A Creep Not a Leap

Adam Woolfitt puts the beta 5 version of Lightroom through its paces, comparing it to its predecessor and trying out the latest tools for enhancing your images

Aconfirmed fan of Adobe’s Lightroom digital asset management software, I adopted it some time ago as the basic tool in my workflow.

All my incoming camera files are down¬loaded and converted to the .DNG format direct from the cards, and linked to a basic set of metadata that identifies me as the copyright holder.

The only exceptions are raw files shot for reviews, where the camera manufacturer has decided to reinvent the wheel

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What to expect from a leap in 2012 dragon

November 1, 2011 10:23

Year of the Dragon will come January 23, 2012 and will run until February 9, 2013

Astrological forecast and beliefs. An extra day in the year is a lot of rumors and prejudices that reason often outweighed the negative side. The strength to change the calendar, given the earth's rotation around the sun? No. But reconsider their own attitudes to the near future — in our hands. The more that the coming year in the Chinese calendar — the year of the dragon, and this figure in China is always open carnival!


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Mysteries of the Universe. 2012. Great leap. 04. 10. 2012.

Does the end of the world scientific justification? Quantum leap to be or not to be … How will perehod.Chto will 21.12.2012.Vyhod astral.Vzaimodeystvie in parallel mirami.Udivitelnye human history, people, events …

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Quantum leap — the way forward

Does the scientific basis of the theory of the end of the world or just another horror story any commercial interest? December 21, 2012, many people associated with the death of the Earth. But there is another version … Our planet will not die, there will be instantaneous transition of humanity into a new energy state. Will this jump a terrible ordeal for the people?Human needs year after year, continually growing. People are running after profits, and pay no attention to the harm they cause to the environment. The race for profit has become, in essence, an idol of the

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Israel is preparing for a large-scale air assault landing

For the first time since 1990, Israel conducted a large-scale airborne exercises. More than a thousand fighter Airborne Brigade took part in the exercise, including general parachuting. Since the 1990s, only a small group of paratroopers made jumps with a parachute, and the last part of the training exercises are airborne brigade to carry out a large-scale landing. This is part of the latest Israeli policy to increase the combat effectiveness of ground forces in the conduct of conventional war. Twelve years ago, the Palestinians have launched terrorist activities, and therefore the IDF ground forces focused on counter terrorist

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Myra and how there is a quantum leap — VIDEO

December 17, 2012 1:26

Everything has a beginning and end, when the beginning and end are connected, there is a quantum leap, the transition to a new spiral of development, a new dimension, a new quality, a new life.

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