Its hard to be a god. A prophet — even harder!




With Natasha Pavlenko we know three years, two of which she is not "encrypted". Now I clearly know what does this beautiful blonde and why she does not want to know about its activities to the masses. The explanation is simple: sometimes Natasha does not have time

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Plastic travel have been given a life in pictures

Plastic travel found a second life in pictures Facts

When we use public transport, this is largely save our money and reduce their carbon footprint. For daily trips to the big cities people get reusable travel documents. Some of them are made from different types of plastic, and the expiration date fall in scrap, are not always recyclable materials.

German artist Nina Beh (Nina Boesch) believes that not necessarily just throw these plastic cards. They can easily be given a second life, using as a material for paintings. Over the past 10 years, Nina managed to make 30,000

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Signs of Life




19 January 2004 European vehicle "Mars Express" transmitted to Earth from Mars orbit three-dimensional images of the surface of the Red Planet. After computer processing of three-dimensional images with a resolution of 12 meters per pixel. In the illustration is seen the Grand Canyon, cutting through the

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Mysteries of Palenque




Palenque — code name the ruins of the city in the state of Chiapas (Mexico), the political and cultural center of the Mayan III-VIII centuries AD Palenque was killed, possibly, in the invasion of tribes from the inferences SIDE OF Gulf of Mexico in the IX century.

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USA: is there life between death and life?




Near-death experience — not very sonorous term entrenched in Russian language — English vellum phrase "near-death experiences" (NDE), indicating the state experienced by some during clinical death.

The very concept came about 30 years ago. American researcher Raymond Moody, used it to describe the condition of many

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Who threatens to impotence?


In this article, we will examine the risk group — those facing erectile dysfunction and how to fight it.

Problem: The way of life

In erectile dysfunction plays an important role Unhealthy Lifestyle: Smoking, alcohol, drugs, poor diet. Office work contributes to the development of ED (erectile dysfunction), the mite: a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy and unbalanced diet (a lack of important nutrients, excess fat and salt), stress and a sedentary lifestyle. All this leads to a deterioration of the small blood vessels of the penis — they just fail, refusing to

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5 Tips from the wise men who have lived a life


Cornell University professor Carl Pilemer conducted a survey of 1,500 people aged 70 to 100 years of age or older. In the study, he asked older people about their life experiences and the secrets of successful living. The results of the survey and its analysis formed the basis of the book, "30 Lessons for Life: The tried and true advice from the wisest Americans" (30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans), writes Harvard Gazette.

1. Remember that life is short. Zhvanetskiy: "Old age is like train. Vaughn, she

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Comfortable contraception

It is wonderful when you can safely say that all our plans made, and revitalizing it does not diminish, on the contrary they become larger. Great ideas are born, work and life bring enormous pleasure. And inspiration is drawn in the family, with its peace and tranquility. Of course, this stability, and seeks to preserve the way of life for a long time.

I really appreciate their independence and autonomy, but for all that want to remain fragile, sexy and desirable for a husband. Keeping the romance and spontaneity of moments of intimacy. And, of course, I do

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Conflict in Organizations

Usually conflict perceived as a failure of the organization. On the one hand, it really disrupts normal activity. On the other hand it is possible conflicts indicates that organization developing, and does not stand still, slowly rotting and falling apart. In composition, conflicts in organizations can be divided into 3 groups:

— conflict personality — personality

— conflict group — group

— group conflict — personality

But it is more convenient for the analysis of the conflict to classify the sources.

Structural conflicts

Conflicts between units, which violated the interests of one of them. This may

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Scientists believe that life on earth originated deep below the surface



A recent study has led scientists to the conclusion that the key to solving the mystery of the origin of life on our planet to be found in ecosystems, located deep underground. Underground life forms are found everywhere, and some of them live very deep. Take, for example, tiny worms found at a depth of 3.7 kilometers in South Africa, or micro-organisms living deep six kilometers in China.

The Executive Director of the Carnegie

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