Paris identified three areas on Mars, where there must be a life




New data from the expedition "Mars Express", confirm the version that the planet can support life. The most optimistic researchers believe that the methane found in the atmosphere of Mars, may be a product of microbial, which in turn can not live without water.

European satellite using

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The rites of the past 11 — 20 movies to watch online

More than 20 years of Japanese documentary filmmaker and anthropologist Junichi Ushiyama shot life people in remote corners of the world. The result is a series of unique film, representing the ancient traditions of many peoples. But the time is coming, and almost all of what we litsezreem, has managed to escape irretrievably into the past.

Headhunters of Borneo. The Last Journey

Prazdnichek fire and water. China

Brown's wife Mandy. Peninsula Bimbo Guinea

Yanomamo. Daily life

Yanomamo. The conclusion of a military alliance. Brazil, Venezuela

Shukarramae. Fighting

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Amazing Life at the Pole




Colonies of microorganisms living in the north and south poles of the Earth, living in such difficult circumstances that might survive on Mars.

Colonies of bacteria were found on the rocks near the poles. These places are really not very suitable for life — a combination of

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A man decides to suicide, when under the influence of certain circumstances of his life loses meaning. But his loss — albeit a necessary but not sufficient condition for suicidal behavior. Need more overestimation of death. Death must acquire a certain sense, and then the idea of it can become a target activity. And finally, the events are often pushing to suicide, causing a powerful blow to the values of the person.

The decision to commit suicide — an act of moral choice. Preferring suicide, a person relates his motive and result, accepts responsibility for self-destruction or shifts

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Resettlement and autonomous life

Given the trends in ever-increasing pressure of cities and threatened with the events of 2012, many have decided to move to some of the most secure areas of Siberia, and some have already gone beyond the Urals. In general, the reasons for that would move out to the countryside abound. After all, urban lifestyle — a way of life imposed by a Russian man, the spirit which seeks to nature, to its roots. We'll try to briefly give some advice that will help wishing to equip and prepare everything for the move, and the doubters may help

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Stop the land!! — Ill go …

We cry, we groan in the dark, calling out to their fathers. But only the echo of silence can dream it … Ancestors, stop! Even the gods tremble when he saw your deeds. Ground underfoot groans as it hurts to hurt her with his steps after your steps. All the deities of the vastness cry and mourn the fate that befell his children … Stop! The sky is crying fire in our blood, taking the air, cries rend the earth beneath our feet, in revenge for their children. Crying and dying water every living thing that touches her. We

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Life on other planets: Opening 2010

Life on other planets: Opening in 2010 (the movie)

Film from Natinal Geographic. Life is not only on our planet, but also in other worlds, and it's becoming a reality.

As babies cradled our ancestors?

Surprisingly poetic nature described in folk lullabies. Even if artless sketch ("the sun set, hid away, the day waned, it was night"), the exact place where this is happening — "at the edge of the azure" — creates a lyrical image. A azure edge — this, by the way, is not nothing but a paradise, Iriy (Vyry).

Lullaby — ward child's soul

Often, the stories lulls songs laid the defenses of a child's soul, they encrypts oberezhny sense. For example, in the following lines, at first glance, is a leading theme in no way interferes with the

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Kurginyan: at the end of the 80s there was a tragedy

"The system made by Gorbachev and Yeltsin, I prefer to call the cesspool"

Tomorrow will perform in Yekaterinburg political scientist, director and founder of the movement and the favorite "Essence of Time" Sergei Kurginyan. In the near future is quite often "touring" in the towns of the Russian Federation public figure had to draw the attention of many share his views and opposite — those who disagree with thoughts of motion and the proposed scenario of the future of. IA "News" has decided to make his world of Sergei Kurginyane by asking him a few questions. In our conversation, Sergei

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Vampirism is a part of life

In every culture and the people there are so many myths and legends. Interest in vampires did not come immediately, but after the book appeared in the light of "Interview with the Vampire." Modern TV availed itself of this idea, and so had to remove a variety of TV shows and movies. But vampires are real or not, it all depends on our understanding of the word.

If a vampire is understood supernatural being who is immortal, able to fly, afraid of the cross of light and garlic, then these

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