Wind and snow complicated the traffic in Latvia

Heavy snow and wind in Latvia on Tuesday morning complicated traffic throughout the country and damaged power lines in rural areas. Snowfall does not stop for several hours, the ice formed on the roads.

Problems with traffic-recorded almost all highways and regional roads of the country, the company "Latvian State Roads". The most serious situation is fixed in Riga, where he formed many kilometers of traffic jams. Public transport in the capital of Latvia, walks with delays.

Riga Mayor Nil Ushakov called operative meeting with representatives of the responsible services.

Weather also disrupted electricity supply in rural areas of the

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The visa-free border regime with Latvia may start in August

Society The agreement on visa-free regime for residents of border areas of Belarus and Latvia may sign in August. As told to "ERB" head of the consular department of the Belarusian embassy in Latvia Oleg Andreev, fully coordinated and all questions with Latvia, serious differences in the positions of Minsk and Riga's not.

Belarus and Latvia had to sign a contract before, but there was a delay so that the border passes not only from Latvia, but also with the European Union. Therefore, we first needed get a "good" from Brussels. The decision of the EU headquarters was positive.

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Venezuelan oil can stop the plant in Mazheykyai

Society Klaypedki terminal, 70% of which is controlled by the Lithuanian government plans to get oil from Venezuela for Belarus.

It is planned to receive monthly to 160 tons. And it's almost more than lyagistychnyya enterprise features, reports DELFI.

The Lithuanian government gives the palm of Venezuelan oil, and shipments to Mazeikiai plant, run by the Polish concern Orlen, will be severely limited. As a result of these changes, the terminal can not meet its obligations to the Lithuanian plant. The plant is dependent on Klyaypedkaga port through it, he gets a raw material.

This dependence has become more

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Heavy snow complicated the situation on the highways in Latvia

Traffic hampered throughout Latvia due to heavy snowfall, which began on Thursday night, according to the online version of the leading national media.

As the press service of "Latvian State Roads", the main highways of the country and regional zaporosheny in many places ice.

Complicated because of snowfall and vehicular traffic in the capital, Riga, the city formed a large cork behind schedule public transport. Bred in the streets all snow removal equipment.

According to forecasters, the fresh snow will melt in the next few days.

In the parliament of Latvia running for four Belarusians

Society For the mandates of deputies of the Latvian parliament will debate the candidates in 1239. It was this figure refers to the Central Election Commission of the country.

In the running for parliament from 16 nationalities mainly Latvians, Russian and Polish. However, among the contenders, there are four Belarusians and Germans.

Some candidates are of American, Australian, Canadian, Venezuelan and Swedish citizenship.

Latvia: Russian go …

In Latvia, early parliamentary elections were held, the result of which for the first time in the modern history of this country was celebrating the victory party that expresses the interests of the Russian people — "Harmony Centre". The favorite of the party is now the mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov. He's the last years trying to tell his countrymen that have long time do not divide people into "us" and "them" if they live in Latvia and bring the good of this country.

So, the first place at the "Center of the consent." But it is not so

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Latvia: Hello, we are looking for the occupants …

Riga. Workers celebrate the Soviet annexation of Latvia

July 1, 2012 in the Latvian capital Riga the next "cultural campaign" of local fans standards the Third Reich. In the streets of the town, which is part of the EU Member States, marched young people and the elderly activists of nationalist movements in Latvia. Marsh people, many of whom were convicted by a fascist form with distinctive attributes of German troops, was timed to coincide with the anniversary of the entry into the Nazi army in Riga. The reason for such "holiday" Latvian activist neo-Nazi movement Uldis Freimanis referred to

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Latvian parliament will undergo review the issue of recognition of Russian as a second official language

Andris Berzins, President of Latvia, oriented to the Sejm amendments to the Constitution regarding the assignment of the status of the second official language of Russian. This was said to the press service of the head of Latvia.

Berzins himself with all this intensely opposed to this popular initiative. He considers it an actual failure of the Latvian state status of the country. Latvian president insists that the project contradicts the basics "of the Constitution, the idea of founding Latvia and the independence of the country. "

In an accompanying letter Solvita Aboltine, Speaker of the Sejm, Latvian President noted

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Latvian president takes revenge for a referendum on the status of the Russian language

In the relations between Russia and the Baltic states unlimited number of unresolved issues that impede the development of good neighborly relations. From time to time, formed impression that the whole existence of the Baltic States almost rests on the premise of trying to arouse people's own categorical rejection of all that is connected with Russia, from language and culture to economics. But in the midst of all acute issues of Russian-Baltic is such, which stands the house and leads to a heated debate so that their resolution is often necessary to use a third party. This question relates to

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Latvian non-citizens of the Russian Federation

Dlava of the Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovskiy said his department has sent the government a modified version of the "Concept of State Migration Policy until 2025". The revised version of the document by the promises of the Russian Federation in 2016 the yearly net migration of population of more than 300,000 man. Great initiative could substantially strengthen the competitiveness of the country! After all, the Russian Federation as a spice in great need of cheap construction, cleaning, catering and other important sectors of the economy. According to the views of management of FMS, migration gain of 300 000 people

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