New Sensors on RAF Sea Kings

UK PROCUREMENT Minister Lord Bach announced on June 18 that work had begun on installing advanced sensors on the RAF’s Sea King search-and-rescue (SAR) helicopter fleet. The upgrade will significantly improve the ability of RAF SAR teams to detect missing people in all weather conditions. Initially, two Sea King HAR.3AS (ZH542 and ZH545) – operated by 22 Squadron A Flight and based at RMB Chivenor, north Devon — have been fitted with the new Sea King Multi Sensor System (SKMSS), which uses FLIR Systems’ STAR-Q thermal imaging equipment.

SKMSS is an infra-red detection system that can detect a person in

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The winners of the Great Troubles

In November, Russia celebrated the holiday — Day of National Unity. 400 years ago, October 22 (November 1), 1612, soldiers militia led by Kuzma Minin and a citizen of Prince Dmitry Pozharsky stormed China Town, captured by the invaders. October 27 Polish garrison surrendered, and that moment was a turning point in the history of the Time of Troubles — a period when Russia was simply not in a protracted decline, and in fact, on the verge of losing its statehood and could disappear from the maps as a single power.

Paying tribute to Kuzma Minin and Prince Dmitry

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Evil Dead 4: Hail to the King

Зловещие, мертвые и довольные этим!

СЭМ РЕЙМИ (SAM RAIMI) ПРОСЛАВИЛСЯ не черным фильмом “Человек тьмы”, не черным вестерном “Быстрый и мертвый” и даже не черным триллером “Простой план”. Его имя стало известно в конце восьмидесятых, с выходом “Армии тьмы” — последнего из тройки сверхлегкомысленных, примитивных, кровавых, но в чем-то привлекательных ужастиков о Некрономиконе и зловещих мертвецах с Брюсом Кэмпбеллом

(Bruce Campbell) в главной роли. Черных, с темно-красным юмором, аморальным и брутальным до предела и после него. После того как Рейми пошел на повышение, он забросил свою трилогию и даже не помышлял о четвертой истории про зловещих мертвецов и Эше, человеке

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Crash of the titans.

“На сегодняшний день я действительно работаю в обеих группах, причем по полной программе,» — пытается разъяснить обстановку сам Кинг Даймонд. “Да, действительно, восстановление Mercyful Fate вначале было лишь проектом и не более того. Но дела пошли столь хорошо, что мы решили продолжать. Тем более что дела с моей группой тогда шли не очень: мы занимались лишь судебными разборками с нашей фирмой. Сейчас, собственно, у меня нет никаких проблем с работой в двух проектах.»

Оно и видно! Альбом и турне Mercyful Fate, затем сразу диск King Diamond, подготовка к новым гастролям… Хотя направления у обоих команд явно различные, Кинг без особых

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Casino King

The intense and soulful fuzzed-out sounds of Gary Clark Jr are fast gaining fervent fans across the world. Steve Bailey meets the man being hailed – with good reason – as the new force of Texas blues.

The list of esteemed figures queuing to endorse the talents of Mr Gary Clark Jr is becoming a long one. The shrewd eye of Eric Clapton spotted him early, the Rolling Stones couldn’t wait to get him along for an onstage blues jam, and the president of the USA himself, Barack Obama, heralded Clark as ‘the future’ after a performance at the White

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Bluffers Guide The Vikings


Who were they?

The Vikings were a race of people from Scandinavia who were best known for raiding in Europe and occasionally beyond. Typically tall, pale-skinned and muscular, with hair and eye colour ranging from dark to fair, their seafaring skill and battle prowess made them the most feared force in Dark Age Europe.

Where were they?

A Germanic people originally from Scandinavia

— mainly Norway, Sweden and Denmark

— Vikings invaded and settled in areas of Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland and Ireland, as well as conquering northern England and

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10 Murderous Kings

A blood-curdling countdown of history’s deadliest monarch’s

In .this day and age it’s quite difficult to imagine the sheer power that kings and queens once wielded over their subjects. In many ways these monarch’s were more similar to modern dictators than the regents that we know today. Murder was often a means to a political end, while crimes of passion would rarely be met with any immediate consequences.

Although the kings had ultimate power, it was a power they were forced to fight for — often using fear, war and murder, among other methods, to stay at the top. The

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Reconnaissance aircraft «Boeing» made its first flight

Boeing has completed the first flight of the modernized aircraft Beechcraft King Air 350ER in the intelligence embodiment EMARSS (enhanced medium altitude reconnaissance and surveillance system — extended medium-reconnaissance and surveillance system), reports June 4.   The flight lasted four hours has been audited by different systems without using a complicated set of sensors.   «Boeing» builds first four aircraft of this version, the total number created for the U.S. Army vehicles will reach 12 units.   King Air 350ER EMARSS were designed to change the 200 aircraft electronic reconnaissance RC-12, which are extensively used in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Nuclear waste is fed by the UK energy

Nuclear waste is fed by the UK energy Facts

David King predicts that the world's uranium reserves will dry up as early as 2023, if all designed nuclear power plants will be built around the world. Therefore, the UK will have to rely on local resources to provide the country with nuclear fuel. Reducing carbon emissions will not be possible if the country will use the stock of plutonium.

Chief scientist of the country reports that in conditions of increasing power consumption and the need for mid-century to reduce emissions by 80%, the only solution is seen in the use

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Their customs. Issue number 19. (16 — 23 June)

June 17. In Slovakia, the 51-year-old policeman shot a gun large gypsy family. Three were killed and two were wounded.

June 17. In New York, there was a demonstration, the participants of which were against the so-called policy "Stop and search" (Stop and frisk), which holds the city police. According to the organizers, the police stopped searching for too many members of racial and ethnic minorities, particularly black and Hispanic Americans. According to figures cited by The New York Times, these groups owned 87% of the nearly 700,000 people who stopped by city police in 2011.

June 18. In

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