Pastors — for New Life

In the letter, they expressed concern about the increase of pressure on the Protestant churches. Increased attention has been given in the letter of the city authorities and confrontation Minsk church "new life."Pastors do not exclude that "if the government will continue to put pressure on the bishop’s" newest life "Vyacheslav Goncharenko, all Uniting Church perceive the role in the shares of civilian disobedience throughout Belarus. "Lawyer church "New Life" Sergei Lukanin noted that evangelicals now ready to move from prayer to open action, even political rallies."As a result of threats of criminal prosecution, we must start fighting again, —

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Protestant churches vserasprostraneny in democratic countries

Yuri Bushlyakov: "Recently pastor" Navoi life "Vyacheslav Goncharenko already handed second order prosecutor requiring secure access to the building of the temple power company representatives. Since November 2007 believers" New Life "is not allowed in their own temple officials. Sergei why believers do not agree to all still let the officials in the temple? Maybe it at least a stupneni raspruzhyla situation around your tsarvy? "Sergei Lukanin"Yes, it could at the time raspruzhyts situation, but we want our solution fundamentally question the issue to our building. And the fact that we do not allow the authorities to our building, this

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Authorities sell CUM

According to the official disk imaging, more than 132 thousand shares sold for 6 billion rubles.In the management of the property Mogilev City Executive Committee is the need to clarify verbovaniya investment and reconstruction of the building. Bureaucrats are convinced that the greatest trade to the town after the privatization of over 5 years to retain its current function. Also, say the bureaucrats will not change either the number of employees or fraction of Belarusian products in the range — 70 percent.Almost a month back the executive committee auctioned building townhouse life. In official reports indicated that it is sold

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Now 85 years old Leonid Shchemelev

Ho and day of birth, and the anniversary exhibition of Leonid Shchamyalou not hold the middle of people close to him — a week before he was hospitalized with a diagnosis of "minor stroke."Artist wife Svetlana said that her husband suspected minor stroke hospitalized. But on his days are transferred to rehabilitation Aksakovschina — according to Svetlana, state Leonid Dmitrievich normalized. For almost a day before admission painter spoke with Liberty correspondents and journalists were once again pleased physical condition 1st of more pochetaemyh Belarusian painters."Well, the thing is it was always normally, and suddenly fell ill in the morning

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Church New Life begins to protest

In a statement sent to the government, the bishop recalls that in September 2007 Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Kosinets personally ordered Leonid Gulyako in a short time to settle by negotiation conflict between church "New Life" and the City Committee. Authorized but ignored this request own specific control, and means violating the law on state service. Bishop Goncharenko also referred expression Leonid Gulyako made them on January 21 during a meeting with representatives of the Protestant religious communities "unacceptable for municipal bureaucrat offensive to Full Gospel Christians of Belarus."A representative of the commissioner Mike Rybakov said that no letters from

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Nina Stuzhinskaya: Ladies guys corrupted

During the week in the morning air — interviews with the public editor on various facets of societal portrait of modern Belarus. Now the question about what role social society sees its suchasnitsu.Stuzhinskaya"If we talk with one of our society, regardless of age, status, he would say that the first lady need society as a mom. Second demand — a woman-wife. Fully positively considered civil marriage — fancy man and mistress. So Makar, our society treats a lady in a fully conventional roles: as it was 100 years ago … Look at the examples of the world: when the kids

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About parents and kids

Obviously, I really sorry for all those detained, expelled from school, arrested and beaten up, but once I am proud of them and admire their ideynastsyu.Currently, formed enough vserasprostranenny stereotype, like youth — thoughtless, perverse, that young people do not heed the elders, bullies, drink, use drugs, do not recognize any authority, isolate themselves from family, are locked in a virtual world of the web and in their own subculture.According to a study conducted by the center "Synovate" in 11 European countries, "European youth more own free time and energy to devote their own peer group. It turns out that

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Unbearable Lightness of Being (in California)

About Belarus, as usualIn California, heard about Belarus, but they know about it is not enough either, and nothing at all. So it seemed to me during my speech at the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian research Stenfardkaga Institute (Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, CREEES) November 14, 2007. I suggested the topic "How Firm Is President Lukashenka’s Grip on Power in Belarus?", Ruling analyze social and economic support of the regime and provide some sociological calculations. Adnak Vesling Rob (Rob Wessling), Deputy Director CREEES, recommended me to tell about Belarus something more simple. Say, come

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— Freedom is when there is a choice

Young lady: "Of course, smaller. I have compared only with Russia. I come here every summer for 10 years. But I think up to stay here forever, when suddenly everything changed. There’s nothing here. Goods not. Shops are empty. By Enterprise now without the help of others I can not do. "

Freer. I changed jobs. Of municipal enterprise defected to private. Because become more free

Lady: "The more free." Reporter: "But why?"Lady: "I changed jobs. Of municipal enterprise defected to private. Because become more free. "Man: "No special configurations do not work out."Reporter: "What do you freedom?"Man: "Freedom of

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The government can not deprive a person of life

Spades: "Maybe some of the living conditions of others. Maybe they is not so developed. I wish to say, if I see something about the murder. One give four, fifteen other, give 20 5. That is, of course, hard for us to judge. "Man: "Very negatively. I believe that we should go together with the international community. And the new standards, technology live. Then we come to a normal society."Man: "I think that in other countries at some point, this may come back. Here’s the thing. Currently this situation is that all want to live well, and it is, as

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