Obesity: an integrated approach

In today's world, the prevalence of obesity has gained epidemic proportions indeed, especially in developed countries. About 1.7 billion people are overweight, and 320 million of them are obese. In Europe, the incidence of obesity varies from 5 to 23 percent for men and from 7 to 36 percent in women.

Being overweight is not just an aesthetic flaw, but a serious illness, which provokes or aggravates the course of many related diseases. Because of the prevalence of obesity is steadily increasing in the first frequency of such diseases as diabetes type II diabetes and diseases of

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Prediction scientists because of global warming oceans will become acidic and lifeless

Researchers from the University of Southern California warned that the world could repeat the mass extinction of all life, which happened on our planet around 250 million years ago. In the oceans, according to their calculations, will die and 90% of living creatures.

Scientists to look to a similar global warming at the end of the Permian period, which also turned out such a catastrophe. If it happens that the average temperature on Earth will increase by five degrees, that really in the worst case scenario, the planet is waiting for a repetition of the tragedy.


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The lost teachings of Jesus Christ

The various religious denominations interpret the life and teachings of Christ in their own way. All this is due to lack of information, because a lot of the stories are hidden in the Vatican archives. But in recent years, in the hands of today's professionals were unknown to the teachings and sayings of Christ, which has restored the true teachings of Jesus, not waiting until the church publish these materials.

The book "The Lost Gospel page» http://evang.ru Let's listen to what Christ himself said, not the wrong

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In Moscow lightning struck two people


28.07.11.Po powerful hurricane swept through the capital. Knocked down dozens of trees, broken wire, the houses collapsed roof. One of the lightning hit the lyudey.V Odintsovo two people hit by the lightning strike.

Accident reports received by the emergency services in 20.17. Heavenly bit hit two people Odintsovo near supermarket on Mozhaisk road. Eyewitnesses called victims ambulance, but by the time the ambulance, the wounded were taken to their homes already.

— Injured workers who worked at a construction site next to a supermarket — told Life News doctors. — They were taken to one of the capital's hospitals

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Mystical neighbors

Characters epics, myths and fairy tales are not only in books but also in the minds of people. In today's high tech world is a place that defies rational explanation.

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People continue to believe in elves, dwarves, goblins and other mythical creatures living in harmony with nature. They even set the monuments: in the capital of Denmark, the little mermaid, in Cologne — the gnomes.

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Scientists have found evidence of life on Mars

Catherine Weitz and her colleagues from the Institute of Planetology (USA) have found further evidence that Mars was once able to support life. This conclusion they made on the basis of the interplanetary station NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. These are two depressions length of 30 — 40 km, located in the region Labyrinth night.

The fact is that in these pits have been found so-called iron-magnesium smectite classified as clay minerals. This group of hydrous silicates formed by the weathering of silicates and aluminosilicates mainly igneous and metamorphic rocks on the surface of the soil. These rocks are

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Regression Therapy




Elena Kostritsyn

Do you believe in something that lived before? More and more people open their minds the possibility that they have already lived and died and were born again before. Over the last 25-30 years, there was a real revolyuschiya in the minds of the American and European

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Can you tame the time?




"Belgorod truth", 03.04.2004, Belgorod, n49

Authors: E. Vorobiev, academician RNAN, J. Young, PhD.

_ * If the world suddenly stopped the clock, our civilization is on the verge of instantly general chaos. So what is the time and whether it is possible to manage it? Do dreams

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In space, found a habitable planet

Discovered planet, designated HD85512b, is in the constellation Vela (Vela)

VLADIVOSTOK. September 18. VOSTOK-MEDIA — European astronomers have found 50 new planets outside our solar system. Among them is the planet, the terms on which, to the scientists, can ensure the existence of life. The planet orbits the star at a distance of 36 light years from Earth. Announced the opening of conference participants in the U.S. city of Moran. According to scientists, discovered the planet is not too cold and not too hot, to present on the surface of water. And this is the main condition for the

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Healing the past




Immersed in past lives, you can get rid of many diseases we lived before and will live there again? Is it possible with the help of energy borrowed from the past, to cope with all sorts of ailments? All this was said in another book, the famous

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