The brides team visits some of the world’s most beautiful love nests, because who doesn’t love a treehouse?


Harads, Sweden

The best thing about travel? I can let you become a child again. That’s what happened as we arrived Harad’s The Treehotel by night, guided along an atmospherically lit, winding pathway, where the outlines of silver birch trees were just visible against a moonlit sky. The Treehotel, part-hotel, part-art-project, needs to be seen to be believed: it consists of five treehouses (The Gabin, Mirrorcube, Bird’s Nest, UFO and Blue Cone), which are private but close enough to let


Women and women

That’s originally a parent’s way of telling his or her daughter not to have sex until she’s a woman. Well, guess what? It didn’t work! I was a good girl through high school, but when I entered the college, I finally killed my conservative shell.

» and then began to strip in front of me.

Even though I was a modest girl and had never done that before, I got naked, too. And while I was certainly not ashamed of my body, I was a little uncomfortable being completely without clothes in front of other girls, especially when I didn’t

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Upside down, inside out.

AEROBATICS and upset training share many of the same skills, but they are different and have fundamentally different goals. If you’re actually rolled upside down by a Boeing 747 while on final, neither of these skills is likely to save you unless you’re flying something like an Extra—and really know how to fly it.

If several hours training in those skills is unlikely to allow you to recover from inadvertent inverted flight at 400 feet, what good is the training? The answer is that even with limited training in these areas, you’re unlikely to let that Boeing 747 roll you

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If the Beatles had a decent PA, would they have stopped touring? If Jimi had access to a modelling amp, would he have used it? Phil Harris takes a flyer and puts guitars in the hands of players who would have used them well.

All the thinking about the perfect marriage between person and guitar when putting together last month’s column on Peter Green and his legendary Gibson Les Paul Standard set my mind turning (no, it hasn’t come to a complete halt just yet, and for that I’m grateful). Now, both with my hire company and as a guitar


Let’s make the world better together


In June 2010, we have laid a heavy bronchitis with his young son to the hospital. The second chamber of our first box empty, and then brought to the baby, such as infants, like mine. Nurses are constantly running to me for the milk mixture, then for his diapers. «What about his mother?»

— I asked. «The child — a foundling,

— You answer me. — Found under the door the front desk … «I was shocked. It is one thing — when you hear such stories. It’s quite another

— when it happens in front of you …

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I truly sympathised with Derek Troutman in his letter last month, where he simply had to tell someone he had mastered the F chord. Having decided to take up slide guitar when my youngest left for university, my sausage fingers have struggled every part of the way as I’ve battled with the basics. One of the hardest things has been to keep going, not helped by the fact that I don’t know any other guitar players, and that my family aren’t really interested in anything to do with what they jokingly call ‘my mid-life crisis’. I know that being able

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He may look cuddly but we wouldn’t recommend giving CRAIG FLEMING a hug this month. Or ever…

And so the summer has arrived, and in the style of a true Brit I’ve celebrated this once-every-four-years event by getting sunburnt and catching flu, along with a chest and an ear infection. I spent three hours in A&E with a suspected perforated eardrum sitting alongside various ‘salt of the earth’ types. One of them was swigging on a can of Strongbow and shouting at his own shoe whilst another was trying to dance with the vending machine. To be honest I know

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Effortless portraits

Seasoned pro George Lange has photographed everything from the cast of Seinfeld to the births of his sons with a light-hearted touch that makes his thoughtful and emotional pictures appear completely spontaneous. We talked to him to find out how he does it and got his tips so you can try it yourself.

How did you get started shooting?

I was born in Pittsburgh in 1955. I started taking pictures from when I was about seven years old and I’ve taken pictures every day since. I went to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduated from there, moved to New

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Working with actress Annicka Dolonius was so easy that we couldn’t help but serve her whiskey on the rocks, pop open a couple of beer bottles, and spark some cigarettes in between to know more about the beauty behind indie flicks like Pisay and Ang Nawawala. It wasn’t difficult picking Annicka’s brain, her candidness and endearing eloquence allowed for a day of official business that felt more like a bunch of friends hanging out.

But stripped of tattoos, dark eye makeup, and heavy-metal jewelry, the talented ingenue is a sweetheart through and through. A sweetheart with a switchblade— because you

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Departments co


Trendy Tabletop

Meet us at the intersection of fashion and design. We explore trends like the revival of ever-lovely lace, which is turning up on both runways and tabletops.


62 Turning Tables

How very Interesting! We think you’ll enjoy the Interest-inspired telescope we created using pinboards that captured our imaginations.


Around Town: Savannah

From a fabrics parlor to a charming pub, Day of Savannah’s drool-worthy Back in the Day Bakery guides us on a memorable customized tour of her adopted city.

Classics Redefined

78 Tangled Up in Blue and White

The classic color scheme of blue and

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