Belarus spoiled Europe style most humane mainland

Romano Prodi said that members of international organizations concerned about the growing cases of the death penalty in the world. So Last year was condemned to death more people than in the past 25 years. Not counting on Belarus so called the "Podiyu shame" were authoritarian countries such as China, Iran and Pakistan. As for Belarus, the Last year to be shot here were convicted 9 people, while in 2005 — 2 people. From 30 June 2005 until 30 June 2006 in the country was made 5 death sentences. The document "Hands off Cain!" It is also noted in Belarus

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Kozulin Lithuania approached with a request to join Belarus NPP construction

According to former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin, "Belarus should join the construction of a nuclear power plant, which is planned to the Lithuanian government, together with the European Union." Kozulin requests the Government of Lithuania to speak about the ability of the role of Belarus in this project, which he seems to be more successful. The letter is given a link to the presentation professionals invited to analizavannya prepyadstviya Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) by Alexander Kozulin.Since March 2006 Alexander Kozulin kept behind bars. Last presidential candidate sentenced to 5.5 years imprisonment on charges of organizing the riots. Kozulin Emperor

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In the Belarusian language in Belarus only learn every fifth student

According to the chairman of disk imaging public association "Belarusian Society Schools’ Ales Lozko, in 1993 whiteRussian language 76% of first-graders learned. In 2006 — only 18%. The worst situation with the Belarusian-language schools and classes in the eastern, Mogilev and Gomel regions. Relatively better — in the Minsk region: 92% of Belarusian-graders there wasabout in 1993, and 31% — in the past year:"The situation, in fact, does not change, since we litsezreem fall admission to the first Belarusian-language classes. Every year across the country, we more than 100 schools with the Belarusian language learning nedalichvaem, or because they are

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Bulgaria opens archives security socialist times

Decision on rassakrechanni archives communist security Bulgarian Parliament adopted the middle of December last year, two weeks before the country’s accession to the EU. In April this wasThe Commission created a special lustration composed of MPs and representatives of various circles of society. It was headed by a deputy from the last Socialist Party Evtsim Kastadinav. "We wish to check to what extent the security service" Drzhavna Sigourney "controlled society as longish her hands," says Kastadinav. Before the elections to the European Parliament on May 20, the Commission for the first time elapsed checked all 218 candidates and found that

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Litvinenko case: Suspect makes accusations

Lugovoi ran to the counterEngland claimed the extradition of Andrei Lugovoi, the Russian Federation, which is the main suspect in the poisoning of former KGB officer, hard Putin critic Alexander Litvinenko. Lugovoi now defected to counterattack. He said that Litvinenko was an agent of the British secret service and was killed either by these special services, or people political refugee Boris Berezovsky, or the Russian mafia. Lugovoi by British secret services were monitored for at least last year’s poisoning Litvinenko in London. "One for me does not cause vibrations. In Anyway Litvinenko’s poisoning could not remain outside the control of

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Belarus last price increase

Consumer price index for products and services in Belarus in March was 103% by December last year. Compared with February 2007 prices last month rose 0.4%. This was said Ministry of Statistics and Analysis. In January-March last year, inflation in Belarus was at 1.6%. So makarom, in calculating the monthly average for the period from the beginning of the year, inflation in the country amounted to 1% of the forecast 2007 0.5-0.6%. According to the ministry, the index of food prices in March compared to December 2006 was 102.5%, compared with February this year — 100.6%. Prices of public power

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Audio on February 6th

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with former provost Belarusian Municipal Institute Anatoly Pavlov.• Young inhabitants of Minsk they say, in which higher education institution they want to learn — state or private.• Ulyana Zaharantsy — mom missing former minister Interior Yuri Zakharenko — turned 83.• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." The "Blood"2nd part:• The story of the past, and the true future of the Minsk metro.• A survey in the metropolitan subway — What do you like and dislike in the subway?• Report from the exhibitions of the artist and writer Dmitry Vishneva.• Belarusian Web at "night of the

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Grodno — the first museum in Belarus Obstetrics

M.Birukova, in which This year going to run for parliament, noted that at the moment in the area seek out means for opening supersuchasnaga honey center, adding that they certainly went out and brought. The museum is located in the 2-rooms. Really impressed with the exhibits: a unique improvised anatomical atlas of Germany in 1876, pram cradle-30s of the last century and various medical tools. Exhibits really a lot, and they are placed tightly enough.

Chief Dr. Victor Lisovich stated that exhibits found throughout the area during the a couple of years. We have braked himself an old exhibit

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Khabarovsk prospectors for 9 months produced 13.9 tonnes of gold

Mining companies and mining communities of Khabarovsk Krai in the last three quarters produced 13.92 tons of gold, which is 26.8% more than in the same period last year, according to the ministry of natural resources in the region.

"Increase in gold production due to increase of production capacity mining company" Albazino Resources "in the Polina Osipenko. Amur also finishes construction of hydrometallurgical plant. Currently, there are conducted commissioning. When the designed capacity in 2014, the plant will produce a concentrate of the field Albazino 5.5 tons of gold, "- said in a statement.

It is noted that for

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Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant a strong growth of key financial indicators

JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant" (part of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia") has published its financial results for the first 9 months of 2011, according to Russian accounting standards.

As the press-service of JSC "U-UAP", due to the demand of the Mi-171 and its modifications in the global market revenues grew by 66% — up to 16,330,263 rubles., Net profit increased by 87.9% (to 4,272,625 thousand . rub.) compared to the same period last year.

The net asset value of the company compared to the same period last year increased by 64.7%. Through the procurement of new equipment,

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