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Since last September, I suddenly began to visit the thought of Jesus — the savior of people and biblical Christian God. It was strange to me. I never really was interested in religions, details are not familiar with the biblical writings, did not attend religious services a few times out of curiosity or with excursions went to Christian churches, but awe and excitement of visiting experienced. I have never been able to read up to the end of the Gospel, as they were written confusing, vaguely allegorical language. And the Old Testament I felt disgusting. Something black, terrible and inhuman

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The illusion of security. Life in the world to watch online

— We are millions of modern city dwellers. In the 21st century, our life Comfortable and convenient, obmyslennoe and predictable. Our apartment — kitchen, bedroom, living room, work place — cabinet or cabinet, city transport, beloved destinations — all of this is our sphere of habitat. Times daily we go one and the same route. Our life Usually, but not always dangerous. And danger sometimes lethal. The illusion of peace makes our ignorance. To protect themselves from threats, you need to know "in the face of the enemy" … This you will learn from "The illusion of

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Beauty Nostradamus




The novel suggests Dolzhansky

In the French town of Salon-de-Provence has narrow streets and ancient thick walls Chateau d'Ampere. There is a unique museum of military history, where you can see the uniforms and weapons of the French army from the Middle Ages until the last century.

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People prevent the Apocalypse

Through our colleague received a message from nonhumans. With the approval of the Supreme Council of the Heads of Russian families AKOO "Russian treasury" publishes information on this treatment, his motives and his essence.

This creature is brought to contact his fear — he knows no other emotions — of retribution for what they were doing and they do it "countrymen". Below is a description of that part of the message, which concerns the secretive management mechanisms of social processes, and then — explanation of the points that need clarification.

Valery Larionov Chairman AKOO "Russian treasury" — BASTION

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Sacred feminine essence in Slavic Culture House

All human life is built on the principle of interconnected worlds. These worlds are many, each of them has a special meaning. They may be isolated or located at the intersection, differ from each other or to be like. Together, they form a picture of a person's life. But in this set house occupies a central position.

According to the German philosopher Georg Simmel and cultural studies, the House — is part of life and at the same time a special way to connect, reflect, create life. Accomplishment of this is an act of great cultural

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Scam aimed at Russia

On the way to the New World Order

Realities of history, its true hand, careful analysis suggests that the roots of all evil Russia should look in the UK. And everything to do with all the ills of the modern world, comes from that country. They live puppeteers — the secret rulers of the social, political, social and economic processes taking place in our world. Even Henry Ford once said that, for the abolition of all the wars and conflicts in the world, it is necessary to destroy the "world behind the scenes."

Imagine a theater.

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Sumerian cross




It is not a mystery, so it is convenient …

The city Nevyansk that in the Middle Urals, in the late forties, was twenty thousand inhabitants somewhere. The second of April, Saturday, at the only hospital the boy was born. Loved and cherished son. Although the Urals

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Correct life: the Slavs about life and death

What do you think of death, creates your life. Let's see what they believed Aryans and their descendants, the Slavs, and what is for them a proper life.

We are not afraid of God

Slavs were not atheists, as a lack of faith in a higher power and the immortality of the soul resolves any actions. In their world order were the gods, were higher power, was to understand divine commandments — all that is and the Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. And, of course, that divine commandments determined morality, conscience is formed, led by worldly deeds.

But the striking

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Slavs, ask yourself a question. Who are we? Where our roots are, where to start?

The worst thing for a person — completely lose their memory. This is akin to death. Yourself a man can not live. If a person has lost some memory, or it does not work, it is called and try to cure the mentally ill. But no less scary when your memory is cut or inputting false data. In this case, the person becomes a zombie bio-robot, a slave.

Slavs, ask yourself a question. Who are we? Where our roots are, where to start?

I asked this question many Slavs — Ukrainian, Russian and Belarus. I've heard different answers, but most

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Viktor Loginov is on TV3 program «Love the stars.» And he believes in love and mysticism?

Viktor Loginov in the show, it seems, has collected the best magicians, psychics, astrologers and scholars of mysticism. Already this fact alone suggests that the login itself believes in miracles.

"TV Guide": — Victor, you really believe that magic exists?

VL: — I think that it is definitely present in our lives. You can believe or not believe, you can close your eyes and do not pay attention, but this is less than the mystics or miracles in our world will become.

"TV Guide": — The signs of trust?

VL: — Well, if a black cat crossing the road,

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