Your future life… now


IMAGINE A DAY WHEN everything we shoot will be automatically backed up and offloaded without our help, when all our images will automatically contain all the metadata we need to identify them, and we will have access to all our photos, all the time, from anywhere. Think it’s far off? You’re wrong. That day is here, and it’s cheaper and easier to set up than you ever would have imagined.

I wanted to know what it was like to live as much in the future as possible. So I rounded up some

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What is play

We can think of it as work’s opposite. And thanks to Marx, we know that work is the transformation of nature into socially useful resources. Work is what makes the world ours. Play is an exchange of meanings that makes the world of socially useful things worth using.

In his 1938 study Homo Ludens, Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga argues that play is a primary condition of culture: he identifies the «play elements» in various forms of art and entertainment as traces of a primordial human drive. Huizinga argues that play can be set aside from ordinary life,

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One of the most intriguing photographer’s of the twentieth century was discovered four years ago by accident, causing a sensation in the photography world. After being launched into the public eye with numerous international exhibitions, Vivian Maier’s work returns to her home city for the summer. Anna Bonita Evans reports.

An extraordinary story surrounded by mystery, secrecy and displacement, the life of Vivian Maier and events leading up to her emergence in the photography world may, at times, deflect attention from her insightful images. The phenomenon ‘who is Vivian Maier?’ is a fascinating question, and one we have all excitedly



Director Neill Blomkamp’s latest (and bigger-budgeted) action thriller after sci-fi sleeper hit District 9. In the year 2159, the polarization of classes is made distinct by Elysium, a space station where the wealthy frolic in paradise, capable of ridding themselves of illnesses like cancer—all while sipping futuristic margaritas. Max (Damon) takes on a mission to overthrow the powers that be, risking his life to give poor people a shot at luxury.

Never mind that washed-up comedian Dane Cook voices one of the central characters, we’re speaking of talking planes here! A spinoff of Disney’s Cars, this animated comedy has winged

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Dunedin painter Philip James Frost looks over his shoulder while keeping his eye firmly on today — and if that sounds abstract, it’s because it is

PONDERING WHAT prompted him to study Vincent van Gogh at age seven, Philip James Frost concludes: «I just always wanted to paint».

Which isn’t to say that the Dunedin artist didn’t first chase other creative pursuits. However, surfing and music just weren’t satisfying enough, and he realised he was «too messy for architecture».

So it was that Philip entered a self-created world of colourful, geometric shapes and repetitive language. He wanted to depict the

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Still life.

Master the skitts needed for setting up a fantastic stitt life shot.

The best thing about still life photography is that you can really take your time to get it perfect. When shooting moving subjects, it can be tempting to stick your camera in Auto mode for fear of missing a shot, but if your subject is stationary then you can experiment until you get it right. That’s why it is a fantastic genre for practising with manual modes.

What’s more, there are subjects wherever you look. You don’t have to stick to a bowl of fruit or vase of

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State flight testing begins with Mi-24VM.

MIL’S PROTOTYPE upgraded Mi-24VM completed a satisfactory 20-minute test flight at its Panki facility near Moscow on March 4. The Mi-24VM is an intermediate variant, to be produced in parallel with the Mi-28 Havoc and shares the latter’s main and tail rotor assemblies. At the beginning of 1999 approximately 1,000 Mi-24s remained in service with the Russian Army. Upgrading 30-35% of them will allow the Army to retire the rest of the fleet as airframe life expires, without negative effect on the overall combat capability of the force. Mil Deputy General Designer, Vladimir Stekolnikov, believes that the upgrade will prolong

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‘ZANZIBAR…’ THE WORD ALONE CONJURES ROMANCE. BOASTING SOME OF THE BEST BEACHES in the Indian Ocean, a warm welcome wherever you go and the surreal beauty of a tropical desert island, Zanzibar really does have it all. To top it off, you’re forced to stay clear of big hotel chains because there simply aren’t any. That doesn’t mean you have to opt for a beach shack though — far from it. Essque Zalu is the epitome of chic contemporary living with an injection of exotic flair. Boasting

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Search for life.

The five most important people in the search for extraterrestrial life.

Every month we hear of incredible new exoplanets in planetary systems seemingly like our own, and we learn more in the search for past or present microbial life as missions like Curiosity gain worldwide attention, but for some reason the notion that we might be just one intelligent race among many is yet to receive much support from the public at large.

Many people today still seem to have the same opinion that was prevalent in the mid to late 20th Century, that aliens are something that belong only

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If you’ve ever visited the decorative-arts galleries of a museum and dreamed of sneaking behind the guardrails to rummage through the bureau drawers and lounge on the beds, now’s your honey. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has invited the artist duo of Michael E l m g r e e n and Ingar Drag- set to infuse five of its stately exhibit halls with their puckish imaginations. The result is “Tomorrow” the re-created apartment of a fictional architect nearing the end of a long life and an unsuccessful career. Broke and disillusioned, he has put his home on

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