It is rare to find people with a true passion for what they do, but it is even rarer to find people who recognize their purpose in life, as well as in their field. Danyelle Daniel of Keller Williams Heritage has seen the heights that someone with an awareness of professional purpose can reach: She is ranked in San Antonio’s Platinum Top 50 Realtors for 2013, 2012 and 2011.

Upon meeting her, I felt welcome in her gorgeous foyer and warm disposition. Her beautifully decorated house and open blue eyes made me feel like an old friend coming by to

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Man of Marble

Life Karl Marx was like an adventure novel!

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that Karl Marx was a real person. For us it has long turned into a marble statue of a man with a strong head of hair, beard and large features. However, in the life of the founder of Marxism it was not at all like a marble monument.

Parents of the future philosopher were ethnic Jews, and belonged to a very noble rabbinic leave. But Heinrich Marx, later, and all his children, moved to Lutheranism in order to make a career lawyer in the city of Trier.

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What do women desire?

18 inventions that would change our lives.

1. Home navigator. You say to him: "Where are my glasses?". Well, or the keys to the apartment … And he answers: "Turn left, turn right, and now rummage in the cupboard".

2. teleporter that is not stuck in traffic jams on the way to work and back.

3. Food from which do not get fat, or a harmless pill, from which grow thin.

4. Handbag backlit.

5. Remedy against the growth of hair. Tonsured, smeared — and hairstyle to «freeze». Do you want to change it — washed a special little water,

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Teach me LIFE

A friend of my mother — Alla — many years ago adopted a girl Lily. Up to two years of h yl I lived with an older sister Masha and alcoholic parents. Then Dad killed Mom and went to prison. Lily went to the house of the baby. When she was five years old, Allah took her to Paris, in a large bright apartment in the 16th district, learned to speak French every year used to take a rest on the Cote d’Azur, where she has her own villa. The first shock Alla felt when Lil’ka pointed to the iron

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As we embark on the Champions League season. Reuters photographer PHIL NOBLE talks to Will Roberts about his love of sport and the conflicts within the industry.

At 38, Phil Noble is still a young man in the world of photography, but he speaks with the authority, experience and passion of someone much older.

His career — starting off as a newspaper photographer before moving on to news agencies -has coincided with a massively significant time in the news industry; a period of substantial upheaval. He took his first steps as a professional photographer when the printed media was king,


Life Hacks: Over clocking Your Productivity

RECENT RESEARCH HERE AT LIFE HACKS LABS suggests that it’s creative people like yourself who seem to have the worst time staying focused on their work.

For most garden-variety procrastinators, just removing a few strategic distractions can reclaim focus. Chances are. you already know your distractions better than you’d like to admit. Maybe it’s AIM. IRC. talk radio, or that scrumptious stream of KEXP. Start by dumping anything that proves to be an attractive nuisance for the part of your brain that needs to think just about the work at hand. You’re the best judge of what you need to

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Life by the river

Murray and Jane Spencer swapped London for a laid-back life on the banks of the River Thames

When Murray Spencer and his wife Jane found out they were expecting a baby, they decided to up sticks and move from London to the countryside. ‘We used to live in a Victorian terrace in Hammersmith, but wanted to bring up our children (Ella, five, and Ben, two) in a more rural environment – somewhere they’d be able to climb trees, go out on their bikes and breathe clean air,’ says Murray. Their search centred on an Oxfordshire village, just an hour’s drive

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Laurie Campbells Life in the Wild

Mention the prospect of photographing fungi and many people will conjure up thoughts of being in an autumnal woodland setting looking though leaf litter or inspecting dead timber for likely specimens on quiet, damp days. True, these conditions may be perfect for fungi to thrive, but there is a lot more to getting to grips with these fascinating subjects than that.

A few weeks ago in mid May, for example,

I was reminded of the fact that it’s possible to find and photograph fungi during any month of the year. I was running a week-long nature photography programme and had

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Dry your health!

Here are collected the experience of using dryers brands Izidri (Ezidri) production Hydraflow Industries Ltd., interesting stories, as well as valuable information for the benefit of yourself and your family — every day.

We all know the impact on health and good humor are the foods we eat. That is why it is very important to know what these products which treatment they were subjected to, and if you plan a long storage, then how to do that was eventually benefit you, your children and grandchildren.

Now you get to know people who have figured in the conservation of vegetables,

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— What does your fund?

— First of all, the organization of scientific research. Today, the science of anti-aging is required to carry out their rather large range. This research in the field of regenerative medicine, the study of the fundamental mechanisms of aging experiments on creation of transgenic animals living longer than usual, the introduction into clinical practice of diagnosing aging and, of course, to develop and implement approaches that significantly prolongs the life of man. We are engaged in the organization as the research and promotion of the need to extend human life.

— What are the most

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