Sectarians occupied catacombs Pugachev

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus received evidence from Russia that in the catacombs of the village Paganavka Penza region from a doomsday hiding 10 Belarusians (8 people from the Brest region and 2 — from Mogilev). Many of them hitherto considered in the search as "missing." In fact, they were all at a meeting with the organization of ideological favorite Peter Kuznetsov, who later turned out, went to the car on the Belarusian villages and campaigned on behalf of the association "mountain Jerusalem."During visits own Kuznetsov invited believers to visit Russia. Summer this year the idea of the Apocalypse

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Subway in Troparevo. Mounting plate (PHOTOS)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

"Tunnel-2001" has already mounted the head of the board. Yesterday lowered the rotor. On the process of lowering the I, unfortunately, too late, but was able to see something. 🙂

1. 500-ton Liebherr.

2. Collected head of the shield and still hanging on the crane rotor. After centering the secured on the hub and then "taken off the hook."

3. Today, Crane is leaving, and the rest of the complex carts will lower the 200-ton crane.

4. Skirt panel and brushes, which close the gap between the building and the

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Snowfall in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland

March 16, 2013. Rich snowfall, struck the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, was the cause of many hours of delays of international trains, the Czech news agency CTK reported, citing the press-secretary of the Czech Railways Peter Shtyaglavskogo.

According to him, "the largest delay — Four hours — the international express train EC 174 Jan Jesenius, heading from Budapest via Prague to Hamburg. "

Delay Zvolen train to Prague for almost two and a half hours, and express Koshische-Prague — one and a half hours.

Because of the heavy snow late international train Budapest-Prague and Budapest and Warsaw.

Source: RIA

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Element in Latvia. Video


Photo: Mobile reporter

21.07.11.V Wednesday evening in Riga storm broke trees, brought hail and flooded streets.

Hail was so large that in some homes Pardaugava windows smashed. And in an abandoned house was struck by lightning, causing a wall collapsed.

Besides rainfall flooded many streets Riga, making autodrivers could not overcome some road sections. As you know, the next few days will be very hot, place of possible rain and thunderstorms. Lightning struck a house in the street Gertrudas, 125. State Fire and Rescue Service has set the fence. Riga City Council managed to contact the owners of

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In Brest, on the street. Quay blossom dandelions


Photo — Andrew Gorscharik

24.10.11.Ne despite late fall, is relatively warm and sunny weather. On the street. Quay in Brest in some places blooming dandelions.

Usually, they bloom in late spring and summer, and the October bloom is relatively rare.

However, it is not out of the ordinary event, and nothing surprising in this. All because of the absence of strong frosts and high daytime temperatures. Of course, this is not the blooming fields, but the fact is curious.

Source: Virtual Brest


In late August, Latvia bloomed lilac. Photo


The August lilac. Photo: Male Agris,

30.08.11. "Once a year, the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song may well be challenged. Right under the window of our editorial on the eve of the Day of Knowledge flowered lilac.

True, the lush green bush pleased with just one full-blown inflorescence. Perhaps during the reconstruction of the street workers disturbed roots lilacs, and the plant has apprehended "anomaly" as a transplant in early spring.

In Salgalskoy Ozolnieki parish region in one of the gardens in late August again blossomed pear and apple trees. Pours fruit

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Being late glacial period concerned scientists

Someone will that delay the arrival of the ice age on the Earth — this is great news, but scientists think very differently.

A researcher from Florida Channelview Jim (Jim Channell), who is a professor of geology, said that "a block of ice, like the ones that are in West Antarctica are already destabilized by global warming. When they melt and significantly increase the volume of water in the oceans, it will be have a serious dramatic effect on the level of our oceans. ice will continue to melt until then, until you start a new period of

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For the past 2,100 years the maximum sea level rise observed since the late 19th century

Researchers at the National Academy of Sciences of the USA reconstructed changes in the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of the U.S. over the past 2,100 years.

Scientists have found that the maximum rate of rise of the water level of the ocean, for the entire study period, there was from the late 19th century.

In 200 BC up to 1000 AD the sea level was relatively stable. From the 11th century AD up to the 15th century BC the level of the ocean has increased by an average of half a millimeter per year, which is correlated

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Feverish planet: the calendar of natural disasters

Whether our planet is in a bad mood, whether she is seriously ill, but only over the past month in different parts of the Earth have been more than ten major disasters. Some flooding, and others — shaking, erupting volcanoes, tornadoes rage, burning forests, tens of thousands of lightning hit the small country.


In Iceland, the volcano woke up again

In Iceland, it seems, is becoming an evil tradition. Almost at the same time a year ago, then again awakened volcano. Though, on the other. Not Eyjafjallajokull, Nadim last May throughout Europe. This time, the forces of nature

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In Shanghai, the global warming seen more than the average in the world

In the last 135 years the average temperature in Shanghai increased much faster than in the world, reported Xinhua citing the Meteorological Office in Shanghai. Here it grew by 1.43 degrees per 100 years, and in the world comparable figure was 0.74 degrees. Climatologists Shanghai is divided into four stages mean temperature change in the 20th century: the cooling phase (mid 30's), the stage of warming (from the mid 30's to late 50's), cooling stage (early 60's to late 80's), the stage of warming (late 80's to the present).


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