Elektrotaksi started working in Kislovodsk

AvtoVAZ delivered the first five electric EL LADA in Kislovodsk — the capital of the resort area of the Caucasian Mineral Waters (CMW). The new holiday season for the first time in Russia will begin large-scale use of electric brand LADA.

The solemn ceremony of transfer of vehicles took place with the participation of the vice-governor of the Stavropol Territory Yuri Tyrtyshova, members of the government of the region, representatives of AvtoVAZ and GC "Rostekhnadzor." Director of engineering vehicle of "AvtoVAZ" Sergei Kurdyuk and vice-governor and the head of the enterprise "Motorcade 1721"

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The evolution of quality

Consumers say that the daily comprehensive work on the quality of LADA gained momentum — today's "Priory" or "Kalina" is much better quality analog previous model years. The belief that our cars are bought solely because it was cheaper to have lost relevance.

"Luxury" equipment of the same Priory at a cost of close to foreign cars, but if you look at the sales statistics for the first 9 months of this year, it is clear that this car is picked nearly 90,000 people. Is a foreign brand can boast of such a market share of a

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In pictures: our technique in Laos

1. Vientiane. A place where they sell our Gaza

2.Ventyan. Some local Department of Geology Is that the right of the entrance are three GAZ, it is necessary there was still time to walk and walk near sfotkat.

  3. Vientiane. Just two GAZ-3308

4.Ventyan. GAZ-3308

5.Ventyan. GAZ-3308

6.Attapy. GAZ-3308

7. Maz. New. Also our equipment, motor and metal Russia.

8. Tha Khaek. KAMAZ from Vietnam.

9. Attapeu. GAZ-66

10.Pakse. UAZ.

11. Tha Khaek. UAZ.

12. Pakse.

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Photos from Lada Largus Taxi

We present our Lada taxi Largus in factory-tuning.

Lada Largus Taxi

In fact, this is the standard, most packed, seven-passenger van Largus. From a good family car made a very convenient taxi. And right at the factory.

Lada taxi Largus

Of improvements here — not only have cheap roof, but also a lot of dopopolnitelnogo equipment which is normally, straight from the factory.

To the usual "Largus" was the taxi, he tightened the radio, the taximeter (beats checks in accordance with the distance covered), a luminous inscription «TAXI» in the upper right corner of GLONASS navigation, dual DVR (writes

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Interior photo of the new concept car Lada XRay

Imagine photos interior of the new concept of the vase with the latest Auto Motor Show in Togliatti.

See other photos Interior Lada XRay

Universal Lada Kalina: production started

AvtoVAZ began assembling a new Lada Kalina in a body "versatile". At the initial stage of daily production rate of about 100 cars. Until the end of September will be made about 1,000 of these machines. This isreportsnewspaper "Volga carmakers."

Universal Lada Kalina: production began — Photo 1

Currently Lada Kalina in a body "wagon" is available in two versions: "Standard" and "Deluxe". In October and will join the line versions of the easy modification of the "standard". Advance release is designed for station wagons 6000 Lada Kalina. 


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In LADA Granta -» Grand Prix» magazine» Driving»

LADA Granta won the annual prize of the magazine "the wheel". Within four months of the readers voted for the best Autonovelties 2012 in 13 classes. This year's turnout of 40,000 people.

Anton Chuikin, chief editor of "Driving", "Grand Prix — not just a competition. This is a global benchmark in which our readers are the experts, detailed publications sophisticated automotive publications" the wheel. "It is no coincidence results Grand Prix" at the wheel "so eagerly waiting car manufacturers, importers and dealers."

Igor Komarov, president of AvtoVAZ, "Pegasus, which gave us today," driving ", confirms the philosophy of

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Taxi Lada Largus

"AvtoVAZ" prepared for the Moscow Motor Show several premieres, including global and conceptual. But on the stand of the domestic auto giant had other interesting news. Among them — a special grade wagon Lada Largus, designed to work in a taxi.

This car was designed by a partner of "AvtoVAZ" by "Super Auto Holding" and is based on the seven-seat passenger wagon Lada Largus. Special "Largus" is equipped with a radio, navigation, video recorder, a taximeter, a device for reading credit cards and, of course, identifying marks. In general, all devices

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Steve Mattin on the future of the new concept and AvtoVAZ Lada XRay

"AvtoVAZ" promises its customers a big change. The plant stopped releasing the classic model of "Lada" and introduced a new concept car "Lada XRay», developed by a team of British designer Steve Mattin, who used to work for the leading automakers — Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.

Bi-bi-si able to talk to the chief designer of car "Lada" Steve Mattin on the new concept car, and about what to expect from the Russian consumer "AvtoVAZ".

— Did you have a nice job in Sweden. What Russia has proved so attractive that you agreed to move here and become the

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Started production of Lada Granta Sport

February 27, 2013, as previously reported, AvtoVAZ in Togliatti with LADA Motor Sport Technologies began production of LADA Granta Sport. Given the complete set and properties, the price of a new Russian sports car LADA unique — 443,000 rubles (recommended retail price).

Home sales LADA Granta Sport — the second quarter of 2013.

Test Drive LADA Granta Sport dealers LADA will be available in April 2013

The volume of production in 2013 — 1000 cars, in the future, and AvtoVAZ LADA Motor Sport Technologies will focus on the interest of consumers.

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