The country is an abstraction. Lin Sampson believes that if you do the maths you can extract from it what you need.

We are in the country, yippee! The Aga is on (it has taken three people and most of the night to get it working), a Karoo lamb is gently roasting. The vegetables are beyond green. Outside, hens peck and in a nest of straw lies that most perfect of objects, a new-laid egg.

There’s a lot of rustic foregrounding, a vegetable «forest» and a canopy of trees. Everything is popping, even the farmers wife. Around here fecundity is

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First-line conference with Alexander Milinkevich 2nd "European march" will be held from Academy to Bangalore Square Third "While on the street did not come out 200 thousand people — nothing has changed " Fourth leaves workers will be shorter 5th S.Skrebets "Zubkov arrive to click on Lukashenko" Editor’s choice of public this week Sergey SemenovNobel Laureate in Chemistry Gerhard Ertl was the Teuton Criminal case Dmitry Dashkevich was brought to the prosecutor A. Milinkevich at the online conference: "I will not leave politics because gave his word to fight to victory" "While on the street did not come out 200

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K.St ‘Ewart: United States continue to insist, to release all political prisoners

Ms. Stewart, commenting on "Freedom" sentence youth activists, expressed the hope that soon will be released to freedom all Belarusian Political Prisoners:"I hope that they reduced the amount of the fine, as discerned all the details of the case and took into account the severity of the perfect, as directed attention the fact that they are students, we are limited. I can not read minds, but maybe they also took into account the fact that Young people have the right of assembly and expression own presentation.We are pleased that the number of people in jail are not increased. Also we

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In only one Maladziechna Belarusian-class

"In the political part of a comment to this event, we note that if it came out a year earlier, celebrations honoring the players would be much greater, since this victory, which is Actually very large, left one of the majestic ideological subtext: that suspended confrontation with Europe and the West. Now, when we put up with Europe, when we try to get closer, this major political subtext left. It was interesting to watch what the celebration were moderate about this truly majestic victory, "- says journalist Viktor Martinovich.

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Auto fuel in the tanks must be declared at the border

Deputy Head of Customs Control Planin Andrew said that primarily customs clearance will cover removal of fuel in the tanks mc. Citizens who travel abroad countries often 1st times within 3 days, will have to register personal businessmen and whenever submit customs declarations.This does not apply to members of official Foreign Affairsegatsy, employees of diplomatic missions and international organizations, municipal officials aimed trips, drivers engaged in international transport, as individuals who travel for recreation.

The problem of brain drain .. Germany

Segodnyaschy South American New-York times article about the dilemmas endeared so called "Brain drain" in the EU. When this is not a case of Eastern Europe and of unskilled workers. Educated youth, engineers, doctors, architects and scientists are leaving Germany for the best career and higher wages in the U.S., Canada, Switzerland or England.He was exhausted from the high taxesHere, for example, the story of Tom Benedict West Germany, an engineer who worked in the family business. He was exhausted from the high taxes, 80-hour workweek, problems of the German economy — which, although it develops, but far behind the

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Atroschankau arrested for insulting judge

Recall: April 23, when the referee Ilina read out the verdict in a criminal case, dubbed the "case of 14", someone from the courtroom offended her.The arbitrator gave the order riot policemen detain Alexander Atroschankau. At his office the court the administrative report under Article 24.1 (personal injury in a public place). Now Alexander Atroschankau summoned to the KGB, that he gave an explanation for the complaints of employees of the institution, which Last year taken from his apartment and computer office equipment. Alexander’s wife Daria outraged by the actions of the authorities: "Very disturbed. We called from the 11:00

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If they do not go under the march will leave drumbeat

"Farewell of Slav" — specifically ordered the march, as he said, "for officials who have allowed the construction of the plant, and to control the Russian company" August-Bel "our current guest, one of the organizers of the protest against the construction of chemical plant in the village everybody near Minsk Sergei Obrazovsky.Znatkevich: "Tell me, protest organizers in principle against the construction of such a plant in Belarus against the construction or specifically in this area?"Obrozovsky: "It is a broad question, and it can respond differently. Answer is this. During 1-x, we, as ordinary citizens, against the construction of this company

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Often just walk away and do not give

Former director Salihorsk school number 4 Olga Senkova last minister is interested and immediately sympathizing with her, like all decent people who work in municipal structures: "There’s a very hard time working conscientious people do not even I can tell, how long they can be there to sustain. On my eyes, when you are forced to do something contrary to conscience, it is nothing to do but to go with that work. Exclusively in abnormal person can have a choice — to stay, and the usual must go. It will be hard, what to do, to suffer, such your way.

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A. Fyaduta: She could not abandon what she teacher

"It happened after, as was the order to throw 8-independent newspapers from printing houses and the order was not canceled and I left. I just did not take that statement, which was written two weeks before. I believe I did true. When you leave, you leave. Need to go at a moment when you realize that you are forced to do something is not right that someone is spreading with your conscience. And you need to go so that you had the opportunity to explain this to his disciples. I say this as a past teacher. " Sovereign Fyaduta states

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