Health Alexander Kozulin was no better

"He drinks medicine doctors examine him, because he feels still not well, although two months increment weight 2 pounds, "- said the lawyer relatives of Alexander Kozulin. According to Dmitry Harachka Alexander Kozulin approved filing complaints to the Commission on Human Rights United Nations concerning the violation of his rights. The lawyer says that the Attorney General’s Office of Belarus holds more than a month with no response against the verdict, which Last year Metropolitan Tribunal ruled Kazulina Minsk.

Ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to 5.5 years imprisonment on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots.

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Brand new ground in the language of Taras Shevchenko

Zakonnikau poet Sergei, who will lead the current party, in an interview our radio gives the subsequent characterization of Valeria Strelko: "For the translator is very weighty work when it translates to more intimate language. A Ukrainian language is more close to the Belarusian. It just seems that if the languages are close, it is easier to translate. Indeed it is not. It seemed to me that Valery Strelko able to use all their knowledge and ability to do the translation and interpreter, in 1-x, very close to the original as well, in-2, where can not be translated literally, it

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Gomel lawyer Peter Borisov suing his superiors

Why lawyer Peter Borisov complained to the tribunal? Over 6 years experience in Gomel the Bar he had any complaints from customers or foreclosure of the Bar. But not so long ago Peter Borisov reprimanded for "violating councils run criminal cases. " Meanwhile Lawyer says: on Actually he was punished for political activity, namely for attempting to run for the deputies of the regional council. Also young lawyer openly campaigned for reelection chairman of presidium of Valentina rinks. "Once a Three years we tested the presidium of the election and its chairman. In the last election, I supported the candidacy

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In Italy, completed an investigation into the spouses Giusto-Bornachin

Not counting the spouses as defendants in the case are the ancestors of Alessandro Giusto and Maria Bartalyamea boards, mother Maria Elena Chiara Danino, Two priests who helped hide the girl. Meanwhile lawyers home couples argue about the need to insist disclosure of all the details of this story and an invitation to Genoa itself Vicky Frost.A court case concerning illegal concealment Belarusian orphans Vicky Frost was initiated in Last year, on the initiative of the Belarusian embassy in Italy. Giovanni Rico, lawyer Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara Bornachin ironically concludes: "While other criminal cases, associated with sultry abuse the

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Polish spies punished. Lawyers declined to comment

Vladimir Russkina officers, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk tribunal punished by imprisonment. PETKEVICH Kornilyuk and given 7 years each, Bogdan — 9, and Ruskin — 10 years strict regime penal colony.Vladimir Russkina recognized as guilty of espionage organization foreign citizen who collect and transmit data to the task of foreign intelligence.Vladimir Russkina, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk deprived military rank — lieutenant supplies, major, major supplies, supplies captain respectively.Referee Lupinovich Alexander said:"The verdict can not be appealed and challenged on appeal."Referee read only the portion of the sentence that contains no secrets. For example, about real

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Followers of the democratic forces are demanding the release A.Kozulin

According to the lawyer Igor Rinkevich, in his letters Vintsuk Vyachorka, Anatoly Lebedko, Sergei Kalyakin and Anatol Lyaukovich supported the demands of the supervisory lawyer’s complaints about the release of Alexander Kozulin. In the supervisory appeal, which is focused to the Prosecutor General, protesting the measures taken in the case of judicial decisions and policy requirement to complete the creation of the criminal case for lack of incriminating him atrocities.The Social Democrats have called democratic society bring letters to the prosecutor calling for the release of Alexander Kozulin.• A plan to release Alyaksandr Kozulin, 09.09.2007

Adopted a plan to release Alyaksandr Kozulin

Previous Lawyer Alexander Kozulin, activist BSDP (Gromada) Igor Rynkevich explained to:"It is on this point have been completed legal means of appeal court decisions. Last complaint is on the table Attorney General Peter Miklashevich. If he does not satisfy the complaint, could not bear its own supervisory protest, then hope to have something in this procedure is unrealistic." According to Igor Rinkevich, Alexander Kozulin likely not be subject to amnesty. This is evidenced aspects proposed for amnesty Administration of the President."The issue of release Kozulin put in political and international plane. The plan to release Alyaksandr Kozulin and is a

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Lawyers Polish spies shall be removed from comments

This is the last major armed forces Vladimir Ruskin, the last Major Viktor Bogdan, military radio brigade-Defense Forces of Belarus Pavel and Sergei Pyatkevich Korneliouk.Vladimir Russkina still blame foreign espionage organization citizen.As told the press service Supreme Court, until the process goes according to plan, without disruption. Now tribunal summoned witnesses.The process takes place behind closed doors. In the courtroom do not even admit relatives. Say, in the case of "pass data for a limited number of users." With lawyers taken subscription of secrecy.When it came to the court, there were four lawyers. When it is ready for consideration in

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Emanuel Zeltser satisfy complaint?

For more than 6 months Belarusian lawyer Dmitry Harachka every day visits in the KGB prison own client and colleague from the U.S. attorney Emanuel Zeltser, as its secretary Vladlena Funk. Now Dmitry Harachka in Zeltser’s case will go to Supreme Tribunal, where it will be considered their appeal. Let me remind you, the court was closed consideration of complaints — too. Sovereign Harachka in the comments very discreet. But he insists that both defendants are innocent and should be freed immediately. "I’m their lawyer, I participated in the proceedings, and I know that there is no evidence of their

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Anastasia Azarko: Whatever the verdict, I will continue my activities

Calm Nesvizha old, friendly people on the streets, crowned with flowers … All this contrasted with the atmosphere around Nesvizhsky Court, which is now guarded 10s policemen and civil guys. And in the adjacent building of the local police were still several 10-s commandos.So the morning began Tribunal over activist "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko. Lady accused of participating in an unregistered organization, she faces up to 2 years imprisonment.However, the prosecutor Igor Paholchik decided to confine fine — asked for Anastasia Azarko fine 500 basis variables is more than 7 thousands of dollars.Damu such a prospect not scared as the

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