Ethnic and cultural complex Ataman opened the festival season Rainbow Family of talents

Each month the winner for the visitors and residents of the Kuban on concert stages Atamaniv creative teams will be performing the Krasnodar region and other regions of Russia.

Only in festivals attended by about 50 bright original creative family dynasties. In addition to vocal performance, dance, instrumental numbers they show traditional folk rituals demonstrate their achievements in the arts and crafts, arts and crafts.

A fairground Atamaniv products Kuban farmers in high demand, rally sold out strawberries, early cherries, tomatoes, cucumbers and greens.

In Atamaniv work guides, master class conducted a shoemaker, weaver, blacksmith, potter. "Tea," tavern "Uspenochka", "Varenichnaya"

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FC Kuban reach the group stage of the Europa League

FC Kuban Dutch Feyenoord beat the score 2 — 1 (3 — 1 in the amount of 2 meetings), and for the first time in its history came in the group stage of the Europa League. Post added to the draw


 After a home win cash Dutch "Feyenoord" in the first match of the play-off round of Europa League with a 1-0 yellow-green waiting for the return leg in the attack. By and large, this match could be called the main stories in the club, because at stake stood out

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With growth ALL CLEAR. SECOND — Kuban?

Monday's match in Vladikavkaz "Alania" — "Ural", seems to have been one of the key, drawing a line under the race for the second start in the Premier League. Dadu goal scored by as much as 92 minutes into the game, made him "Alan" owner of three points and turned the hopes of "Ural" in the very theory that sometimes do not quite fit in with the practice. Team Alexander Pobegalova after extracted in Krasnodar managed to draw in September, losing twice in a row, having handed over the keys to the door competitor, where happiness lies tournament. Watch out

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RusHydro has equipped in the Stavropol region has 400 playgrounds

The discovery platform near 35 Lyceum Stavropol

As part of a charitable program of JSC "RusHydro", "Clean Energy — Children Stavropol" today opened another playground near the high school number 35 of the city of Stavropol.

At the opening of the site director of the Kuban HPP Cascade Victor Macheyev: on behalf of the company RusHydro congratulated all the guys from the edge of International Children's Day! "Up front, you have a vacation, a lot of free time that you need to spend a bright and fun. Therefore, we continue to open across the Stavropol new children's

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Kuban scan three newcomers

and browsing in Krasnodar "Kuban", which this year under new head coach Dan Petrescu will begin his season in the first division, three players came, said "Soviet Sport". Newcomers Club could be: defender Mikhail Rozhkov, who last season played for the "growth", as well as midfielders Maxim and Andrei Bochkov Burchenko that stood for Yaroslavl "Shinnik". All three of them will go to the first gathering of the team on Jan. 18 in Antalya.

Protasov may lead Rostov

Top scorer in the history of the Soviet championships can return to Russia as a coach, the correspondent "SE" Vyacheslav Korotkin. Oleg Protasov completed the 2007 season as head coach, "Kuban", but in December, the parties terminated the existing contract. As the cause of Ukrainian expert called the absence of the club — because of the economic crisis — possibilities for a team that is able to claim in the Russian league for something serious. In that year, "Kuban" leased a total of ten players, changed coaches, working with the team in a different status, and in November left the

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In the Krasnodar region opened a modern cattle complex in growing pigs

September 14. Ltd. "divisibility" opens in Art. Kalinin plant breeding and breeding pigs for breeding. The complex is designed for 3,200 sows with a single loading skotomest 40,000 and an annual production of 60,000 head. In the short time since the importation of livestock here already received nearly 40,000 pigs. With access to the full capacity of the average annual production of meat was five and a half tons.

Investments — 1.4 billion rubles., Of which 1.1 billion rubles. — Agricultural Bank loan. The current production capacity of the company — 80 000 pigs per year

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The results of the harvest — in 2011 in the Kuban!

Alexander Tkachev, the first results in the official twitter account governor of the Krasnodar Territory @ antkachev:

"Well, surely Kuban is on record of 12 million tons of grain! At the regional conference summed up the harvest-2011. The results encouraging. "

"We are expecting a record harvest and sugar beet — 8 million tons. Approaching and real-million tons of rice Kuban. In my opinion, not bad 😉 "

And it’s very cool!

Russia. Premier League. 6 round FC Kuban (Krasnodar) — FC Lokomotiv (Moscow)

[Cut] 90 +4 Bogdan KaryukinVratar "Kuban" punished. 90 +4 That’s all. Michael worked for you hoe. Good luck! 90 +4′ The final whistle! Exults, "Kuban", Rashid Rakhimov closer to retirement, and we saw an interesting match. 90 +3′ A scoring pass, by the way, gave Tlisov. This is how … 90 +2′ Drumalee HaminuZa celebration stormy. 90 +1′ stunning scored Drumalee Hamina. In another penalty took the ball on his chest and polunozhnitsami shot on goal. Advocates and rvtar could not stop him. 90 +1′ Drumalee HaminuSpravedlivost triumphed! In the sense that the Hamina was today just handsome! 90’Chetyre minutes

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Sleeping in the southern match

[Img =] Program of the 8th round match ended with the two southern teams, who in order to avoid the nagging and popular scientific explanation of the word "derby" is simply called the principal opposition. In the past year, "growth" and "Kuban" instead of choosing from the quagmire of the first division, this has had in the good surprise of the Premier League militancy and a pretty good team game. The victims were Rostovites CSKA and "Zenith", Krasnodar beat "Spartacus" and "Locomotive". It follows from this simple conclusion that if these teams are capable of in the case of

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