I have plans for destroying every fortress … and ships, which can resist the fire of all the heaviest cannon … I can make armored cars…”

That’s Leonardo da Vinci, asking the Duke of Milan for a job. ten years before Columbus discovered America.

Leonardo got that job. He went to Milan to make huge bronze statues, giant cathedrals, enormous canals, secret tunnels, and a bristling host of giant, terrifying, remarkably sadistic war machines. Leonardo had plenty of plans — volumes full of them, plans stuffed in the margins of his plans. But Leonardo never shipped the products. He never




It’s a collection of cleverly shaped pieces of steel and aluminum that, when mixed with gasoline, can be manipulated by a human operator and made to move through the air and do stuff. That’s it. That’s the entire Mustang thing. So, why all the intefest? No, let me amend that. It’s not just «interest.” Why all the outrageous passion it seems to engender? Very good questions! Unfortunately, we have no answers.

One thing is an absolute fact, however: for reasons that are often unique to the individual involved, the Mustang is NOT «just» a


Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiweis

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion – the 12th to date – is complete and drawing the crowds into its subterranean womb in London’s Hyde Park. The view of the bijoux Thirties tea pavilion – a gallery since 1970 – has never been so unobstructed. The Swiss architecture practice and Chinese artist’s subtle insertion is very different from Peter Zumthor’s dense, monolithic structure that went before, or Jean Nouvel’s eye-bruising, fire-engine red structure before that.

Using the sloping topology of the site, the roof – which in effect is a disc filled with water meant to act like a mirror to the elements

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I came, saw, raped

To understand the psychology of the people of that time, it is necessary to become familiar with their myths. For their gods the Greeks and Romans wrote to myself, so that the behavior of the inhabitants of heaven — is the embodiment of secret desires of ordinary mortals. Greek myths — that children under sixteen years of reading is not recommended. Sex, blood and violence there is so much that the level of XXX porn seem innocent transfer «Good night, kids!». Take Zeus (the Romans — Jupiter), ruler of the sky, thunder, lightning, responsible for all the world. This

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«Terrible beast hare no!» — Said, rising from the snow just produced hare, Grandpa Egor, and smiled and looked at me. I was still naive teenager smiled at supposedly good joke old hunter, and he thought: «This is a tiger, or a bear or a leopard, animals as animals, but what a beast of a hare — the laughter, and only.» Later, fascinated by biology, I learned that there are 5 classes of vertebrates: fish, amphibians, reptiles (reptiles), birds and mammals (animals). Almost all mammals, i.e. animals have in common is that they suckle their young with milk. So

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Austrian Kurier about the kinds of EU sanctions and their effectiveness

By this occasion Austrian edition Kurier writes about the kinds of sanctions that the EU is in the arsenal, and about when and for what purpose they are introduced.

Possible expulsion of diplomats, diplomatic, cease cooperation, trade sanctions, monetary penalties, cease flights.

As the Kurier, the use of sanctions — EU frequent phenomenon. In the arsenal of the EU there are 30 different kinds of the most punitive sanctions. They are used in the European and international policies are intended to "change the political actions or policies that have led to a breach of international agreements or Human Rights. "

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Kozulin’s daughter appealed to both metropolitans

They require both metropolitans affect the secular authorities in the release of Alexander Kozulin at the funeral of his wife.*** Penal Code Republic of BelarusArticle 92. Departures sentenced to imprisonment abroad Corrections Convicted first to imprisonment, contained in penal colonies for individuals, for the first time serving a sentence of imprisonment, prapravchyh and colonies for those who have served a sentence of imprisonment, criteria in general regime penal colony settlement and penal colonies, also convicted, you are left in the prescribed manner pre-trial detention to perform household activities may be allowed the short-term trips abroad correctional and educational institutions for

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Without cheating. What kind of bread we eat?



In Russia, people are allowed to poison the bread. After wheat, from which bread is baked, processed pesticide causing dangerous mutations in the human body. But that's not the only secret bakery …  



What kind of bread is ill chalk disease? Should I pay a lot of money for a gourmet breads? Where are taken into loaves

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Konstantin Leontiev. What and how our liberalism is bad? 1880.

In one of the latest issues of "Voices" published an article by Mr. Alexander Gradovsky under the title "Time of Troubles".

This article is dedicated to the protection of the "liberals" against people who accuse them of pandering to "revolutionary atrocities."

G. Gradovsky asks: "Is there, however, the basis for such a charge? Investigated whether not only the question of "complicity" of this mysterious "liberal" with the attackers, but even more simple question: what a Russian liberal?"

"Let's see what's up, shall find this mysterious liberal, which introduces such trouble truly poor in our

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Spikelets: conducting Cup final in Rostov — nonsense kind

Honorary President of the Russian Football Union Vyacheslav Koloskov not understand why it was decided to hold the final of the Cup of Russia — 2009/10 in Rostov-on-Don.

"I do not think a match, held once a year, will add popularity. This measure is far-fetched, frankly. Nobody can guarantee that all people will come — Foreign teams play. Then do a lot of unknown. Need to ask those who made this decision.

Absolutely no popularity it will not add. I do not take into account all 270 countries, but in most of the Cup final is

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