Laboratory beauty.

Every day we use perfume and cosmetics, and the appearance on the shelves of new shampoos, masks and paint business as usual for us. Often, casting a skeptical eye product, we decide — it’s the same product, only in new package! But a tour of the center of the L’Oreal Global Hair Research allowed to look at the kitchen, where they create these products and make a lot of work is put into the development process.

To put on the market cosmetics brand new product, you need an average of seven years to check and test it! L’Oreal, each

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Will open in Homel laboratory Bandazheuski?

Vice-president of the French charitable organization "Kryrad" Roman Shazel candidate and honey Sciences Galina Bandazhevskaya, wife of Dr. Bandazheuski visited Buda Koshelevskii area where figured out the possibility of organizing care for people who live in contaminated areas.As saidand Galina Bandazhevskaya open independent scientific and environmental laboratory is not yet possible. The Ministry of Justice refused to register it, referring to the fact that these laboratories can not be made public. According Bandazhevskaya, her husband, Dr. Bandazheuski, is currently in France. The authorities of the town of Clermont-Ferrand recognized his noble citizen. He allocated housing and intended doctoral scholarship. Doctor

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Analysis at home

Times Dr. Dr. Dolittle long gone and no one of us now do not satisfy diagnosis made with a stethoscope and thermometer. Diagnostic accuracy sovremennoogo provide laboratory research, and often analyzes allow to decide whether to go to the doctor at all.

Knowing this, many save their time and strength, coming to a doctor appointment, having already prepared the necessary analyzes the results.

It is clear that to be tested in the district hospital is unthinkable. Items same sampling analyzes network of commercial labs, often super-expensive or questionable owned structures. In addition, going to a commercial

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Vardamatski Lena: I’m horrified

Lena Vardamatski: "There was a small voice can be even man was and drunk. He said: "In the morning you will be destroyed." I’m horrified. And again he repeated the same phrases and hung up. " Lena Vardamatski 80, she disabled the second group. Yesterday, after telephone threats she was bad. Her husband Peter Ye immediately called the police and told of the dangers. With him skantaktavavsya district. Peter Vardamatski: "That was morning, and the world so far nothing has happened."Ancestors manager sociological laboratory "Novak" do not know why these might seem dangerous, but do not rule out that they

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Parents sociologist Vardomatsky threatened repossession

According to Andrew Vardomatsky mom, "weird voice" said that "tomorrow morning you will be destroyed." Through some time Up repeated. These calls were reported local policeman and neighbors.In an interview with BelaPAN Andrei Vardamatski expressed the hope that question still about psychological pressure, and not real physical execution. Report submitted manage laboratory "Novak" says lab in Brussels, was devoted to the nuances of different things inhabitants of Belarus to the European Union. Namely, there is provided the results of a sociological survey whereby 19.3% of Belarusians are aware of the latest strategies in the European Union against Belarus.

CPL Armalit-1 has received new equipment

During 2012, OJSC "Armalit-1" is working on upgrading and replacement of equipment in a central laboratory. Today CFL factory is a modern analytical center accredited by the Federal Agency for testing and certification.


In order to improve the efficiency of the laboratories were equipped with modern facilities:

launched a new line of oxygen supply to the analyzer for carbon, conduction meter installed (check the quality of distilled water), electrochemical analyzer, meteomer, pile driver (the study of impact strength).

In addition, members of the laboratory have been developed and implemented methodology for

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In the height of summer began to fight with the traders Kondyukov

To continue to trade this technique in standardization bodies need until June 12 to provide the documents. Traders they say that the new requirements is practically impossible. On the days of household air-conditioner dealers received a letter from the Belarusian Municipal Institute of Standardization and Certification in which they are warned: from July 1, 2008, according to the state energy conservation program there, the products must be labeled with stickers energy efficiency. Package of documents in the department waiting until June 12. Firms which do not fulfill the requirements, will be required to temporarily stop their activities. Merchants Kondyukov outraged

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Joint Laboratory of Physics of Moscow State University have developed LPI-compact X-ray source of a new type

Parameters of the world's foremost facilities allow you to create a laboratory analogue of relativistic astrophysical plasmas. Levels arising from electromagnetic fields that can not be achieved even in supernova explosions in the universe. Research carried out by the Joint Laboratory Relativistic Laser Plasma (LPI-MSU), are carried out at the junction of laser physics, plasma physics, high energy physics, astrophysics, nuclear physics and radiation medicine. The results of the joint project of the Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow State University can be used not only in solving the fundamental problems, but also in a number of problems of an applied nature,

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UTSKP Modern nanotechnology: Photos

Ural Center for collective use "Modern Nanotechnologies" (UTSKP CH) — One of the leading Russian research centers. Operates in Yekaterinburg on the basis of the Ural Federal University. BN Yeltsin.

History of the center began in 2002 with the establishment of the laboratory "Scanning probe microscopy." In 2007, the national project "Education" she received a grant of 350 million rubles for the purchase of equipment. Since the laboratory was transformed into a center that not only conducts research, but he himself produces nanomaterials.

My beautiful "nano"

On equipment UTSKP not

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Tomsk university opened the first laboratory of laser technology

Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) opened on Monday first laboratory of laser technology and technology (LLTT) worth 20 million rubles.

"The first stage can be called the core laboratory. It will be another two parts: the first relates to the effect of the laser on the physico-chemical properties of substances, and the second, which is now almost ready, associated with laser scanning. First of all lab costs 20 million, laser equipment for laboratories scan (second place) — 6000000 … I think that 50 million (all three phases), we should totally meet " — said the rector of the university

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