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Intergrain Timber Finishes featured on Best in Show and gold medal-winning Fleming’s Trailfinders Australian Garden at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s world-famous Chelsea Flower Show in London is the Olympics of the horticultural world. The event showcases the best of Australian horticultural design and construction, and inspires others to think about best practices within the landscape contractor industry. Intergrain has featured on the Trailfinders Australian Garden, presented by Fleming’s Nurseries, since 2008.

In 2013, the ninth and final Australian Garden to ever be presented by Fleming’s made history around the world. The Australian Garden was awarded

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Shoot movement in the landscape

Don’t let a blustery day put you off from heading into the great outdoors with your DSLR. Grab your tripod and master capturing movement in your landscape shots

Ross Hoddinott

When photographing landscapes, motion can prove a powerful aesthetic tool -giving your shots added interest, life and depth. By intentionally blurring subject motion, your images will appear less static and more atmospheric. Naturally, to work the technique relies on there being some degree of movement within your scene — for example, running water. By employing a relatively long exposure, any subject motion within the time the shutter is open will

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Shoot and edit vivid landscape photos

Use this handy guide to help you capture bright and colourful vistas to be proud of

With landscape photography, it’s possible to convey a whole range of styles and emotions, all with just a few in-camera and editing considerations. Perhaps you want a retro feel with fading colours and soft focus, or a dramatic and moody look with dark, cloudy skies and bare trees. Alternatively, a really eye-catching option is to shoot a vivid landscape with bright and bold colours. Spring and summer are the perfect time to capture this style of landscape, with foliage at its most vibrant and

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In conversation with Mohsen Mostafavi.

Prashanta Bhat speaks to architect and educator Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design. Mostafavi also chairs the North American jury of the Holcim Foundation Awards for Sustainable Construction and is a consultant on a number of international architectural and urban projects.

How would you comment on the present development scenario of India? How similar and how different it is from the other world cities in context of the idea of urbanism?

In many ways, the nature of the Indian cities is radically different from many other cities

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Creative Landscape Photography

HDR photography

HDR photography is probably one of the most valuable tools landscape photographers has in this wonderful digital age. However, it may also be one on the most «abused» tools. This image of Slangkop Lighthouse Western Cape was taken at sunset. With careful post processing, I obtained a dreamlike look without taking it too far. Settings: ISO-100, F/22, Aperture Priority 3 Exposures at -2,0, +2 EV. Post Processing: Combined the bracketed images in Photomatix, using Tone Map Details Enhancer with a little tweaking in Photoshop and Lightroom.

What is HDR

A major drawback in photography is the camera’s

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My Belarus: Light Fatherland Liberation Crosses azarae way into our independence

ATTENDANCE:Dmitry Zenkovich Valeria Koustova (Photo Essay) Polina Grynchanka Ales Sidlyarevich Valery Kazyuminski Tatiana Myronovych Eve Gilevich Tonya Vezhnovets Sergei Yarosh Mikhal’chuk Kasia Shumskaya Yuri Kolbasich (Mini-essay) Thank you all! (See also: correspondence) Current section:REVIEW FOTASKRYNI Photos (42) Picture WEEK correspondence MINI essay Favourites REVIEW FOTASKRYNI Light liberation Crosses (C) Dmitry Zenkovich. Light Liberation Cross Village Grozov (storm) Kopyl district, Minsk region."Cross set in the 1990s in honor of the 2nd Regiment Grozovsky defenders BNR (created in November 1920)" — quoted by the creator.Theme of memory and suffering on the Belarusian land was continued for another two subjects Dmitry Zenkovich. (C)

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Grodno Lenin is not like the other

As you know, deer St. Guberta on the shield is the emblem of Grodno. Plein air time was held in the town center — in a historical building. Participated in it by three painters from Grodno, Minsk and from Poland, two — of Druskininkai and Lviv, also a painter from Russia. At the opening made by Polish diplomats — Consul General of Poland in Grodno Adam Bernatowicz and his deputy for culture. Marek MalyuhnikThe Consulate General is one of the organizers of the plein air.Correspondent "The exhibition was opened Ira Silvanovich— Director city exhibition hall. "Silvanovich"Grodno — the intersection

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New radar systems show how the earthquake changed the landscape

Group of geologists from the U.S., Mexico and China use laser technology to study how the earthquake could change the landscape. In particular, geologists want to know more about the extent of the earthquake magnitude 7.2, which occurred April 4, 2010, near Mexicali, in northern Mexico. Equipment that sends and receives the stream of laser pulses from the earth surface features can be measured with an accuracy of a few centimeters. The researchers were able to make a more detailed scan of affected areas. In the above image, blue shows where the surface down, and red means going up compared

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Ecologists: Cmert even one large predator landscape changes drastically

Landscape with a predator (right) and without (left)

December 14, 2011.Environmentalists have proved that the death of even one large predator makes landscape has changed beyond recognition. Plague in the buffalo — the cause of forest fires, and after the death of jaguar dry vines for miles around. This is not a superstition of some Indian tribe, and the findings of environmental scientists, published in the journal Science.

Professor James Estes of the University of California at Santa Cruz and 22 other researchers argue: the death of a large animal often spoils the landscape so that

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U.S.: After 20 years of desert will absorb one-third of the Earth





According to United Nations projections, by 2025, the desert may destroy one-third of the entire planet.

These data are released on the eve of the UN World Day to Combat Drought and the spread of deserts, which will be celebrated on Thursday, June 17.

The reasons

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