P. Vasyuchenko: Impressive amount Names Liberty

Book "Names" Freedom "came out very severe, says scholar Peter Vasyuchenko."Impressive and the number of names, among which there are little known. Their fate is tied Freedom and I think, found that the creator of that angle, the incision through which a huge number of various human destinies. There are people who went into oblivion in the 18th century, there are heroes with whom I was personally acquainted. This writers and journalists. And the memory of them is given pain, which has not yet got rid nor created, nor one who these people knows.I think, that the seriousness of what

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Names of Liberty: There every name — it is a sign

Together with Vladimir Orlov has experienced over a book editor Catherine Gorelik. She collate on encyclopedias, reference books and other sources of almost every figure and the title. Occasionally had to correct and official sources."Indeed, data from different sources were different times. Later Vladimir receiving signals from me that" the Belarusian Encyclopedia "so, and in the encyclopedia" History of Belarus "on another, he engaged in further date to was necessary reconcile. I think, maximum that we could correct some decent publications as for example, "History of Belarus" and "Belarusian Encyclopedia". For example, do not encyclopedias burial place Aloysius Pashkevych seems

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