You Want Us to Watch What?

I was 13 years old when I first found my old man’s stash. I was digging through the drawers of his bedside table — furiously — trying to find the family photos for a school project, when I laid my eyes on it.

My dad was a traveller: he had the most exotic international porn. I could have charged top dollar on the all-boys-school black market for that. To put it into perspective for the ladies: booty bounty of this nature is akin to a shirtless Bradley Cooper in real life.

For most guys growing up, porn is a fantastical

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Hope eliminated female role

Announcing the decision, the referee Igor Mil’to listed violations of the law on the part of women’s party: namely, "Hope" has no legal address, far not all communities and branches registered in mandatory regional structures, the party engaged in activities outside of the area of Belarus. Specifically trip to Chernihiv, where last year in December passed a constituent assembly "Union of the Left parties" with the role of representatives of the "Hope" by Lena Eskova views, and was the main prerequisite for the closing party:"Referee Supreme Court Sovereign Bobkov stopped thing about the complaint founders of the "Union of the

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The fate of women’s party dares Hope 17.00

At this meeting, the referee Igor Mil’to asked whether the parties wish to use the right cues.Representative of the Ministry of Justice refused.Head of the Party "Nadezhda" Lena Eskova hoped that Supreme Tribunal not use the stiffest punishment.Belarusian legislation provides for three options for punishment political partiesWarning, suspension for up to 6 months and liquidation.Ministry of Justice insists on eliminating female Tipo party because of numerous violations of the law.Leaders "Hope" in trying to justify Supreme Court, that these accusations are groundless. • Now continue Tribunal over Party "Nadezhda", 11.10.2007 • The court "Hope" claimed municipal guarantees, 09.10.2007

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How insecure ladies alcoholism?

If the number of male alcoholics increases by an average of 5 to 6% per year, the ladies — 11%. Exclusively in the capital registered is about 5 thousand ladies, the vast majority — up to 30 years. We give faster is the destruction of personality According to the views of Dr. Brain Minsk City Drug Dependency Clinic Sergei Milk, the ladies frisky personality is destroyed: "Female body adapted to the least impact due to the specific hormonal levels, due to the fact that women’s structure is rather fragile in comparison with men. And because such a devastating impact. Treated

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The Ministry of Justice wants to deal with the female party Hope

The Ministry of Justice shall be removed from the usual comments. But women’s favorite party Lena Eskova, that has text of the statement of Justice states: blame game "in the periodic breaking the law and ignoring the requirements of the registering authority." Party Chairman Len Eskova — Prof. lawyer. Here is her comment: "The Ministry of Justice asks some documents to submit, within a day or 1st. And if you do not have time, then immediately write that this violation of the law. ‘Cause I’m in preparation for the trial turned to the arbitrator with a petition to the Ministry

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Retchitsa: Dozhinki prevented historic building

Initially, the wall was built as a general store. Early twentieth century it was converted into a women’s gymnasium, where she studied about 200 women. After the girls’ school was located here surveying college, later — a music school, house pioneers executive committee.Demolition of historic buildings pioneer became Rechitsky executive committee. Local authorities With years, that he was excluded from the municipal list of historical and cultural values Republic of Belarus.The building is closed part of the central area where you plan to open in September Republican "Dozhinki" role Alexander Lukashenko.

Authorities in Rechitza wish to demolish the building of the former girls’ school

The building, over which hangs the threat of defeat, is in the center of town — on the street, 47. According to the activist Leonid Nevara entrepreneurial movement, who lives close, it was built in the XIX century:"Initially, it was built as a general store. Later first of the twentieth century it was converted into a women’s gymnasium. Here studied 200 women. After girls’ school here was surveying college. Later there was a music school and house pioneers — I walked there. Later — City Council Rechitsy" .Currently this building is part of the executive committee Rechitskoye. Namely, the Department

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International day of solidarity ladies returned to Lithuania

After the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, when the majority of the parliament had the Conservative Party, International Ladies’ day was canceled as Russian akupantski relic. First first years of the 1990s March 8 ladies in Lithuania congratulated, in offices and institutions did not mention about it.From the middle of the second half of the 1990s, "female prazdnichek" beginning vorachivatsya informally — ladies greeted relatives and friends. Ladies with flowers in these days are on the streets could behold a little, but I remember those who went to today with flowers, looked peaceful with grins. In 2000, when most of the

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Poles celebrate female prazdnichek

The song "Be a lady" in the implementation of Alicja March 8 Majewski always sounds in the air Polish radio — so it was in communist times, so there are at the moment, although the ideology of this prazdnichkom almost nothing left. From Warsaw: "ideology can come up with for anything. But this is not important. Important thing is that the ladies have been and will be beautiful stvarenyanyami and specifically about this need to keep in mind now."In Warsaw about stalls with flowers — queue.Merchant: "Earlier, there were reddish pinks, and now mostly sell flowers — flowers of spring.

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Smorgon: We have always had female unemployment

Smorgon — the largest of the 3 regional centers of Grodno region that is threatened by rising unemployment. In the town of 31 inhabitants tyscha. In recent years Smorgon often obliged to find work abroad, often in Russia. What plan local authorities for the creation of new jobs? I contacted Home Special Executive Committee Victor Zayanchkovskaya, which has excellent question.

I work in the executive committee 28 years, we have always had female unemployment

Zayanchkovsky: "I work in the executive committee 28 years, we have has always beenof female unemployment. Why? Since we aggregate plant, lime and concrete, optical

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