Knight festival in Lida

Only a single joust in Belarus occurs in the walls of a medieval castle — Lida. Knight festival in Leeds castle wallsThe festival was opened by the district head. Read about the cult of the male knight who Belarusians about knightly brotherhood of majestic Lithuanian princes of-mouth vertikalschikov it sounded not out of habit. Chairman of the Executive Committee read Andrew Khudyk and more conventional thesis:"In our country carried out the action" a strong, prosperous Blearus "Our festival is also held in the framework of this action."Reporter: "I wish to ask the spectators: How do you think — this is

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Knights fought for victory in a race at Leeds Castle

Reporter: "Knight graduated from the battle … Congratulations on your victory."Knight: "My name Groden, I’m out of the club" Knight genus snow leopard "and we provide soldiers majestically Duchy of Lithuania."Reporter: "This, in my opinion, is unique, they all — European knights, crusaders, knights and stateliness of the Principality of times in the minority …"Knight: "This happens because the flowering of chivalry was in XIII-XIV centuries, and all the beauty of this phenomenon could follow in European statesah, because it interests people. And we are patriots of their motherland because couples do reconstruction majestically Duchy of Lithuania. "Reporter: "How bout

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The president of the Golden Vityaz not find pocket money …

"Vitebsk proletarians"At 1938 prints by Stalin’s speech to the workers of the higher school at a reception in the Kremlin: "Who is not clear what Papanina Papanin and in his own work on the Arctic ice floe drifting in passing, without much difficulty, knocked The old idea of the Arctic, as ustarevshae and installed new, according to the requirements of the true Science! .. I read about science. But science is all. The science that I read is called an advanced science. ""Fatherland"On This week in 1958 he says: "Taking formally syanneshnyaya BSSR has no affiliation with the Russian Ukraine,

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In pictures. New Photos SAM Knight

New photos launcher promising anti-aircraft missile system of medium-range "Knight" for the first time demonstrated the general public on June 19 at the site of "GOZ Obukhov plant" (St. Petersburg, the company is a member of OJSC "Concern PVO" Almaz-Antey ").



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Lukashenko visits Vitebsk factory Knight

The delegation, headed by Alexander Lukashenko has to learn how to implement the government in Vitebsk tips developed Last year at a special meeting on the prospects of the industry television production.Not counting the 30 models of TVs, the company "Knight" make DVD-player, vacuum cleaner, medical equipment, fire equipment, furniture and building materials.Just creation of materials and will now demonstrate Lukashenko at the factory. Administration of the enterprise should also report on the implementation of energy-saving technologies.At the Vitebsk enterprise "Hero" has about 5 thousand people, but behold Alexander Lukashenko able only those who work in specially prepared for the

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Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» first showed SAM «Hero»

PETERSBURG, June 19 — RIA — Novosti. Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin Obukhov factory for the first time showed a promising set of defense «Hero», which aims to change the system in the military C-300. SAM is a new self-propelled launcher, working together with all-aspect radar scanning with electric seats and command Fri based on the chassis of a special vehicle bases. In ammunition complex includes medium-range missiles used in the S-400, and short-range missiles. Lock and launchers «Hero» deployed on the ground Obukhov factory, which extends into the Concern «Almaz-Antey». The Head

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Warsaw: Alexander Milinkevich became Knights of freedom

During a ceremony A.Milinkevich received a copy of the officer’s saber from the time of General Pulaski labeled "Knight of Liberty — Dr. Alexander Milinkevich."Milinkevich thanked fund named Pulaski Academy and for the honor and stressed that Poland, like no other Countries in the world, feeling historical ties with Belarus, helps at the moment Belarusians in the struggle for democracy.

Kazimierz Pulaski, coat of arms "Slepowron" (1746-1779) — an outstanding Polish commander, one of the favorites of the Confederation of Bar (for» unity of the nobility, church leaders and management Rzeczpospolita to fight against the effects of RF on the

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The play A Very Simple Story theater Believe won the main prize of the festival Golden Knight

Artistic director of the theater, "Believe!" Vladimir Petrenko said that Dnepropetrovsk Playhouse "Believe" for their production of "It's a simple story" was awarded the main prize at the theater forum "Golden Knight" in Moscow. He stated this at a press conference in agency "Bridge-Dnepr".

Sergei Balakhnin: We will try to please every game

This conversation with the head coach of the "Vityaz" Sergei Balakhnin held after the return of the team from the last foreign training camp. [Cut] [b] — Sergei, part of the "Knight" has already formed? [/ B] — Yes, 100 per cent. We have a lot of new players. And all newcomers invited to the team on the gain. To place on each game, we had two people. Competition in the first division with a difficult long paired matches. So aside from the main case none of the guys will not. Everyone will be enough time and space on the

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Flying at Kubinka Air Base, Russian Knights

On the runway of the Su-27 AGVP The Russian Knights


Takeoff MiG-29 AGVP Swifts. In the sky The Russian Knights

Four Knights.


Airmen MiG-29UB greet the audience.

Fast and Furious

Takeoff for the main display

The passage at low speed with landing gear

Counter pilotage


Shooting brake parachute.

AGVP — aerobatic teamRunway — a runway

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