Mysteries of Leonardo da Vinci




Leonardo da Vinci at the center of attention, "The Da Vinci Code" esoteric detective novel by Dan Brown, which became a worldwide bestseller. The real mystery or puzzle false? Magazine Le Point tried to figure it out.

If Leonardo da Vinci is back on the ground, he

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Leonardo da Vinci. Man of Mystery watch online

Turin Shroud of Christ is the most sacred relic of Roman Catholics. Its origin and it is not clear until now, all that we know that it is — maybe the image of Christ. It is believed that specifically Turin Shroud of Christ — his funeral attire, but at one point revealed the facts that it is relevant to the excellent Leonardo Yes Vinci. Is it possible to give the most accurate answer questions about the origin of the sacred relics, or is kept secret will never be solved? Throwing all the power to receive a response,

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Even today, May 2

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Cloud …

…but no rain. The temperature plus 4-9.


In Washington, the human rights organization "Freedom House" voiced its annual report on press freedom in the world.

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite in Azerbaijan.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul in Austria.


In 1519 died the Italian artist, scientist and humanist Leonardo da Vinci (born in 1452).

In 1729 was born the Russian Empress Catherine II (d. 1796).

There is a reason:

Feast of St. Boris in Bulgaria.

May holidays in Australia and the

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Found workshop of Leonardo da Vinci





The specialists of the history of science and science festival found the room where Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci's inventions hatched, for many centuries ahead of his time.

Feature of sensation is that of a workshop of Leonardo da Vinci was known in the

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Prediction of Leonardo da Vinci

Prophecy of Leonardo da Vinci, the famous Italian Renaissance artist. Maybe next predictions when it comes to a neutron star ("will come from the sky one"), shifting the Earth's axis, and the catastrophic consequences caused by the gravitation of star — changing topography, capturing part of the earth's crust, atmosphere and hydrosphere of the planet.

Leonardo da Vinci mentioned in the works of the fire from the sky, "People will feel that they are in heaven see the new disasters, they will feel that they fly in the sky, and in the fear of leaving it, escape

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Great discoveries. Leonardo Da Vinci watch online

Hundreds of years ago, with the knowledge in the field of geometry, anatomy, psychology and the theory of perception, excellent Leonardo yes Vinci made a picture that's more than a century, driving people mind. Forces think about lurking, which is present in each and every lady's man, but the only Mona Lisa smiles.

Science, scientific merit of opening

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