Hurdles to Growth

Review process begins for Hong Kong Airport expansion

Before they move any earth, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) officials are going to have to move a mountain of paper. The airport has launched the multi-year regulatory approval process needed for a major expansion, one of the most important aviation infrastructure projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Built on a 1,250-hectare (4.8-sq.-mi.) man-made island, HKIA was considered an engineering marvel when it was completed in 1998. Now efforts are underway to add another 650 hectares to the north side of the island to accommodate a third parallel runway.

Operations at HKIA will

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How did Home-grown Foods begin?

We saw Hong Kong as a place with huge potential for reversing the current fast-food trend by advocating the benefits of eating local organic food. In early 2009, we initiated contact with local farms that shared our vision. The vegetables feature in recipes at Posto Pubblico, Cantopop, Linguini Fini and Pizzeria Pubblico.

What are the difficulties faced in farming in Hong Kong?

Farmers are facing high labour costs. They’re also facing high rents for farmlands, land reclamation for property development and weather fluctuations.

What are your tips for people to grow vegetables in a small space at home?

Get basic

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To shop till you drop

Asia on your doorstep

Luxury as standard

You’ll love…

The perfect balance of East-meets-West culture in both Hong Kong and neighbouring Macau. Hong Kong is a vibrant place famed for its modern architecture, with towering glass buildings covered in LED lights, but it also retains a lot of its original history and culture. What’s more, it makes the perfect base for travelling. Macau is just an hour’s Turbojet ferry ride away, and its mix of Portuguese and Macanese culture fused with the large settling of native Chinese means it has a unique

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Japan: 10,000 kreaklov live in internet cafes

Only in Tokyo, there are 10 million people living in cage homes the size of 1 on 2 meters in an internet cafe. There they spend the night, eat, watch movies and comic books sit on the internet. It is growing in Japan layer of "poor white collar" that do not have money to eat, even the room.

The stagnation of the Japanese economy and the high real estate prices expand the class of so-called "Working poor". The suburbs of large cities are full of older "blue-collar" yutyaschihsya there in huts and living daily wage work. For example, only

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Typhoon Usagi in China for 25 victims

September 23, 2013. In China, a growing number of victims Typhoon "Usagi", which hit the southern province of Guangdong, and continues to move across the country. According to Chinese media on Monday, the disaster claimed the lives of at least 25 people. Among the victims — drowned and dead on the ground, mostly — under collapsed buildings.

Typhoon blows cars off the roads, uproots trees and causing flooding. Collapsed over 7,000 houses. Hundreds of thousands were left without electricity.

As reported by authorities, about 226,000 people were forced to flee their homes. In general, the element has affected

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LADOMIR took part in one of the most prestigious international exhibitions


Russian producer of household appliances LADOMIR Company introduced its technology to leading international exhibition «Hong Kong ELECTRONICS», which took place from 13 to 16 October 2011 in Hong Kong.

The exhibition was attended by companies from the U.S., UK, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, India, Germany, Singapore and other countries. Visitors and participants «Hong Kong ELECTRONICS» More than 50 000 people.


Hong Kong ELECTRONICS — the most important exhibition for electronics and high technology in Asia and the second largest in the world. On «Hong Kong ELECTRONICS» exhibited innovations in electronics,

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In Hong Kong, pro-communist organization violates human rights.

Hong Kong is proud that respects human rights. However, in the last 8 months, rights of Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong regularly and openly violated, while the city police did not respond to it. Residents angry and dismayed as the human rights situation in the city, it seems, in his eyes changed for the worse.

Falun Gong, China, Hong Kong

Falun Gong practitioners meditate in the Star Ferry, Hong Kong, February 13, 2013. Hong Kong Association for the youth of its intention to close the banner. Photo: The Epoch Times  

The morning of June 10,

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Liquid crystal displays new generation born in Irkutsk

Scientists from the Research Irkutsk State Technical University (Irkutsk Technical University) in collaboration with colleagues from Hong Kong working on a project to produce a new generation of liquid crystal displays, which will form the basis of the technology Photoorientation.

Innovators received a grant from a foundation of Hong Kong, the money experts are going to organize the production of unique in Irkutsk on flexible substrates, which are a kind of electronic paper. As noted in the Irkutsk Technical University, the technology allows Photoorientation "completely avoid the drawbacks common method of mechanical rubbing orienting surface", increases

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Japan — the next target of tropical storm Kong Rey

August 30, 2013. Tropical storm "Kong Rey" is removed from Taiwan and, to all appearances, is aimed at Japan. Rainfall brought by the storm, may cause flooding.

In the coastal cities of Taiwan Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung flood waters rising to the second floor. In Tainan cancellation of several trains of nursing homes evacuated 29 people.

According to the forecasts of meteorologists on Saturday "Kong Rey" will come to the Japanese island of Kyushu, and then headed towards the island of Honshu. During the entire weekend there are expected rainfall, according to the portal

"Kong Rey" was

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Most "climate" skeptics live in the U.S. and Japan

Most "climate" skeptics live in the U.S. and Japan, it is interesting

Concerns about climate change is observed in many countries, especially in the tropics, shows poll in Britain, Japan and the United States, people have become more and more reason to doubt climate change.

The online survey polled 13,492 adults in 13 countries. As it turned out, 88% said that over the past 20 years, the climate has changed. In Mexico and the number of Hong Kong confirmed the presence of changes was 98%, Indonesia 97%. Belgians support the contention by 80%, while the U.S. only 72%.

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