Andrei Klimov sentence left without changes

Now the Minsk City Court spotted the appeal Klimov.Let me remind you, August 1, Central Tribunal Minsk found guilty the former deputy distributing via the web called against the government and sentenced to two years in a penal colony.For the first time to the opposition policy applied such punishment as imprisonment colony in serious mode — repeat offenders placed there.According to the Office of disk imaging Minsk city court sentenced Andrei Klimov left without changes.How was the examination of the application? In the office of the court shall be removed read about it. Lawyer Valentine Flyer, protects the interests of

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The Tribunal will make out a complaint Klimov October 2

Recall that the third sentence Andrei Klimov, who has already served 4 years in prison and 18 months on the "chemistry" for his political activities.Now a political prisoner Andrei Klimov day of birth, 17:09:07 A.Klimov first of prisoners sentenced to a severe regime, 10:09:07

Day of birth A.Klimau met in remand

In Minsk Detention Centre Klimov sent April 3. Or, as before it stays there?I called the duty of the detention facility on Volodarskogo street to find out where the politician. But on the phone refused to talk to me.Had come to an insulator and a passport to apply to the certificate. I called a relative of the prisoner. Female police confirmed: "Yes, Andrey Klimov still here."I recall more than a month back the Klimov was sentenced to two years in prison, but has not yet sent a colony.Which criteria contain a political prisoner? Duty on this question did not answer.About

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Now a political prisoner Andrei Klimov day of birth

August 1, Central District Tribunal Minsk sentenced the former deputy Andrei Klimov to two years prison on charges of inciting against the government. This is the first case in Belarus, where the political prisoner sentenced to a severe regime. Klimov previously spent behind bars for about 5 years. This is the third policy conclusion.From 1998 to 2002, Andrei Klimov spent behind bars for four years on charges of economic sins. From September 2005 to December 2006, he spent 15 months on the chemistry for the company in Minsk on March 25 street protests.In This year Andrei Klimov was arrested on

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Dmitry Dashkevich year is in custody

Dashkevich was arrested September 15 2006 on charges of acting on behalf of an unregistered organization (Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code Republic of Belarus). November 1 tribunal Kastrychnitski district of Minsk found him guilty and sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment.The trial was held behind closed doors. The human rights organization "Amnesty International" prisoner of conscience recognized Dashkevich. He is serving his sentence in Shklou regime penal colony number 17. July 20 he was 26 years old.The day after tomorrow, 17 September, another political prisoner, Andrei Klimov, already the fifth time experiences a own day of birth in the

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Andrei Klimov sentence: two years bullpen for the article on the Web

Referee Lena Ilina decided to punish policy two years prisoners recognized guilty for distributing calls to overthrow the government. Andrei Klimov interests represented at the trial lawyer Valentine Flyer and wife Tatiana Leonovich policy.In the Central district court of Minsk said that the verdict Klimov while not acquired power. This means, Klimov that appealed and likely as before is in Minsk remand. Grounds for initiating criminal case against Andrei Klimov became his publication on the Web. Andrei Klimov was arrested on April 3 and placed in remand. Earlier politician served over 4 years in prison on charges of economic sins,

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Dashkevich served half term

Favorite "Young Front" Dashkevich served half the term and, by law, was entitled to parole. I recall Dashkevich was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in an unregistered organization. Is there any chance that the activist would be released on early? This question I asked Paul Seviarynets that padtrymalivae correspondence with Dashkevich. Paul himself had just returned from a month as "chemistry"."There is a possibility. We are pinning their hopes on it. All the same, the question of preferences is very crucial for the regime and, for example, the release Dashkevycha would have been regarded as a

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Andrei Klimov was released from prison clinic

"Andrei Klimov feels better, "- said the doctor.Now welcome to the prison doctor headed mom A.Klimov Alla Petrovna and his wife Tatiana. • I.Shinkarik "Klimov about health will not exaggerate", 06.06.2007

I.Shinkarik: Klimov about health will not exaggerate

That health Andrei Klimov was no better after imprisonment in the prison clinic, it became clear from the last letter of his own policies friend and companion of the Joint civilian party Igor Shynkaryk.I asked for a quote Shynkaryk Igor Klimov letter:"I read word for word." Dear Igor, thanks for the kind words and support. For a week I have been suffering from heart pain clinic at Kalwaria. No progress. Health spoiled all. I suspect that heart attacks will not be completed. In addition, keep your nervous system manages with great difficulty, and it aggravates the condition. "Igor Shynkaryk one

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Andrei Klimov arrest term extended for another three months

The news on the extension of said "Freedom" spokeswoman Joint civilian party Natalia Valakida, which referred to a letter to the policy-minded:"He wrote in a letter that a further three months extended period. Wrote that for him it was a surprise. More health writes that worsened, May 21, survived a heart attack.Writes that in the clinic just resting because the camera on four beds were 6 people and everyone was smoking, not counting it. And the smoke is also very harmful to health. There he panted. And now writes that can sleep and take a walk in the courtyard, the

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