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Mogilev officials urge donors to donate blood

Donors are going to urge officials to join the charity donation. Donors take this action with the next week.Chairman of the organizing committee of the charity fund donors "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko said "Freedom" that appeal to Mogilev officials fully determined.Law "On the donation of blood and blood components" oblige officials to promote the organization, development and promotion of donation.Igor Kovalenko said that the bureaucrats in their own numerous responses blame donors that they are due to strike to defend their interests and cynical forgets about the morality of charitable donation.So makarom, Donors are invited to share their own

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Mogilev: second day of the strike donors, first results

According to one of the initiators, Igor Kovalenko, Mogilev strike about 250 donors. Protest donor support from Minsk, Gomel and Brest. Only strike about eight donors."The first and second day of the strike showed that spent not very effective informing donors. Urban and municipal media disk imaging unwilling to make this prepyadstviya on public display. Error, omission certainly is. Preceding the strike will last in the form in which it exists. For the future, in July, we will make the Republican Coordinating Council — and more than serious. "Igor Kovalenko, combined with shortcomings in the preparation of the strike and

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I.Kovalenko: Let the government pays donors according to European standards

Znatkevich: "Explain what benefits currently have donors and what you lose on the brand new law, which not so long ago adopted the National Assembly?"Kovalenko: "At the present day, this law has not yet entered into force. Donors have until the benefits to free dentures except porcelain, precious metals and metalakeramiki. Also donors have the privilege to free health-resort treatment once a year and a 50 percent discount on medicines, 40 per cent contribution to the pension after retirement age. Also Mogilev donors still have one benefit — free travel on public transport, except taxis. This latter exemption was introduced

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Mogilev donors are preparing to strike

About that, what benefits deprived donors and what they want to achieve their own strike, "Freedom," said one of its initiators Igor Kovalenko.Kovalenko donating blood for 10 years:"Donor immediately revoke all privileges: spa healing, free dentures. Abolished donors 50 per cent discount on the purchase of pharmaceuticals, also canceled a 40 percent addition to the small pension.The purpose of our strike — the return of these benefits. And we wish to allocate an additional requirement — decent pay, no compensation, and decent pay for blood. "Mogilev donors think strike until demands are met. But if urgent help is useful, they

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Opposition are not allowed in dorms

Precedent happened a week back. After the scandal pickers signatures while still missed the hostel, but yesterday — no. These cases have become a cause for complaints to the prosecutor. Vahtorka that the team did not miss yesterday Kovalenko, explains its deeds experience last election campaign, when residents complained dorm Tipo: signature gatherers violate their peace. As for today’s election, then …:"I have not heard about any campaign. I had no instructions from above. We do not warned. Annotation I did not violate her. What the election this company? Why not spend campaigning for all candidates who are running, not

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Two hours — eighteen signatures

Two hours Mogilev correspondent of "Liberty" allowing the collection of signatures in support of the opposition challenger for deputatstvo in the House, the chairman of the non-governmental funder "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko. During this period, in support Kovalenko was signed by eighteen people. Igor Kovalenko running Mogilev-Lenin district.Igor Kovalenko activities of the group collects signatures a day or three. During this period, collected hundreds of signatures in his support. Oksana Samoilov began collecting signatures yesterday and managed to collect their 40."Hi, we are active members of the group to collect signatures for the applicant for a candidate Igor Nikolaevich

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Mogilev applicants for candidates received subpoenas

Activist of the Free Trade Union of Belarus Yuri Novikov and chairman of the donor NGO "Drop of Life" Igor Kovalenko tomorrow should go to committee investigations cash.Both activists — candidates for candidates Chamber of Deputies representatives.In acquired agendas now indicated that the activists called as witnesses to the inspector Sokolov. Yuri Novikov inspector in a telephone conversation said that he needed to come to fill the questionnaire, which was sent from Tipo Minsk. According to Igor Kovalenko, the inspector said to him that he expects the income statement.Both activists unemployed. Tags: elections, Mogilev, Novikov, Kovalenko

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The penalty for a white-red-white flag — 1,050,000 rubles

Member of the CCP BPF was convicted of that on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster released in the center of town with white-red-white flag. It almost immediately detained by police, and almost dvaoe guy had to spend days in the temporary detention.On April 28, over Sergei Kovalenko started tribunal, but the activist claimed the role of court interpreters, and this is his request was granted just now.Support Sergei Kovalenko in court came his family, friends and youth activists. The trial lasted less than 15 minutes, and eventually the referee Shikarovread prepared in advance ruling — oppositionist sentence a fine of

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Soon all will end fear

Comes with flags, the implementation of which is considered unauthorized picketing and punishable by arrest, Sergei Kovalenko considers himself more appropriate means of combating what he was unhappy in today’s Belarus.Kovalenko, "If forbid do something I like to do in spite of — against the oppression of our people against zabitastsi … I agree that there pripiranie, people hesitate to read in their native language. And I wish people were more open, more sincere and not afraid of anyone! "In Last year Sergei Kovalenko became a member of the Conservative Christian Party BPF. And in terms of Vitebsk opposition he

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Vitebsk: flag in honor of detainees a day Will

As said Khamaida from reliable sources it became clear that the flag is attached note further read: "In honor of Sergei Kovalenko, and John Ales Pozniak Tovpyga serving sentences for being raised white-red-white flags in Freedom day . "March 25 members Kanseryvatyvna Christian Party BPF Kovalenko Tovpyga and Pozniak took to the center of Vitebsk — on Freedom Square — with state flags. Within minutes they were detained by the police. The October district court referee awarded Ira Smolyakova Sergei Kovalenko 10 days, and Ian Tovpygu and Ales Paznyaku — 8 days of arrest. Tags: flag, Myron, detained Khamajda


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