The legislation creates problems.

Speech at the Conference of the workers lift Russian organizations — members of SRO November 17, 2009. Galina Khovanskaya — Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, President of the Association «Housing Strategy».

On November 5, the State Duma held a hearing — an extremely important event that gives information and food for thought, including in legislative activities. Manifest problems, which, in general, the legislation creates. The processes in the construction industry we regulate two documents: changes in the Urban Planning Code, relating to self-regulatory organizations and enshrined in law number 148-FZ, and

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Quote a day or September 3

"I’m not worried, I am not afraid, because they do not consider myself an offender. I did not break the law. Legislation should coincide with what human norms and human values. And what has the Penal Code, which entered into such an article, I believe that this Criminal Code invalid and unconstitutional. During the trial, as well as at the moment, I do not recognize their own guilt. I will not participate in the trial. distrust and outright speak for the arbitrator, because I do not consider this tribunal laws in general. charges and considered illegitimate. "The Young, a student

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The deputy wanted to vote for her mother

Said about this "Freedom" member of the precinct commission Galina Miksa.According to Miksa Tatiana Osmolovskaya came to the site to vote with her son. "Said that he was going to Minsk and it needs to vote. She wanted to vote for her mother, whose 82 years. I’m not allowed. Said that we would come to her home and will vote. She says:" My mother is old no one opens " . And I tell her that she deputy and violating the laws. "Candidate for deputy Tatyana Osmolovskaya running at Gorki electoral environment. In the House of Representatives, it vice-chairman Commission

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Night Siege August 22

On forums portal discussions are what Belarus fit the July bills paid Russian gas. As reported BELTA, "Beltransgaz" listed "Gazprom" about 145 millions of dollars for fuel, purchased in July. Comments:"We expect that by this occasion says "Gazprom"."Funds have found. Velcom fit to sell.""I understand that timely payment has become a matter of pride. But …"Blogger

PKB activity may be suspended

Ministry asks to stop the party’s activities, which considers itself the political opposition. Current legislation allows for such a possibility of up to 6 months. Ministry of Justice blames PCB systematic violation of the law. First — Party’s role in the development of the Union of Left parties, whose founding congress was held outside Belarus (Chernigov), also supply the Ministry "wrong disk imaging on personal strength of the party". Help. PKB — "The Party of Communists Belarusian" created in 1991. Favourite Party Sergei Kalyakin was managing the election headquarters of former presidential candidate Alexander Milinkevich. • "Alliance of leftist forces"

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Do I need the Belarusian society subbotniki?

Listen: Forthan in Belarus subbotniki held?Valery Karbalevich: "Belarus — the only post-Soviet country where so alternately saved and honored Russian tradition. One of these traditions — Saturday. In those days they were called Russian communist.Currently in Belarus every year, the authorities carried out Saturday. True, they are no longer referred to as communist, but the mechanism of their implementation remains the same. But at the moment not even disguised, that clean-power wires, usually takes a special decision of the Government. Initiative working as in Russian times, is hardly mentioned. How do you think the meaning of this event. Subbotniki make

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Subtotal public protests: benzakalenku moved the eight meters

It was built in This year April 23 without preparatory public discussion. Built two months had to dismantle the wall builders. The association "Belorusneft — Naftahimpraekt" which developed refueling recognize that a prerequisite for redevelopment began protests inhabitants. Developments and monitored our radio. May 19 on the waves "Freedom" sounded material this topic.Inhabitants of 3 nine-houses in the street Simon transfer benzakalenki believe malehankih own victory. To achieve their own people for 2 months written complaints were received by the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Victor Shorikova. Finally reached the Prosecutor General’s Office:

"With the general prosecutor’s office received

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Opposition sends its proposals to the CEC

Managing expert group Viktor Kornienko reads all the proposals set out in the form of six draft resolutions of the CEC:"The essence of the proposals is practically reduced to three blocks. 1st — all political parties participating in the elections, legislation must give at least a small role in the guarantees of electoral commissions, the formation of electoral instruments. Second — some articles of the Electoral Code should not remain only declarations but should be made in the sense in which they are written in the law. In first question about the campaign. 3rd — political parties and candidates are

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Korneenko: if there is an atmosphere of fear, that no law can help

Society In his letter, Alexander Lukashenko said that the next parliamentary elections will be held under the current legislation. Like, do not have time to make changes.

Commenting on this statement, vice-chairman the movement "For Freedom" Viktor Kornienko said:

"The authorities are just deathly afraid of any trends in the electoral processes. And here it is not only in the law. Incidentally, the law — not the worst thing in our environment. At its time won by the opposition and the worst laws. The main thing is there is no normal political atmosphere for the elections, and here the

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Chief Editor of Bobruisk courier warned for blog comment

Society Chief editor of "Bobruisk courier" Anatoly Sanotenko received an official warning about "the inadmissibility of violating the law regulating relations in the sphere of order management."

Warning that came by mail, signed by the deputy prosecutor of Leninsky district of Bobruisk, according to the website "Bobruisk courier."

The reason for the warning was one of the blog posts Anatolia Sanatenko that it leads to the site of "Belarusian partisan". It journalist develops the idea that the tragic events of April 11 in Minsk to blame the current government.

"It's certainly a precedent as the saying goes, the

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