The negotiation process as a mechanism of social and labor relations in the modern information society

Problem formulation. The development of modern relationships is largely determined by the formation of a society based on knowledge. The main challenge of the time due to the fact that labor and capital as factors of development of innovative economy is gradually replaced by a distributed system of relations, remote forms of organization of work. This opens a new dimension of research capacity and human resources. Information technology plays an active role in social communication, social construction of reality. Data considered in the context influence the allocation of resources, innovative business activity, the use of remote forms of organization

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Tasks of Soviet linguistics works in the light of Stalin and the magazine «Questions of Linguistics»


Soviet linguistics, hardly revived Stalin’s «Marxism on the subject of linguistics» to the ebullient and active life directed the genius of the great scientist on a new path, it is currently experiencing a time of its renewal, of its major restructuring in all its parts and links. Slender and clear the Marxist theory of the science of language, combining and deepen all the statements of Marx, Engels and Lenin on the language, so concise and yet so comprehensive, with such broad generalizations set out by Stalin, demanded a radical revision of linguistic concepts. For Soviet linguists work Stalin’s

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This provision is implemented in our society, it is not valid when estimating LABOUR inventor.

If two turner vytochili same identical parts of the same quality, they receive the same basic salary regardless of cSt at which company they work. But if the same two turner made the same suggestions for improvements that reduce the consumption of scarce material in the manufacture of similar parts, the following.

One turner, working at an engineering plant, proposed in the gears of the middle part of the stainless steel in cast iron, the second turner, worked in a factory abrasives are also


ABOVE the level of productivity in the apiary

The Communist Party and the Soviet Government attach great importance to increase productivity and reduce production costs in agriculture. These are the main ways to increase the total volume of gross crop and livestock production and to achieve an abundance of high quality food for the population and raw materials for industry. Faced agriculture challenge in equal measure to the beekeeping industry that by updating the material and technical base, development and introduction of new production technology, the use of more efficient forms of compensation and benefits you can provide a significant increase in productivity and achieve a sharp

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Harassment in the profession, mobing

Tightly teach phenomenon mobingu scientists began in the 1970s. Although history has shown that the mass persecution of 1 person — usually not similar to others — has always been. In Belarus in the near future will first take mobing politicized.As it may look, Natalia knows Bordak. Now — Nesvizha resident, a correspondent for the newspaper "Nesvizhski time." Previously, she worked at the House of Culture Svetlahorsk artist. "You yelled the loudest" "It started with canceling Humanities Lyceum, where she studied my daughter. We almost week picketed City Council about the structure. There there were manynumerical journalists who covered the

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In Switzerland, discussed the position-independent trade unions in Belarus

Now begins Switzerland International Labour Conference, during which will discuss the situation beyond the control of trade unions in Belarus. For the role of the conference in Geneva went Belarusian governmental delegation headed by Vice Premier Andrei Kobyakov. At the end of the week wants to join the discussion "Belarusian issue" and the head of the Belarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk. Recall that on June 21 shall enter into force on the EU Commission’s decision deprive Belarus of trade preferences in relation to infringement workers and trade unions.Probable cancellation of own solutions EU structures associated with the

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Cancel preferences for Belarus: Pros and Cons

If experts of the European Commission called the decision "an ordinary technical procedure in response to the systematic violation of workers’ rights by the Belarusian authorities," a number of German and European political observers believe that "economic sanctions, first, harm the Belarusian workers."After the EU accession of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, Belarus’ exports to the countries of the united Europe increased fourfold and is about half of the Belarusian exports outside the CIS. So, last year preferences (down 10% duty) of the Belarusian exports to the EU amounted to 390 million euros. The main economic partner of Belarus in the

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House of Representatives passed a law abolishing the privileges

According to the law, will be canceled many of the benefits now available. For example, discount travel rates on public transport for students, veterans of labor, people in carrying out their obligations. Canceled or limited benefits for former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps. Will be cut categories of persons having benefits for housing and communal services and honey.As explained by our correspondent, Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Vladimir Patupchyk, this law will be held everyday function. It must approve the Council of the Republic, and later it will be signed head of state. Only about 6 months the

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Do I need the Belarusian society subbotniki?

Listen: Forthan in Belarus subbotniki held?Valery Karbalevich: "Belarus — the only post-Soviet country where so alternately saved and honored Russian tradition. One of these traditions — Saturday. In those days they were called Russian communist.Currently in Belarus every year, the authorities carried out Saturday. True, they are no longer referred to as communist, but the mechanism of their implementation remains the same. But at the moment not even disguised, that clean-power wires, usually takes a special decision of the Government. Initiative working as in Russian times, is hardly mentioned. How do you think the meaning of this event. Subbotniki make

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Victor Dubitskiy

In Mostovskoy district he taught in several schools, but most of all in Luni, where he lived with his family. Colleagues remember him intrigued by the unusual foliage. Says his friend, the last teacher Vladimir Britko: "As a teacher, had as its subject perfectly, kids knew botany, were attracted to him. He knew how to intrigue.’s Hard now to think about it. Raschudesny He raised garden, gave people a lot of seedlings. Promised me a beautiful vase, flowers such nobody else not grow, only him. reads to me — come, take and grow. But somehow I was not at this

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