If you ever stop to watch and listen to children playing you will be surprised to discover just how fertile their imaginations are. A large cardboard box becomes a Norman castle, the humble tricycle a chariot pulled by four magnificent horses, and a blanket over a clothes horse one of the most dangerous forests of South America.

This Viking longboat enters into this spirit of imagination providing the chance for adventure and seamanship from a bygone age, without the need for Lloyd’s to underwrite the project!

The construction only involves plywood, some large dowel rods, deck chair canvas and several

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Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4GEDV £83o|

HANDLING: This lens is considerably larger than its 18-35mm sibling and getting on for double the weight too. It handles beautifully and is extremely well made, exuding class. Zoom and focus rings are one-finger light, though there was a bit of play in the manual focusing ring of our review sample.

FEATURES: The headline here is VR image stabilisation-a first for a lens of this type. This is at least partly responsible for the extra weight of 17elements in 12 groups, with a generous sprinkling of premium glass and aspherical surfaces. Aperture is a constant f/4 and compared to the

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Lens basics

Choosing a lens can be tricky for new users. That’s where our beginner’s guide comes in…

The beauty of investing in a DSLR or CSC is that you can swap lenses, giving you a whole new perspective on the world and allowing you to get really creative with your photography.

Being able to change lenses allows you to select a lens often more suited to your subject and by adding lenses to your camera bag, you build up a much more versatile camera set-up. In many ways, lenses are a more important consideration than the camera, as a lens will

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Lens accessories

There’s a variety of add-ons you can buy to modify your lens’ behaviour or specification

There are many accessories that have been developed to alter the characteristics of your lens, typically to increase focal length or enable macro shooting, and as they’re available from several manufacturers the choice usually caters for all budgets.

So rather than having to invest in additional lenses, you can adapt an existing optic to mimic the characteristics of another lens. Not only is it a more affordable solution, but they will usually also weigh far less and be less of a burden to carry around.

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The modernized system of automatic speed control unhooked (ARSM-CRI) Information on the weight category (weight gradations) Unhook and number of axles it is used to determine the running properties unhooked, preset speed output unhooked from the upper brake position, the selection stage brake retarders, determine the number of Unhook the wagons and its length as well as for the issue of the weight category to unhook the display on the remote control hump PSU and PC remote control

Information about the weight gradations of each wheel of a moving car and the number of axes in unhook comes from


GEOGRAPHY, events, facts

Two-kilometer tunnel CYCLISTS

High in the French Alps stretches one of the most beautiful roads of Europe — Combe Laval, built in 1897. Today it is the main attraction for French cyclists. The most spectacular section of the road is a section of a length of almost 30 kilometers. Here you can see alpine beauty, absolutely not to frighten the animals, as well as slip Direct two-kilometer tunnel, which cuts through the rock goes down steeply.

About «Blood Falls» IN ANTARCTICA

«Blood Falls» is formed, arising out of Taylor Glacier. Scientists have found that a color obtained as a result

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Bridgelayer MTU (K-67)

Projects and prototypes based bridgelayer MTU

Bridgelayer MTU served «testing ground» for new bridge means. But first it is to talk about two projects carried out in the OKB SV IR led AF Kravtseva at the initial stage of work on the K-67 launched bridges (in accordance with the TTT approved P. Marshal Rybalko in October 1946).

In May 1948 OKB IR SW version proposed bridge kit K-67, providing installation (installation) on the barrier rut bridge 15 m long with two retrofit T-34 tanks. The bridge is equipped with built-in wheels can be transported on a trailer at the

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15 Weeks Pregnant


Bulging tummy can already be seen with the naked eye. And if you have a tendency to stretch marks, in this period, they can occur. Do not forget to go to the dentist — may need to treat your teeth (to put the seal) or varnish (during pregnancy increases the sensitivity of the teeth — hormones change the body, enamel becomes more sensitive.) Do not forget to take vitamins for pregnant women.


A big role in the development of the baby 2-3 months hormones play. Hormones mother through the placenta. Later begins to produce its

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CTZ sent technique Petroleum

Twelve marsh bulldozers B-10M2 Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped in the Komi Republic, the largest oil company Rosneft.


Oilers ordered machines with hydraulic mechanical transmission, which provides ease of control bulldozer, and planetary final drive, which increases the reliability of the design. All wishes are taken into account.

The customer, who acted as one of the subsidiaries', also set a condition — the length of the machine should not exceed seven meters to easily transport units on ordinary road trawls. Therefore tractors did not the seven-and shestikatkovymi. Swamp blade fixed on the uneven

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Sniper rifle Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle

Demand for self-loading rifles, who own relatively high accuracy and use vserasprostranennye ammunition, always will be. How would have created similar infinite number of samples, and all of them and do arise, and the fundamentally no different from their predecessors. So, in fact, nothing of a supernova will occur and everything is kept only by advertising, although from time to time and across notable standards, but it is unique. This article will try to meet with another variation of a sniper rifle based on the AR-10 chambered for the 7.62 x 51, though with some differences and modifications. Another series

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