School and kindergarten opened in Belaya Kalitva (Rostov region).

September 4 in Belaya Kalitva inaugurated renovated elementary school — kindergarten number one compensating.

According to the press service of the Ministry of interior and information policy area, the institution was set up in October 1969 for preschool and primary school age. In 2011 began overhaul of the building, and less than a year it has been repaired. For this purpose from the regional treasury allocated almost 15 million rubles, more than 2 million rubles — from the municipal budget. Currently, elementary school — kindergarten number 1 is a federal innovation platform and basic educational establishment of

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Chuvashia: housewarming party for children and adults

Until the end of the year in the country plans to put into operation 12 modern nursery.

The village Batirevo opened a kindergarten for 240 mest.Eto former building of the boarding school. Its reconstruction began a kindergarten last year. The repair of the national budget allocated more than 100 million rubles.

Also here today officially commissioned a new house on 38 kvartir.On was built as part of the social housing programs.

A new kindergarten for 160 places will soon be in the village Shygyrdany. However, in today's more waiting in line for more than 100 kids. Nicholas

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Private kindergarten opened in Abakan

In the capital of Khakassia opened a private kindergarten — Child Development Center "ABVGDeyka." Two groups of 40 full-time places from September 1, will take preschoolers.

The Government of the Republic, through the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Khakassia provided under the grant support to private kindergartens 6,000,000 rubles. "ABVGDeyka" became one of the pre-school educational institutions receiving funding from the state budget.

+ 5 pictures under the cut   "I am doubly pleased that the company" Zhilstroi "can not afford it. Thanks to the Government of Khakassia for a grant. I

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DESTRUCTION OF OUR CHILDREN! On the whole territory of Russia.

UNDER THE SEA "A NEW VACCINATION" in 2011. Vaccinations will be of two kinds. 1.Privivka is designed for women of 12-30 years. Will be administered under view of prevention, ostensibly to prevent cancer of the breast or uterus. This vaccine will be mandatory in school. Contents: Coincides with vaccinations, which were sterilized girls in Mexico, Nicaragua, Iraq. Effects on the body: Create a permanent body, the so-called "false pregnancy "and the rejection of the fetus at 3-4 months of pregnancy. Except direct action, this vaccine has a huge mental effect, unnecessarily numerous abortions late in pregnancy create panic and fear

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Unique kindergarten was opened in Vladivostok

October 6, in a solemn ceremony Territory Governor Sergei Darkin and the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, cut the red ribbon opening the new modern kindergarten in a residential neighborhood, "Snow Pad". Preschool called "Tiger" is ready to take 240 kids.


Such kindergartens in Vladivostok is not built. Large in size and spacious, it is markedly different from the usual kindergarten buildings. In addition to a modern design and the use of new building materials, it has a real zest, invented by designers.


For example, in groups large floor to ceiling stained

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Tula kindergarten number 154 opened after renovation

After the repair has opened a kindergarten number 154 in the town of Tula Slanting Hill. For major maintenance, the purchase of furniture and toys were allocated 22.8 million rubles.

The garden is designed for three groups that will be able to visit 76 children aged three years.

According to the deputy head of the department of Educational Administration Tula Svetlana Abadzhevoy, in 2008, the kindergarten building was returned to the municipality, but before that it housed a school.

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Happiness is. In Rainbow eliminated all in kindergartens

In Rainbow completely solved the problem with places in kindergartens. The city commissioned a new pre-school — kindergarten "Sprout", designed for 240 seats. It completely covered the existing needs of young raduzhnintsev. Moreover, the parents will even give the opportunity to choose a garden close to the house. The new kindergarten has a sports hall and gym, a swimming pool, a music class. In the groups of kids will be able not only to learn and play, but also to receive health treatments. Especially for this purpose in the staffing provided even a single technician. Catherine Sliusar, head

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Construction of a new kindergarten in Bratsk.

In the city of Bratsk (Irkutsk Oblast) is building a new kindergarten. Finance the building of the local and regional budgets. At the moment, almost ready ground floor. Kindergarten is built with all the modern standards. Completion is scheduled in the second half of 2013.

Norwegian arranged in kindergarten tasting blood

In Norway, a kindergarten teacher was fired after she treated the kids in their own blood.

A teacher from Sola in western Norway has prepared his players' breakfast vampire. " In a bowl of porridge instead she poured blood from pre-bubble. The girl offered to kids ages 3 to 6 years to try liquid to touch and taste.

"When the kids get their hands dirty and asked how to wash off the blood, she licked her finger. The kids followed suit, "- says an employee of preschool Inger Lise Andersen.

Parents outraged by such practices. The administration of the

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Sochi in the neighborhood for Olympic immigrants built a new kindergarten

The new kindergarten in Samal. "Tauride" is designed to accommodate 140 children, with a view to expand to 280 beds.

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