miles an hour, carried a cloud of sand, broken trees, falling signs and power lines. Storm began Tuesday night. Most victims of fallen trees and electric shocks from the broken wire is fixed in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan.

Storm broke movement on a number of lines of the country, have been canceled or delayed flights on their way to

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In Uganda, a growing number of victims of landslides

In the district of Kasese in Uganda landslide people continue to die. Over the past seven months, the number of deaths was 11. A landslide in the mountains Ruenzori caused another lengthy overnight rain for three young villagers Butalimulu was fatal. The children were not able to save time, as all members of the family while they were asleep in a room adjacent to the one wall that collapsed under the pressure of earth masses.

It is reported that in the three surrounding areas killed three others. The area Mahango destroyed 23 houses, all tenants miraculously unharmed. All local residents

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In southern India killing elephants


In the south of India from a new disease killed six elephants

3.01.11.Indiyskie elephants killed in the south of the new disease brought by domestic animals.


Writes about it on Monday, January 3, Indian English-language daily newspaper Pioneer.

It is reported that in the last 20 days veterinarians recorded in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve (the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu), six deaths from hemorrhagic septicemia elephants. This area is home to about six thousand wild elephants, whereas only in India, there are about 25 thousand.

According to experts, the outbreak was the result of the local community

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How many people are killed by landslides?

One of the professors at the University of Durham, D. Loop, decided to conduct an analysis of data on global mortality caused by landslides, and its variants, including landslides, rock falls and sinkholes. Created a special database containing detailed information on landslides and died for the period from 1 September 2002.

Map mortality. Scientific work hinges, written on the basis of collected database, covering the period from 2004 to 2010. It takes into account these deaths are caused by landslides are not seismic character, that is occurring not because of earthquakes. Over the period from 2620 landslide killed 32

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At least 30 people were killed in northern India due to landslides

Floods and landslides caused by strong monsoon rains have killed at least 30 people in two days in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, at least another 35 people reported missing, according to the website of the newspaper on Saturday Times of India.

Previously reported 20 dead.

According to media reports, a powerful mudslide demolished dozens of homes in eight villages. In the area of disaster damaged power lines and cut off the road.

Authorities relocating military units to help the victims of the disaster. Forecasters warned that the monsoon rains may continue.

In Tbilisi, the floods killed three people

In the Georgian capital of Tbilisi by the withdrawal of the banks of the Kura River after heavy rains on the night of May 13, killed a woman and two children, reports the BBC BBC.

"Killing a woman and two children in the destruction of a residential building in Ortachala," — said the head of emergency services Temur Giorgadze Tbilisi City Hall reporters.

Flooding led to several substations that tens of thousands of people in the capital remained without electricity.

MOE Georgia reported the isolation of at least eight villages as a result of flooding road

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Floods and landslides have killed at least 20 people in northern India

Dozens of houses collapsed on Friday as a result of heavy rains caused floods and landslides in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, killing at least 20 people and injured four, the website of the Indian television channel NDTV citing local authorities.

Twelve people were killed in the district Rudrapayag, eight — in Bageshvare.

Several people were buried under the rubble, rescue workers are finding them. The result was also a landslide blocked a number of roads, reports on deficiencies in the supply of electricity.

Local authorities called in the army to help in the aftermath of the disaster.

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Damage from the rains in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Paraguay

Several Latin American countries suffer from damage caused by heavy rains this winter.

In Peru, a landslide killed 53 people, 10 000 homes damaged and destroyed in Venezuela now total 300 000 people were injured in Colombia killed 19 people and more than 60,000 people lost their homes, causing enormous damage. Floods in Chaco, Paraguay, has affected 13,000 Indian families.



Flood in Afghanistan killed 27 people

In the north Afghanistan today as a result of storm floods killed at least 27 people living in mountain areas. Many people remain missing. This is the second flooding in the last week in the north, from the first 21 deaths.

As the governor of Takhar province, Abdul Jabar Tagva, dozens of flood affected villages in Ishkamish. He expressed concern that the number of victims of natural disasters may increase. Rescuers trying to get into the flood zone, but there can not be reached by car. According Tagvy, it needs helicopters."High water" in Takhar province in the north-eastern Afghanistan,

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Heavy floods have killed nine people in Haiti

April 27. Nine people died in Haiti as a result of floods caused by heavy rains, said on Thursday the broadcaster Univision.

According to civil defense Haiti, two people died in collapsed homes, podmyta streams of water, the other seven were drowned in different regions of the Caribbean islands by the withdrawal of the banks of the rivers.

Haitian authorities have already declared an orange alert level due to the continuation of current forecasts of showers, which can lead to more serious flooding. Now in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince is a large number of buildings flooded with water.

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