Appeasing the Five Senses.

The Barai’s one-directional journey, closeted initially between chromatic maroon walls, begins at the Arrival Court where a series of stepping stones lead to the tunnel-like Arrival Gallery and on to the Wall of Stars. Here, sunlight pours through star-shaped cut-outs on the western wall, displaying constellation-like shapes on the solid wall across. Deliberately designed to slow down guests — physically and mentally -a hushed tranquility descends and transports you into another world.

You walk past admiringly and come to the spectacular ‘salarai’ water court or ‘baray’, the spa’s central core. ‘ Barai ‘ comes from the Khmer word ‘baray’ —

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The amazingly luxurious synthetic grass custom-installed by Always Greener is far from typical. So are the creative Oklahomans behind the company.

On the side, lead installer Jose Paroles is a local fine art painter. Cliff Moser plays lead electric guitar in a rock band. Co-owner Brendan Parker is the lead singer in the children’s music duo Spaghetti Eddie. Holland Vandennieu-wenhof is a documentary filmmaker.

It’s been a winning combination for owner Carrie Parker and husband Brendan. First, they know artists take pride in quality workmanship for perfect installations. Second, they’re helping fellow local creative pursue their passions.

«We want to

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The doyen of the diplomatic corps in Belarus leaves his post

Sovereign Vyalzhanav headed a diplomatic consulate in Minsk Turkmenistan for 12 years in a row. The last half of this period, he was formally and doyenne, in other words the head of the diplomatic corps in the host country, which represents all accredited diplomats in Belarus. This office machine crosses the Ambassador, which previously akredytavavsya other in the host country. But the leaders of diplomatic missions of a number of states is not considered sovereign Vyalzhanava real doyen, as he has, except Turkmenistan, besides Belarusian citizenship. In addition, He often spoke in support of policy Belarusian authorities, without checking their

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Police against the boycott of elections

The text is an excerpt from the Constitution and the Electoral Code Republic of Belarus"Voter is free to decide whether to take part in elections and for whom to vote." Also given a quote from the speech Alexander Lukashenko at a press conference on November 23 2006"The last election we have forged …".To distributors approached district administration official Russian Anatoly Bully. He also asked to read the leaflet. And after 10 minutes came and took police patrols and Shchukin Protsko the station. They were kept about 2-hours and then released.Leaflets handed out Shchukin and Protsko issued manage regional UCP Vasily

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I.Shega: We have acted to forestall

Prerequisite of success he believes the strategy adopted — be proactive probable orders of power. The interviewee noted:"Before signing up, we wrote on behalf of the active group complaint to the CEC. Said that the chairman of the district committee and its secretary — specific subordinate challenger from power. We substantiated that there is hesitation about what will be surrounded by a transparent and truthful elections, as stated Lukashenko. In Slonim came CEC representative, sorted out the situation. All this, I think, worked, knocked at the control commission card with it. "

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Slonim: chairman of the regional organization BSDP interrogated by the KGB

Misha Voronets lives in the center, but the company is headed Hrodna regional Belarusian Social Democratic Party. He Prof. military, Major supplies.At the end of a day or on July 31, Worsted pradivnuyu factory where he works in the protection came KGB Alexander Shoe. He offered to go to the KGB department for a chat about where the emperor was Voronets the night of the 3rd to the 4th of July, when an explosion in Minsk. Survey was drawn up, but Misha Voronets disagreed that he was fingerprinted.He notes that the protection of the factory work of 36 people, but

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Grodno: arrested for collecting signatures

Members of the movement "European Belarus" have started to collect signatures for Belarus’ accession to the EU. N.Petrovsky released, and A.Kireeva A.Katok and taken to the police, it came out at 15.20. Let them go about 18 hours.As saidand we Alexander Kotok, they began to collect signatures, they were approached by a man in civilian clothes, took the forms and said to guard the young lady and another man. He went and brought the police. Alexander says that they were led to the Leninsky district police department, but not knew that to do with them — took explanations and later

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One more embassy

Taking advantage of the arrival of the emperor Giyyana in Minsk, the Belarusian Foreign Ministry today and tomorrow holds bilateral consultations between the foreign ministries. As told "Freedom", the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, the two sides "will discuss a wide range of issues of bilateral cooperation, including the development of political dialogue between our countries. " Also planned to talk about the prospects of the dialogue between Belarus and the European Union and cooperation with the Visegrad group.Hungary diplomatic goal in Belarus headed by Ferents Contra. This is a very experienced diplomat who before coming to

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V.Hrol: Ukraine in NATO — Yugoslav variant

Vice-chairman Commission House of Representatives Basil Khrol states of Georgia and Ukraine entrance into NATO "means the latest geopolitical reality": "With every fiber of the soul, all diplomatic means, I think, Republic of Belarus coupled with the Russian Federation must resist the process of accession to NATO of our closest neighbors. Now millions of people in Ukraine do not wish to join the bloc.I really do not want to be Nostradamus, but if NATO countries to perceive themselves to Ukraine, it will lead to a repetition of the Yugoslav version. Ukraine will start to share: one piece — for NATO,

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Pushkin: The central square in the Beavers will be performance

Pushkin"Very principledI thing — that the standards and this prazdnichek BNR 90th anniversary — spread horizontally. To possible more people at different points in Belarus noted that prazdnichek. Very modern methods. You can start with smsok, flash mobs. I will very simply and creatively …In our village there is a central area of Beaver. Imagine curves fences, the village council with red-green flag, the church. In the center of the local area — catchy table, rinsed in the wind a few white-red-white flags. Pushkin sits at a table near his two kids — Marika and Mikolka, spouse. On the table

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