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In the three-legged calf born in Tyumen


In Nefteyugansk district poyaailsya to light three-legged lamb

22.02.12.Neobychny lamb was born in Nefteyugansk district.

Tripodal Kuzma was born in a farm village Singapay. It has two front and one rear leg. This does not prevent him to move as aggressively as other lambs.

The exact cause of the anomaly in the veterinary experts find it difficult to name. "You have to understand, of course, the reason. Possible, and some external factors of influence until the radiation exposure. Perhaps inbreeding, "- said Alexander Liberda local veterinarian.

Experts of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology district argue that the

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Brownie Kuzma Adventures domovenka

Brownie Kuzma: A Tale for Natasha


Cat found his mistress, going 250 miles

Oh you gulena! Again traveling going? — Tamara Ukrainka Beregeli takes out travel bag red cat Kuzyu. — See how quick! I just took things for the journey, and our Kuzma immediately jumped into the bag! Okay, you go with us, but by us — not a step! And then you'll have to walk back to stomp through half the country.

Red Cat Kuzma lived in an apartment over a year ago Tamara. During this time, several times saffron has managed to keep up with the hostess, who was taking him to the trip to Ukraine. But, lost, always found

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At Christmas in Prague will be praying for the people of Belarus

Society At Christmas, Prague Belarusians will gather for a Christmas service at the Church of Santi Cosma and Damian, which also will be held and a special prayer for the people of Belarus.

In an interview Radio Liberty pastoral director of Prague, Uniate priest Father Andrew Ablameyko reported that on Saturday, December 25, about 11 hours in Prague's Church of the Holy Kuzma and Demian solemn Christmas liturgy, and after it — with a church in the nearby theater hall of the monastery benedyktyntsav — will be a theatrical performance: the mystery of Christmas for children, St. Nicholas, distribution of

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