Night date with the Leonids. Do not miss out!

November 17 at 09:30, Moscow time, the Leonid meteor shower peaked action. Hourly dark sky can rascherchivat thousand (!) White meteors. Leonids? very fast meteors (71 km / s), burning up in the atmosphere, they leave a bright glowing trail.

November 19, 2002, Quebec, Canada © Simon Filiatraut | Experts point out that the best conditions for observations come in the second half of the night. However, the most beautiful evening meteors are considered rare. Ancestor of a meteor shower is Comet 55 / P Tempel — Tuttle. In 1998, tailed wanderer passed perihelion and is now

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Land will cover the Leonid meteor

In the night from Thursday to Friday Ufa residents will see a rare celestial phenomenon — the so-called Leonids. On that night, an hour will fall about a hundred meteorites.

— To see them any special optical devices do not need enough to go after four in the morning and look at the east side of the sky, — told the "KP" in Ufa planetarium. Leonids will be visible until Wednesday, November 23.

The last time the Leonids were out back in 1999, then the flow totaled about 5,000 meteorites per hour, and the next visit is expected only in

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Autumn Starfall — Leonids meteor shower

Leonid fireball. Photo:

Autumn meteor shower — a unique cosmic rain will be seen in the night from 17 to 18 November. At this time, will peak Leonid meteor shower, according to "RIA Novosti".

Autumn Starfall — Leonids meteor shower, which began to manifest itself on November 10, is expected to peak on the night of November 18, astronomers predict that at this point in the sky, you will see up to 100 shooting stars per hour, the website of "Astronomy" on Friday.

Leonids can be seen in the sky every year in mid-November, when the Earth

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Mysterious photo from the Moon

On one of the pictures taken by astronauts expedition "Apollo 17", found a strange flying object.

Cernan Eugene Andrew Evans Ronald Ellvin, Schmitt Harrison Hagan — these were the last people on the moon. Visited her in December 1972. Drove the Lunokhod 36 kilometers (Cernan and Schmitt, Evans remained in orbit), sometimes moving away from the lander by about 8 kilometers. Brought to Earth 110 kg of stones and a lot of color photos. They are included in the atlas, posted on the official sites. And who would have thought that after 36 years of them there is

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