Scion of Muammar Gaddafi confirmed torture in Libyan doctors slammer

Six doctors blamed Libyan kids motivated Infection with human immunodeficiency virus. Doctors themselves had read about his own innocence and allegations of torture. Scion of Muammar Gaddafi agreed in teleinterviyu protection version of the Bulgarian and Palestinian doctors. Seif al-Islam Gaddafi acknowledged that babies were infected with HIV before the arrival in the Libyan hospital 5 nurses and doctors: "It was a tragedy, a disaster. But it came to the case." Safe Gaddafi confirmed that doctors questioned with the introduction of electric shock.Dr. Ashraf al-Hazuz — Palestinian received Bulgarian citizenship — more intense states of torture."Doctors tortured like animals —

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Libya released the funds for Bulgarian doctors

Basis for release of the Bulgarian nurses and medical doctors was a deal between the Libyan authorities and the European Union. Saturated negotiations between Tripoli and Brussels continued for several weeks. In soon their participated French president’s wife Cecilia Sarkozy and foreign affairs commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner.European Commission President Manuel Barroso referred Zhuze homecoming and freeing nurses and doctors "success for the European Union", a decision that likely made the full normalization of relations between Libya and the European Union:"I assured the Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi in our desire to normalize relations between the upcoming EU and Libya, and said to

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What prezenty get out of the tent Belarus Gaddafi?

A three-day official visit to Libya Muammar Gaddafi favorite in Belarus. That connects the two countries voedinyzhdy? How important affairs of Belarus and Libya in the context of relations between Minsk and the West and Russia? Which specific results can be expected from cooperation between states with 2?Participants: doctoral student registered in Lithuania Euro Humanities Institute Sergey Bogdan and editor of the analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week" Alexander Klaskouski.That connects the two countries voedinyzhdy?

Valery Karbalevich"Lukashenko’s visit to Libya in 2000 was malaplennym. Trade between the countries small. Credit which has pledged Tipo Libya, Belarus has not received. But here’s the

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Lukashenko impressed policy Gaddafi

Welcoming the guest, Lukashenko expressed satisfaction with the "victory Gaddafi in the international arena ", — quotes Belarusian manager learned:"We know how difficult it was to survive, endure international sanctions imposed illegally completely your country. And with all this lead the country in the number of countries that now determine policy in the world."Alexander Lukashenko said that he was impressed by the policy of Libya to the UN. "Belarus and Libya are many different approaches to the main dilemmas of order in the world. We, like you, the question fundamentally believe that the world must be multipolar, it is in

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Gaddafi invited Lukashenko to Libya

Yesterday, he had several rounds of talks with Alexander Lukashenko. Gaddafi serving in Kiev.The visit took place in the benevolent atmosphere had a lot of statements of officials of friendship and partnership between Belarus and Libya, Alexander Lukashenko even called Gaddafi "Brother Muammar". But some results slightly. One of them — an invitation to visit Tripoli A. Lukashenko second time. He was there in 2000, when acted on Libya international sanctions as a country that supports international terrorism. At the moment, these sanctions are lifted. A. Lukashenko agreed to come to Tripoli, but as he said, with some fruits of

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Libya is getting used to life in a democracy

Just over a year ago, started a revolution in Libya, which has become the main event of the year 2011. The revolution has moved into a qualitatively new phase, followed by foreign intervention, after it was reported that at the hands of government troops killed "more than a thousand people." These figures are largely determined the adoption of the infamous UN Security Council resolutions, the implementation of which has led to the situation in Libya, which you can watch right now.

Human rights organizations, presidents and heads of foreign and defense ministers unanimously approved — a sense of justice

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Why not throw our homeland Syria?

There is only personal opinion, without any reference to the policy.

For me, as for many others, the confrontation of the legitimate government of Syria, and terrorist groups is the problem of virtual emanating from the screen, "the speaker box."

Yet, analyzing what is happening now with the way the coverage in the Russian media fight the Libyan government with foreign mercenaries, I concluded that Syria will not hand over our government. I will try to expand its position on friday:

1. The volume of incoming info and its sources

Remember Libya. Specifically, reports from that country during that

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The loss of the Russian Federation because of the revolution in Libya

In March, many have witnessed a verbal altercation on the situation in Libya between Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Enough caustic remarks by the President about the case to the premiere of NATO operations in Libya gave the cause of many "experts" point to the differences in the ruling tandem. At the same time, those who have a drop of common sense would indicate that the positions of Russian minions were perfectly reconciled, and, of course, pre-agreed. Medvedev expressed concern at the continued blatant reputation of our country's foreign policy, and Prime — preservation of capital

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Salting South Africa to the UN asking for an investigation of NATO in Libya

January 5, Brussels. Baso Sangqu, salting South Africa to the United Nations, appointed to the position of Chairman of the UN Security Council in 2012, issued a statement which addresses the need to investigate the activities carried out by NATO Libya on the ground. From his words, it follows that further consideration of actions that are performed troops Alliance during the riots of 2011, which ended in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi.

Agency Associated Press, posted Sengku words in which he notes the need to investigate violations of human rights and the different opportunities excess and abuse of all

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After Libya, Iran will be. After Iran — Our homeland

In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Iran, even with more or less clear — why are they "blow up" or could be undermined. In general, a few months back so you can imagine can only dream. Ben Ali ruled the state for 24 years old, Mubarak — 30, Gaddafi — 42. The best years of his life in the presidential chair, a political eternity …

Procedure overexposed not only local leaders, dictators, the U.S. with the growing ambitions of the world, "looking", the big South American media, oil gushing in the "liberation" fire, flavor oil in the taste of

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