Sense of style

Brand TJ COLLECTION presented in Russia 20 years ago. To mark the anniversary of ELLE met with the brand closer

Appeared on the Russian market in 1993. The brand TJ Collection for the past two decades, manages to surprise us fashion accessories created with impeccable taste. ELLE advised to pay special attention to the color black heel pumps, boots deep malachite color, color high boots in the art color blocking, borrowed from the paintings of Malevich and Kandinsky. The decoration of bags and shoes used metal buckles, «lightning» and metallic leather. On the anniversary of TJ Collection designers have created

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Phyto-therapy: A to Z

Fantasy and wisdom of nature amaze. She was able to create a myriad covered with scattered plants rich in biologically active substances that can stand up for our beauty and youth. We present you with the most effective plants to adopt cosmetologists.


Delicate apricot kernel oil — an ideal moisturizer for all skin types. It helps to remove stretch marks and for the fight against mimic wrinkles.


Due to the high content of lecithin, avocado oil moisturizes and restores dry and damaged hair. In addition, this tool helps to soften cuticles.


Rich in vitamin A and potassium

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How many times have you promised yourself to work in the garden only with gloves to keep their hands from corrosive mud, but … thin medical gloves are easily torn, and the dense economic work uncomfortable. Wash hands with dirt after working in the garden is usually very difficult. Here are some tips on how to facilitate this process.

Aggressive bleaching.

If you were able to wash off the dirt, but your skin is dark — it can be bleached with peroxide or citric acid. Of course, this procedure adversely affects your pens: the skin dries up, and it can



Hand-tooled leather, faceted crystal, hammered and silver-plated bronze — these are the basic building blocks that make up the latest accessories collection from Ralph Lauren Home, and they typify the firm’s approach to the objects it crafts for the spaces in which we live.

Craft is the essential word here. The home line, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary (Lauren was one of the very first fashion designers to translate his vision into a complete lifestyle that now includes everything from teacups to sofas), is a blue-chip resource for future heirlooms made from rich materials that have been masterfully

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New Releases


Delicate aroma of white magnolia and intensive care with macadamia oil and shea cream, shower gel ‘luxurious touch «from Nivea make your skin silky soft and incredibly smooth. Thanks to the innovative formula Hydra-IQ activates the natural moisturizing mechanism, reviving any, even the most dehydrated skin in 24 hours. Already after the first application the skin becomes soft and tender! And the effect persists for the whole day.



Mark LM Parfums lovers will love the niche perfumery. The brand name is composed of the initials of its founder — Laurent Mazzone. Its flavors are the

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We know how to keep the summer tan …


The elegant caramel color want to «wear» on itself regardless of the season, as the aroma of your favorite fragrance. That’s just how he tried, is unlikely to keep a tan until next summer. But to make an attractive skin tone is not tarnished for a long time, in your power!

Make friends with butter

One of the main conditions for maintaining hydrated skin is tan. If your covers are beginning to peel off and lose the charming golden hue, with Found by the sea, then you need to skin moisturizing. It is recommended to drink not only

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Fashion trends autumn


Jewellery Roman Lazar from the new collection Geo ME Try made of gilded silver or radio and decorated with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Double ring (Roman Lazar, price on request) will certainly emphasize the individual style and give easy-chic way around.

Well forgotten old, or a collection inspired PAST

Clothes made of autumn-winter collection studio Ksenia Schnaider Bodywarmer for those who value practicality. The main topic was the classic quilted jacket — clothing, popular in the past, ex-accessible and most convenient. All things have the latest collection of quilted elements characteristic design padded jackets. Bad weather —

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Skin without problems

Rashes, redness and blemishes on the skin on her face … WHAT able to cope on their own,

And when to seek professional help?

When the color does not suit

Rosy cheeks, especially in children, are considered a sign of health. But in fact, such a reaction face the cold, usually indicative of weak vessels and more adults can develop into couperose.

Rosacea — a hereditary defect. Nature red prozhilochek — in weak vessels. But there are other risk factors that provoke and exacerbate the problem. Here are the main ones: adverse environmental conditions (extreme cold or, conversely, heat),

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Catwalk to curvy

Laura Puddy has the new-season trends all sewn up

When London Fashion Week rolls around, I always watch the shows envisaging how I’d wear whatever’s coming down the catwalk. Some styles I know won’t be great for my figure, but other ensembles catch my eye and I start styling in my head.

So, with the new season almost upon us, it’s time to think about getting sorted with some hot wardrobe updaters. From belted coats and head-to-toe leather, to chic tailoring, winter florals, tartans, checks and scarlet red, the scope is amazing and all can look great on curvy girls.

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Sun protection.

Want to bask in the warm gentle sunshine all summer? Then our advice will surely come in handy. We’ll show you how in the pursuit of a safe tan choose the best sunscreen for yourself and your baby.

Two types of ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth’s surface — UVA and UVB. Strong «bites» radiation UVB: It causes burns. UVA radiation is less noticeable effect. From it there are no burns and redness, but it is guilty of the appearance of freckles, age spots and other signs of aging skin. Qualitative sunscreens must protect against UV rays of both species

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