How to meet the Russian in Russia, and Tajiks and Uzbeks. Feel the difference

Number of working-age Russians in 2025 decreased by 10 million — without the influx of migrants no one will work. According to Romodanovsky, increase the size of the young population in Russia is possible and thanks to our compatriots abroad. And while many Russian refugees from the former Soviet Union are facing serious difficulties — for years without documents. Officials say — quotas are not enough …

PS: then someone else points to Latvia, he says, it violated Russian law. In Russia, it appears to Russian are much worse than in Latvia. There's even non-citizens have rights,

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Today an interview with the President of Latvia on BT

Society Today at 21.55 on Channel of the Belarusian TV program will be released "Interview" with Latvian President Valdis Zatlers.

This is the second interview with the president other countries, which vyhdits Lately. July 15 BT showed an interview with the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili.

Earlier media reported that the interview with Saakashvili was a response to the documentary film "The Godfather."

According to the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" information war between Russia and Belarussyu continues. In response to the TV movie "The Godfather 2" was shown on NTV Belarusian side "Strikes Back." Announced interview "with yet another problem

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Meteorite may have fallen into the Gulf of Riga in Latvia

Meteorite may have fallen into the Gulf of Riga in Latvia, told Latvian Radio Baltkom representative of the Latvian center Andris Bieznis meteorites.

"According to our information we are collecting, the meteorite could fall into the Gulf of Riga. We have three witnesses who saw the fall. Hard to say what it was quantity of information collected. But he was bright enough, so perhaps it is quite large. other details yet, "- said Bieznis.

Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia can not confirm meteorite. "We have information about the fall of a meteorite in the bay yet. We were

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Estonian army: excellent laughs best who laughs last

Most recently, in November, the Estonian army boasted of his invincibility. Estonians scoffed at the same time of the armed forces of Latvia, as applicable only in order to "protect the rear bags of flour." The Latvian army named in these reports bahvalskih "empty space".

The article Mikka Salou («Postimees») Army 2-adjacent republics compared in numbers. If Estonia is now in the ranks of servicemen 5000-6000, and in time of war under the gun can get 30-40 thousand, in Latvia — 1.7 thousand and 12 thousand Estonian Defence Budget 2009-2010 — 565 million euros and Latvians — only 370 million

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The official Minsk hopes and Latvian ports

Society The status of the transshipment of Belarusian oil and oil products through the ports of Latvia will be discussed during the autumn session of the Belarusian-Latvian intergovernmental commission on economic cooperation.

About This was announcedand in the press service of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus, BelTA informs.

Co-chairs of the commission appointed by the heads of transport departments of Belarus and Latvia — Ivan Scherbo and Kaspars Gerhards.

In late July, is expected to visit the Minister of Transport and Communications of Belarus Ivan Scherbo in Latvia. It is planned to discuss the prospects

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What to do with the Nazis in Latvia

Immediately several Russian human rights organizations called on "the international community" to draw attention to the triumph of neo-Nazis in the elections to the Sejm Latvia. Calls longish, worthy of attention, because a comfy seat. And below I will explain why it is worthless and what to do instead of this.

September 17 in Latvia held early parliamentary elections, as a result of which a constructive party Visu Latvijai doubled its consulate in the Latvian Seim (14 seats out of 100) and formed the fourth largest faction. Slogans with which overcame VL, fully neo-Nazi. This was the reason for

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On the field in Latvia found a giant icon

As it became known, from 22 to 23 July 2007, at night, in Zemgale that in the town of Latvia, was discovered by a giant icon in the field of rye, which consisted of 14 correct circles of different diameters, which stretches over an area of several hectares. Due to the astounding complexity of the picture and its enormous size, the version of the manual and semi-automated production does not take place. Latvian icon has become the largest one found in Latvia.

On the night of July 23 at a rye field in Zemgale local residents discovered a giant

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Vasily Kononov died

Russian partisan Vasily Kononov, Latvian justice convicted on charges of involvement in the murder of 9 inhabitants Latvia during the second world war, died in the night from Thursday to Friday in Riga on 88-year life.

Kononov in 1998, was arrested in Latvia on charges of war sins. In 2000 he was sentenced by the tribunal to a half years in prison. Immediately after the verdict was released, because this time he had already served.

After release veteran received Russian citizenship, which was granted to him by the decree of President Vladimir Putin.

Latvia has accused the

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Bear stands: how Russian overcome crisis

13.10.10 16:25 Economy Recently, the only positive economic news in our country (Latvia — W &P) is a speedy introduction of the euro … in Estonia.

As the head of the Bank of Latvia Ilmars Rimsevics, the transition to the single European currency will increase the trust in the Republic of Latvia. Apparently he did not read the British The Daily Telegraph — 25 of economists surveyed by it, only 8 are convinced that the euro zone will come out of the current crisis. A 12 believe that the euro will last no more than 5 years.


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Latvia to legalize the Russian language?

Latvia is preparing for a referendum on granting the Russian language the status of second municipality. Latvian politicians strongly opposed to this — Parliament voted "against", and of President Andris Berzins of the same view. In general, neither the President, nor the ability to cancel at the Diet popular vote no.

December 19 the Central Election Commission of Latvia was obliged to declare a vote. According to him, for a referendum signatures have been collected more 187 thousand inhabitants of the country, which exceeds 12 percent of the population. In order to call a referendum, rather signatures of 10 percent.

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