We loved food labels almost as long as I’ve loved food. As a child, I would scrutinize the packages of everything I ate, while I ate, to the dismay of every¬one else at the table. I would quiz my younger brother on the amounts and percentages of nutrients in the foods (“Chris! How many milligrams of sodium are in this table¬spoon of ketchup? CHRIS?!”) and make him guess till he got it right. I scoured break¬fast cereal boxes when shopping with my mom to find the healthiest option. I think, perhaps, I was a


L. Levin: Hatynnyu of Matches with the collection have not wish to

Hatyn long mourning became the emblem of the Belarusian people. The central figure of the memorial complex — "old Invictus" with little boy in her arms. Layout it became Khatyn blacksmith Joseph Kaminski, who was among the few villagers escaped from collective destruction. Not so long ago, "Invictus" appeared on pachachkah with matches with which punishers village and burned. And although "Pinskdrev" to Khatyn catastrophe has no work, the company seems to have themselves confused by the ambiguity that came out. In the public relations department explained that the goal pursued generous — remind Belarusians about the disaster, which since

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Labels — a reflection of the real culture

In Belarus, it is not yet common passion, but there are a few 10’s of collectors of beer caps, labels and other mind-blowing things. There are hundreds of unorganized collector, which is not enough who knows — so called underground. At the first international congress invited our neighbors — a collector of, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania.Breweriana — is all that is associated with beer: labels, bottles, jars, tubes, adkryvachki, stands for glasses, glasses themselves, trays, lighters, which marked logos breweries. Collector of such products appeared almost immediately with the invention of the amber beverage. In Belarus, the movement took shape

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RUSNANO project company RST-Invent started production of RFID-tags

March 30, 2012 RUSNANO project company "RST-Invent" launched production of RFID-tags (Radio Frequency Identification — RFID). At the first stage, the company has launched a family of marks, labels iNano, which includes BiblioTag, LogTag and DrugTag.

According to the forecasts of the company, the development and launch of production of the domestic chip will enable a new generation of "RST-Invent" in the next 3-5 years to take a significant share of the domestic market as RFID tags due to higher specifications own label, and because of their more low cost in the domestic market.

The total

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Black letters of parallel worlds

"Tomsk messenger", 25.01.2003, Tomsk, n14, p.13 By saying that the so-called "parallel world" still exists today no surprise. In a lot of press articles about UFOs, poltergeists and other mysterious phenomena that can not be explained by conventional science. Some believe in their existence, and some deep doubts. And with good reason. Speaking the language of investigators, there are problems with the evidence base. Namely, with the fixation of these phenomena on the "documents" — film or photographic film, magnetic tape, clear readings etc. Of course, the world has accumulated a lot of film and photographic materials about UFOs

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Without cheating. Artful packaging watch online

In the Russian Union of excellent package had only sweets and other foods wrapped in a shop in a nasty grayish paper or cellophane poor. Now on the creation of packaging and labels work thousands of designers and a few companies. But the laws that regulate this market, no. Because that, in what is wrapped product, often toxic and safe for health and labels cheeky lie.

Food and products

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