By Lindsey Bucknor

Camera: Sony Alpha 700

Lens: Tamron SPAF 200-500mm f/5-6.3 Di

Exposure: l/500sec at f/6.3 (ISO 800)

Lindsey says: «This leopard cub was six metres off the ground and I had to compose the shot from a vehicle. As the cub was in shade, I boosted the ISO to 800 to ensure a fast shutter speed and waited for a hint of eye contact before firing off a series of images. This was my favourite.»

LEE FROST: Having tried my hand at a little wildlife photography from a vehicle while in Namibia last year, I know only too

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Leopards in Moscow zoo have always lived. There are several subspecies of these magnificent predators. Today, the number on the cat’s old territory you can see Amur leopard — the only snow leopard and the rarest of all the big cats.

This animal survived only in Southern Primorye, and despite a number of security measures taken, scientists are still arguing about whether the future of the Far Eastern leopard. Included in the Red Book of the IUCN and Russian as a subspecies, which is under threat of total extinction. Currently, the zoo leopards live longer than in the wild. All



Defender Russia — about the Olympics, «Ak Bars» and the family


Born March 12, 1982 IN MOSCOW

In favor of the TCA / Tver (1999-2000) «Dynamite» / Moscow (2000-2005), «AK BARS» / Kazan (from 2005)

Four-time champion, Mr. RUSSIA (2005,2006,2009, 2010), silver medalist RUSSIA (2007)

The triple world champion (2008,2009,2012). SILVER

Winner of world championships

Winner of European Cup (2007)

WINNER Continental Cup (2008)

23 and 24 August in Sochi hosted the collection of candidates for the Olympic hockey team of Russia, which was attended by all entered the head coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov in a list of «main

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Chichester-Miles Leopard — A small aircraft but a huge challenge

Dwarfed by their museum neighbours, the surviving pair of Chichester-Miles Leopard jets need no viewing platforms; to examine each aircraft, you simply peer over it. The tiny twin-jet is a saga of endeavour, trial but finally, disappointment.

The Leopard was created by Ian Chichester-Miles, ex-de Havilland, Hawker Siddeley and a former chief research engineer at British Aerospace Hatfield; he founded Chichester-Miles Consultants Ltd (CMC) in January 1978. The new company was based near Hatfield at Welwyn, its mission to develop an economical high-performance miniature business jet. With planned cruising of around 435kts, CMC’s project aimed to completely surpass piston-engined private

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EXCELLENCE «Leopard 2»

New fundamental order from an unnamed Arab country in the amount of 475 million euros was a leading German defense concern Rheinmetall, ASDNews reported June 18.   In the contract includes delivery of fire control systems, optoelectronic sensors, L55 120 mm guns and ammunition for more than 60 main battle tank Leopard 2A7, chassis, 155 mm guns and shells for 12 ACS PzH 2000, parts and tools for both types of combat art. Deliveries are scheduled for 2015-2018 years.   Rheinmetall has more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of armored fighting vehicles. Tank Leopard

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Environmentalists published the first atlas of the Far Eastern leopard

Environmentalists Primorye on the results of ten years of research, developed the first atlas "of the Far Eastern leopard in Russia", which collected information on 80 red-wild cats that lived and living in the southern province, said the deputy director of the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Relations Media Basil Solkin.

South of Primorsky Krai — Russia's only natural habitat of the Amur leopard, listed in the International Red Book. According to the last census, now in the Ussuri taiga live about 50 species of cats. Scientists from many countries and the WWF

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Saving the snow leopard

Ounce in nature (and not in a zoo)

According to WWF Russia over the last 10 years, the snow leopard (Snow Leopard) in Russia was stabilized. And in the Republic of Tyva population even increased slightly. And the big news — managed to find a snow leopard, where he was considered to have exterminated.

Ounce in the valley still has Argut

With "camera traps" in the valley for the first time confirmed Argut snow leopard.

Website WWF in Russia reported that first obtained photographic evidence of snow leopard habitat in the Red River Valley

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Qatar buys 200 German tanks «Leopard 2»

Qatar’s Ministry of Defence wants to buy from Germany and 200 main battle tanks Leopard 2, reports Defense News. Probable amount of the transaction is estimated at 2 billion euros. Preparatory talks between representatives of the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Qatari military department already occurred. Other details regarding the purchase of tanks until unidentified. Currently, the Army Qatar have only 30 main battle tanks of the French AMX-30B2 production. These machines were delivered to the country in the late 1980s. Earlier enthusiasm to acquire Leopard 2 tanks showed the military department of Saudi Arabia. At first it was

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Current classic: F.Tyutchev


Now you do not for poetry, On the Russian word, dear! The harvest is ripe, ready reaper, It is time for unearthly …

The lie was embodied in the damask; Somehow God's sufferance Not the whole world, but a whole hell You threatened the overthrow of …

All profane minds All nations bogomerzkoy Erected from the bottom of the kingdom of darkness In the name of light and freedom!

They make you prisoner, You are predicting the shame, — You — the best future times Verb, and the life and enlightenment!

G in this simple test, In the

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The Indonesian Army is expected to acquire 163 tanks and armored vehicles, including 61 tank Leopard Revolution, 42 Leopard 2A4, 50 infantry fighting vehicles and 10 Marder 1A3 armored engineering vehicles.   It is expected that the main battle tank Leopard 2 will be presented at the Indonesian military exhibition Indo Defence, which will be held in November this year. How to find Indonesia spendest on these purchases 280 million bucks.   Despite the initial troubles due to the cancellation of the Netherlands parliament implementation Indonesia surplus Leopard 2A4 tanks from the Dutch army of human rights violations in


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