Lebedko: Lukashenko threw Europeans

UCP chairman referred to the past campaign "regular script" stylish victory, "which does not provide for counting."They do not even imitated counting. Why did it happen? After Lukashenko thinks about presidential election, about 2010. If at the moment to meet the Europeans, it can be regarded as a weakness. "According to the views of Mr. Liabedzka, SLM does not come out of the campaign in the state It is not good:"Now the situation for us again in black and white. We should not wonder why some of our colleagues passed in parliament, if they passed, we should not guess that

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Lebedko opposition does not recognize elections

"Even if parliament will be assigned several members of the opposition, this structure will be recognized by the opposition as illegitimate. We will not trade voices of our constituents, "said Interfax policies.

Lebedko running a candidate one of the Minsk district.

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All supporters of change are invited to run for deputies

As explained our radio co-chairman of the political council Anatoly Lebedko, "for about a month each citizen of Belarus, which shares a platform SLM is able to make an application for inclusion in this list. "Lyabedzka believes that this will demonstrate openness of the democratic movement. "Our future candidates — it’s not just party activists, and those people who wish to Belarus democratic change and have eyes "- said Anatoly Lebedko.Regular elections to House of Representatives will be held in 2008.• Politsovet SLM began with Minutka silence in memory of the missing, 30.08.2007

BPF can combine Lebedko and Milinkevich?

Tsigankov: "The situation that has developed at this point in the opposition coalition, says soft-spoken, for example, the material that appeared on the website naviny.by titled" Liabedzka causes Milinkevich frank discussion. " The main claim to Milinkevich — that the movement "For Freedom" to entice into their ranks activists existing parties. Indeed if this happens, and whether there is a problem, for example, for the BNF? "Ivashkevich:" Not so long ago it could be considered a problem, have not yet started certain acts. But present day, if BPF decided very intensively take the role of in preparing and conducting the

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The Presidium of the United Democratic Forces met in Vilnius

According to the chairman of the UCP Antola Lebedko, decided to quickly ratify and sign an agreement to participate in future parliamentary elections, also create a plan of the company, taking into account that there may be early elections.Also resolved a number of issues related to the activities of agencies that would help lead to the preparation of both campaign, and to the Public and Euro marches.The question of why the meeting was held outside of Belarus, Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka said:"From time to time it is necessary to talk honestly. We all party offices —

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One for the boycott, others for the role …

Advise opposition. Discussion on the looseELECTORAL diariesE.Brokarev: "Lie down on the couch and read about the boycott — it’s a common" "It’s the most comfortable thing — well withdraw from the process. People with any team there and seeking work, will run until the end. In this sense, I was struck by Anatoly Lebedko, that he decided to go to the end. I think this a very good decision.Yury Istomin: "This decision is a private"

Managing Grodno UCP Yury Istomin decision support his party colleagues from Minsk — Anna Egorova, Valentina Polevikova, Alexander Dobrovolsky, Stanislaus and Catherine Bahdankevich Malasaeva

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How did the Congress of Democratic Forces in 2005?

This status claimed first secretary PKB Sergei Kalyakin favorite UCP Anatoly Lebedko, representative of the NGO sector Alexander Milinkevich supported BPF "Junior Front"And favorite BSDG Stanislav Shushkevich. Last withdrew his candidacy before the vote. Communists after as their favorite was eliminated in the first round, largely supported by Anatoly Lebedko. As a result of hidden vote in the 2nd round with a margin of eight votes defeated Alexander Milinkevich. Lebedko, S. Kalyakin S.Shushkevich and after the elections announced on preserving the unity of the united opposition. Kalyakin namely noted that the coalition "no differences in fact, because the main problem

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Representatives H.Salyany study Belarusian authorities’ willingness to engage in dialogue

Lyabedzka: "SLM — is the subject without which dialogue just on the physical level can not be"With representatives of Javier Solana, head of the political department of the Cabinet and adviser in matters of Belarus Helga Schmidt and principal adviser cabinet Piercy Tapiola met now chairman of the political council of the combined Democratic Forces Alexander Milinkevich favorite UCP Anatol Lyabedzka and first secretary Sergei Kalyakin PKB.

Lyabedzka: "Do they not have any special interest over the fact that Lukashenka said that he is ready for dialogue … While they consider it as a word. They in fact, that was

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Accomplished online conference with Anatoly Lebedko

Anatoly Lebedko was born in 1961 in the village Tryles Stolbtsovsky Minsk region. He graduated from the Faculty of History and French Minsk Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Belarusian Municipal Institute. Deputy Supreme Soviets 12th and 13th convocation. One of the initiators of the impeachment trial (1996). Since 2000 — Chairman Joint civilian party. For his role in political activities more than once brought to justice. Married, has a son.Recently the online conference, commenting on the situation in the opposition, said Anatoly Lebedko: "All statements, comments that sound in soon — they are held in a large "steel cell" where we

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Such impression that favorite parties very afraid of change of power and strongly support it, making such disassembly

Man: "Good morning, Radio Liberty. Unchanging you I listener. I am deeply troubled by the case in the opposition camp, where each" oppression "his line and it does not matter what he said. And your radio deprives us of the ability to understand who is who. We Your comments are needed. But first give the full text of the spoken and later commented. This I mean Milinkevich letter to the president and the expression of party favorites. Now what concerns the contention in opposition. I have the impression that very favorite parties are afraid of change of power and strongly

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