LG 50PH660V £630

This plasma is the cheapest TV on test, and unfortunately, it feels it. For a start, it looks cumbersome, all thick shiny black plastic and chunky stand.

It is at least the only TV on test to include a satellite as well as an aerial input — a real plus point if you have an old Sky dish you don’t use any more.

So, down to business. We’ve seen plenty of strong plasmas this year, with particular strengths in black levels and contrast. Yet this is where the 660V is weakest. Even when calibrated, the performance from the Freeview HD

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Our homeland will not have a nuclear weapon in Belarus

This statement was made by Russian Alexander salting Surikov:"Russia will not have a nuclear weapon in Belarus, as it contradicts the internationalist agreement to be guaranteed by the USA and Russia. But with viewpoint anti-missile systems to the same level we can talk. Will it go — is dependent on the level of integration and cooperation. If we it matterseating within Allied countries, — this one level, if different states — completely different . "

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Living with diabetes — you can!

It is known that diabetes mellitus Type 2 is dangerous for its complications. In itself, the disease does not cause much discomfort, appearing only in metabolic disorders. However, the lack of adequate and timely treatment, it may lead to serious problems such as blindness, renal insufficiency, peripheral nerve, heart disease, and even amputation of lower limbs. Type 2 Diabetes — a diagnosis, which make us think hard to completely revise lifestyle. But do not perceive the world in black and white: the need to adjust the daily habits does not mean the final and irreversible transition to bread

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U.S. threatens sea-level rise

U.S. threatens rising sea levels Danger Zone

The lives of 5 million Americans are living at a height of a few meters above sea level, is really threatened by the consequences of global warming. Basically, it refers to coastal populations from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico and the west coast, where the water levels in the ocean of the risk of flooding has doubled.

Only one South Florida is under attack taxable property value of 30 billion U.S. dollars. In California, because of the changing climate in the next two decades will be exposed to the danger of flooding

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Scientists have confirmed that the disease can be so far-fetched



When a person thinks or talks about any offensive or annoying his things and situations in his body increased levels of inflammatory markers, according to physicians from Ohio University, in the city of Athens (USA). The results of their research will soon be presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society in Miami.

Associate Professor of the University psychologist Peggy Zokkola his comrades found that when the volunteers were asked to survive in the laboratory is an exciting

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Elevated levels of tritium found in ground water in Virginia

Elevated levels of tritium found in ground water in Virginia Danger Zone

Near a nuclear power plant in Virginia recorded elevated levels of tritium, a radioactive form of the weak. February 17, 2012 Richmond utilities has been informed of the contamination of water substance, the amount of which is two times higher than the standard for drinking water.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission reported that radiation is not a threat to society, as the water of nearby Lake Anna and the water is safe. Source of radiation has not yet been identified, but two reactors in Louisa County are excluded from the

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Port of Odessa in 2012 earned a net profit of 0.4 billion

January 16, 2013 9:00:48


According to the operative data of the 2012 net profit of SE "Odessa Commercial Sea Port" was 416.1 mln., Which is above the plan and for the same period in 2011.

In the form of taxes and duties to the budgets of all levels of government and trust funds now transferred 423.8 mln. Revenues to the budgets of all levels and trust funds from the port as a whole, taking into account operational stevedoring companies were 644.5 mln., The press service of the port.

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In Houston, increased levels of ozone pollution

In Houston, increased levels of ozone pollution danger zone

Officials of the fourth largest city in the United States from Houston recently announced that due to increased levels of ozone in the air of the village to alarming figures they have, will make public the environmental danger warning.

According to the online report, the newspaper Houston Chronicle, currently warning applies directly to Houston and several other cities, including Galveston and Brazoriya. It is in these communities atmospheric conditions are most pleasing to the increase in concentration of ozone in the air breathed by the locals. Ozone is a

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Batumi port has stopped working because of high radiation levels.


05/04/2011, 12:15:09 Tbilisi in Adjara in Batumi port detected high levels of radiation, the port is closed, employees were evacuated. Law enforcement officials have blocked all roads leading to the port. From Tbilisi called experts of the relevant profile broadcasting company "Rustavi 2". According to preliminary information, the source of radiation was found in a scrap metal shipment within the port. Formal structures are not comment on the situation.


Azov sea overflowed


28.01.12.Iz due to increased water levels in the Sea of Azov in the Kherson region was interrupted by road to four villages.

As the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the country in connection with the onset of the northern cyclone and strong winds of up to 30 m / s, the water level has reached critical levels. Flooded road of regional significance "Genichesk — Shooting." Terminated by road to the villages Gengirka, Priozernoye, Schastlivtsevo and Light. It is home to 879 3000.

Flooded a large number of recreation centers, and village Genichesk Gorka Priozernoye Schaslivtsevo

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