Washington declared a disaster area

Washington's power was transferred to the online services of enhanced mode with the approach of Hurricane "Irene." They recognized the metropolitan DC area disaster.

"Hurricane coming to Washington and now the city is a disaster … Our online services are mobilized and are now in the state of readiness" number one. "We have to be sure that we can help everyone who needs help," — said the mayor. According to him, the impact of Hurricane residents will feel the day. Expected gusty winds up to 25 meters per second and heavy rainfall with a total rainfall of up to 102

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Polar bear killed a man in Chukotka, the three bears shot in response

MOSCOW, Aug. 20 — RIA Novosti.Polar bear killed a man Friday in the village of Cape Schmidt in Chukotka, and then destroyed three are gathered together in the village bear, told RIA Novosti on Saturday Andrew Chatterbox, Deputy Chairwoman of the Council on marine mammals.

"Three young white bear appeared in the village a few days ago, a former pigsty. Around 23.00 on Friday Stanislav Ettuvge (born in 1979) was directed to work in the boiler room and walked straight through the coal depot, where he was attacked by three white bear" , — the eggs.

On Saturday, law

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Antelopes die in Kazakhstan

However, the main threat to the animals is poaching.

Over the past two years in western Kazakhstan killed thousands of saiga. The study of mass destruction will saiga Research Institute for Biological Safety Problems. For these purposes, the Kazakh government has allocated 80 million tenge (about 500,000 dollars).

In announcing the allocation of funds, the chairman of the Committee for Forestry and Hunting of the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Yerlan Nysanbayev said he did not know how big the threat of mass animal deaths this year.

In spring 2010, in a relatively short period of time killed some 12,000

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Victims of avalanches in Tajikistan were three people

Three killed in Tajikistan over the past day by avalanches, told RIA Novosti on Monday, the spokesman of the Republican Committee of Emergency Situations.

"Avalanche, descended the day before in the area of Raska-east of the country alive and blocked two villagers — 20-year-old Faizullo Dzhamilova and 12-year-old Abdullah Mohammadi," — said the source. According to him, the bodies were found a few hours after the incident, members of staff on emergency Rasht region and local residents.

Another avalanche came down on the road Dushanbe-Chanak connecting the center and the north of the country, and dragged him into the 300-meter

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