ELECTRONIC telegraph PTA-80

B. Borisov, head of department of the Central Communication Station MPS

Currently, the telegraph network of rail transport introduced electronic telegraphs PTA-80 and F1100 (first — domestic production, the second — the German Democratic Republic). They are a significant part of the functions carried out electronic circuits and components.

Electronic telegraph devices have a number of features and advantages over electromechanical devices STA-M67 and T63, higher reliability due to the absence of mechanical units, the best indicators of the correcting ability of the receiver and the amount of distortion of the transmitter, a fast transition from one speed wiring to

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Economy Council

Economy Menu

Typically, when the salary is up 3 days, the money we almost does not remain. But do not go hungry also! I have been invented for the family economy — menu. For a long time, of course, it will not last, but a couple of days to withstand quite possible.

So, for breakfast (adult): oatmeal, cheese, slice of bread or toast, tea.

Lunch: soup or soup, baked fish, bread, fruit compote.

Dinner: baked potato, salad (eg, cabbage, cucumber, green onions, parsley,), and tea.

For a child at breakfast: oatmeal with raisins and milk tea.

Lunch: any fruit.


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Finding the Height

After this warning the pilot would have to fly on his altimeter. Therein lay a new problem. The standard aneroid (pressure operated) altimeter was not sensitive enough to provide the degree of accuracy required at low level. In any case, ambient barometric pressure over the target would be impossible to predict.

The dropping trials of Upkeep, taking place in daylight, used a radio altimeter.

A pulse from the aircraft, bounced off the water below, was timed and translated into height. Ideal over open water for heights up to 150 feet, it was less reliable over the enclosed waters of a

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Photo: Plant LED lighting Ledel in Kazan

Reporting by Alexei Nadezhina (LJ ammo1).

When I was invited to a press tour of the factory of LED lighting, I expect to see the production, gathering of pre-engineered products ordered in China, or even a company that sells Chinese oem-products under its own brand.

What I saw in Kazan, I was surprised and delighted.

Here, develop and manufacture products "from scratch", paying attention to such trifles, which other manufacturers do not even think about. In this case, working directly with giants such as Texas Instruments and Osram. A full-cycle production produces not

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Tomsk Polytechnic University developed a new generation of street light

Employees of the Department of laser and light equipment IFVT TPU developed a modular LED light for a new generation of street lights, featuring high luminous efficiency.

"Technical parameters of our development is higher than that of lighting devices on the market today. In light device uses advanced optical materials having high reflection and transmission coefficients, in addition calculated and designed a form of protective glass, which minimizes the loss of light output, "- said the head of the project, Professor TPU Boris Gritsenko.

The proposed variant of the lamp is original and has no direct

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Test of Russian LED bulbs SvetaLED

Recently, in my hands, quite by chance, got light SvataLED, the company "Svetlana-Optoelectronics"Which should be on the market in the early fall. This is analogous to incandescent power of 40 watts. Characteristics bulbs are impressive — 10 years warranty, 100,000 hours of work, only 6 watts of power consumption. Digging also will release a 60-watt equivalent and paws, but this so far failed to produce, however, some conclusions can be drawn on this lamp.

As a sample for comparison, I have gained market Savelovsky its Chinese competitor — a light bulb Ecola — 4.2W (35W equivalent incandescent bulbs, no more).

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We compare prices

I its test addressed the issue of the price of light bulbs Russian and Chinese production. But not everyone was clear conclusion. I will say this again separately.

So light "Optolyuks-E27" 11W, luminosity of 720 lm costs 995r. Light SvetaLED 8W, luminosity of 600lm they say it will cost 450r. Light SvetaLED 6W, luminosity of 450lm, that is, the one that was in my review, unknown how much will it cost, but clearly less than the more powerful model, it is possible to assume the price in 350-400r.

Now the Chinese.

Light Ecola, that is something of poor quality product

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Flat fluorescent lamp from Finn Magee

Flat fluorescent lamp from Finn Magee Guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 2 '  

LEDs are mounted in every poster, light bulb image on it so that the flat pattern into a volumetric three-dimensional analogue standard lamp. This object is especially useful in rooms with space is limited and the camp a great gift that combines the functionality and mystique. Material: PVC Dimensions: 59,7 X41, 9h0, 6 cm Can be purchased at a price: $ 150

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LED light in the end of Best Products of Russia

LED street lamp «ENERCOM NR-SLW-90" reached the final of the All-Russian contest "100 best goods of Russia".

Company ENERCOM was successfully launched in the annual competition "100 best goods of Russia", established in 1998 by experts of the Academy and Russian State Standard of quality problems.

LED street lamp NR-SLW 90, stated in the nomination "Products for industrial use", meets the high quality requirements of competitive products.

Fixtures NR-SLW 90 features an original design and a large opening angle that provides the most favorable degree of illumination of roads. The candlestick minimizes glare, which is important for

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LED lamp Optolyuks E-27 in the network Eldorado

 Photo source:rusnanonet.ru

The first domestic LED lamp "Optolyuks E-27" of "OptoGaN" went on sale in the shops of home appliances "Eldorado" in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Now visitors of the largest retail network in Europe can, in practice, to evaluate energy-efficient LED lights to replace the obsolete incandescent lamp. Price lamp — 999 p.

Lamp "Optolyuks E-27" consumes 80% less energy than older light sources: the power consumption at 11 watts, it is meant to replace the incandescent lamp 60W. The service life of the LED lamp "OptoGaN" is 50,000 hours, which corresponds to 6 years of continuous

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